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Ge Chunru wanted to vomit when he saw Mdm Nius fake appearance.

However, she didnt expect her brother to believe her.

He even said these hurtful words to stab her.

What did he mean by collecting his corpse Did he forget what his parents had told him

But seeing her brother like this, he was completely deceived by Mdm Niu.

Even if he didnt care about Mdm Niu, he wouldnt leave with her.

Ge Chunru was furious, but she couldnt just leave her brother here.

“What are you saying Im your sister, how can I not care about you

“Fine, since you want to bring Mdm Niu along, you can do it,” she could only reply like this while feeling aggrieved.

When she returned, she would have plenty of opportunities to teach her younger brother well and chase Mdm Niu away.

Mdm Niu looked at Ge Chunru with tears in her eyes.

“Sister, thank you for not breaking me and Ah Yi apart.”

Ge Chunru remained silent.

She said it as if she was a bad person trying to break up a couple.

Furthermore, Mdm Niu was already so old, yet she was still acting in such a manner.

It was too disgusting.

Her younger brothers eyes were really blinded by eye wax.

She wanted to scold him, but she didnt know what to say.

She coldly glanced at Mdm Niu, then said to her brother, “Ill be waiting for you in the carriage.

Go pack your things and leave.”

Out of sight, out of mind.

She then turned around and got into the carriage.

This made Ge Chunyi believe Mdm Nius words even more.

His sister did not come to pick him up sincerely.

She came to pick him up because she was afraid of being criticized by Xiao Yuanshis colleagues and the aristocratic ladies.

At this time, his feelings for Ge Chunru, his sister, had faded a lot, and his resentment had deepened.

Fine, since his sister and brother-in-law were disloyal, then they shouldnt blame him for being unkind.

Thus, he pulled Mdm Niu in to pack up their belongings.

However, there wasnt a need for him to take those tattered clothes with him.

His elder sister managed to get close to the general and wanted to enjoy life alone.

On the other hand, as her younger brother, he had to suffer.

How could there be such a good thing

“Dont need to take them,” he said to Mdm Niu.

“We dont need these things.”

Mdm Niu had Ge Chunyi in her eyes.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

Ge Chunyi then led Mdm Niu to the carriage behind them.

If he wanted to leave, he obviously had to inform his supervisor.

Ge Chunru took Ge Chunyi and the others to see the supervisor.

The supervisor agreed without hesitation since Xiao Yuanshi had already informed him.

At the same time, he conveyed the message from Heyang County.

At this moment, Ge Chunru and her brother did not know that Xiao hanzheng had become the new county Magistrate of Heyang County.

They thought that Eldest Grandson Xiao was deliberately making things difficult for them.

Ge Chunyi was filled with hatred when he mentioned Eldest Grandson Xiao.

“Sister, the reason why I was sent here to mine was because of Eldest Grandson Xiao.

You must help me take revenge!”

As for the fact that Xiao Yuanshi was the mastermind, he didnt want to reveal it.

He would wait until her sister dealt with Eldest Grandson Xiao and after they return to Northern City and settle down.

Moreover, he wasnt sure if his sister knew about this, so he had to test her.

If she knew, then it would be meaningless for him to take the initiative to tell her.

Instead, she might ignore him.

But no matter what, he had to find an opportunity to take revenge on Xiao Yuanshi.

If his sister knew it, she would not let him off either.

Ge Chunru did not know that her brother had completely broken up with her.

She was also angry with Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others.

“Of course, we have to take revenge.

This time, she had specially asked Xiao Yuanshi to send a team of personal guards.

There were more than twenty people in total.

When they reached Heyang County, she would definitely break Eldest Grandson Xiaos legs.

And the old Xiaos familys too.

This time, she had to let them know how powerful she was.

Therefore, Ge Chunru took Ge Chunyi and the other two to Heyang County.

Ge Chunyi also changed into the brocade robe that Ge Chunru had specially brought from the Northern City.

Even Mdm Niu had changed into the new clothes that she had asked from Ge Chunru.

The two of them lay in the carriage with the ice basin.

