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Chapter 2528: Ground-breaking newsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Strange, could it be that this kind of thing had become so ordinary and everyday, and that was why no one was curious or concerned about it anymore

Both Wu Jue and Xu Shan were surprised.

They recalled how they had excitedly rushed to the destination, yet in the end witnessed two completely naked men lying on top of each other, shouting loudly as they shook.

Even their faces had turned green.

Heavens, this was really too hardcore, wasnt it

They naturally hated Zhuo Kai to death.

It was one thing that he himself was a pervert, but he actually invited them to come and “play” together!

Dont lead us down the wrong path too.

Hurriedly, they rushed back, intending to publicize Zhuo Kais scandalous actions.

In addition, they also wanted to call Ling Han to accounting as well.

He actually caused them to witness such a scene.

Really, even their outlook on life was about to be distorted by the trauma.

“Wh-what Zhuo Kai is actually that kind of man” Finally, someone recovered some of their senses from their astonishment, and began to accept this other piece of ground-breaking news.

“Haha, Zhuo Kai actually likes men”

“It is possible.

This kind of spoiled young master has toyed with so many women that hes grown bored of them.

Who knows, he really could want to try something new and refreshing.”

“Ew, dont say it in such a disgusting way.

New and refreshing I am about to throw up.”

“I remember now.

A few days ago, Zhuo Kai clapped a hand on my shoulder.

At that time, he must have been having some ideas about me!”

“Congratulations to you, brother.

Who knows, maybe Zhuo Kai will recruit you to join his harem after a few days.”

“This damn freak!”

More and more people were talking about this.

This was indeed a big piece of news, and a huge scandal as well.

Who was Zhuo Bing He was a great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, yet his descendant was actually toying with men.

He could probably kill himself with the amount of blood he would throw up in his outrage.

“Really” someone asked Wu Jue