They realize that this was life.

Ge Chunyi thought, since he would be handicapped for the rest of his life and it was his brother-in-law and sisters fault, the two of them would be responsible for the rest of his life.


Mdm Niu thought, her previous method of going all out and taking a gamble was really right.

Now that she was following Ge Chunyi, they would rely on Ge Chunru and General Xiao.

She would not be short of money to spend.

She could also live a good life with food, clothes, with servant girls waiting to serve her.

As for Ge Chunyi, what could a disabled person do

Of course, he had to rely on Xiao Yuanshi.

The three of them hurried on with their own thoughts and arrived at the county town two days later.

It was still early when they arrived at Heyang County.

Ge Chunru took the two of them to have lunch in a restaurant, before going to the county government with the guards.

At this moment, Xiao hanzheng and Fei Yuzhe were out to check on the situation in the nearby villages.

Only Eldest Grandson Xiao was working bitterly.

Xiao Hanzheng knew that Ge Chunru was coming in the next few days, so he asked Liang Youxiao and the others to send out the guards they had brought to investigate and monitor the situation.

As long as he found someone, he would immediately inform him or his wife.

Now that Xiao hanzheng was not around, Liang Youxiaos personal guards noticed Ge Chunrus group and immediately sent someone to find Shi Qingluo.

Shi Qingluo, Liang Youxiao, and the other two were choosing the location of the workshop.

When she heard the guards report, Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “Ge Chunru came pretty quickly.

Lets go and watch the show.”

Xi Rui and the others immediately perked up.

“Thats right.

Lets hurry and watch the show.”

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment.

“You guys go to the county government office first and keep an eye on Eldest Grandson Xiao.

Ill go to the old Xiao familys house now and bring the old lady and the others over.”

She had heard from Liang Youxiaos personal guard that Ge Chunru had brought more than twenty people along.

If she rushed to the county government office the moment she arrived, she would definitely intend to teach Eldest Grandson Xiao a lesson.

Of course, she had to let the old lady and the others see with their own eyes how he was going to deal with Eldest Grandson Xiao.

Otherwise, how could this show continue

Ge Chunru wouldnt look good in a one man show.

Xi Rui and the other two immediately understood what she was thinking.

“Okay, itll be fun when the old Xiao family comes.

Hurry up and pick them up.

Well go first.”

Then, they got into the carriage and split into two groups.

When Shi Qingluo and the Xiao family arrived at the entrance of the county office, Ge Chunru had just entered with his people.

So she hurriedly assisted Old Lady Xiao in.

As soon as they entered, they heard Eldest Grandson Xiaos screams.

Eldest Grandson Xiao was forced to sit on the bench and while Ge Chunrus people caned him.

Ge Chunru had ordered the bodyguards to not show any mercy.

After only ten strokes, Eldest Grandson Xiaos butt was already bleeding.

He was screaming in pain.

He hated Ge Chunru.

The bailiffs in the county office were all beaten up and were lying on the ground.

All of Xiao Yuanshis personal guards had gone to the battlefield, so Eldest Grandson Xiao was definitely not a match to them.

Ge Chunru and her brother, as well as Mdm Niu, felt great when they saw Eldest Grandson Xiao being beaten up so badly.

“So what if the old lady came Why wouldnt I dare to let people hit you”

“Youve caused my brother so much trouble.

Its only right that I beat you to death.”

Ge Chunrus face was dark as he ordered, “Beat him up.

Beat him up as hard as possible.”.

She also blamed Eldest Grandson Xiao for her brothers involvement with Mdm Niu.

When old lady Xiao and Mdm Wang saw Eldest Grandson Xiao being beaten, their hearts ached.

The old lady immediately shouted, “Stop, you evil woman, stop!”

Hearing the old ladys voice, Ge Chunrus lips curved up.

This old witch was also here.

It was just in time to settle the score with her.

She turned around proudly and was about to mock the old lady.

But when she saw Shi Qingluo, who was assisting the old lady, her expression changed.

She looked at Shi Qingluo in shock.

“Why are you here ”

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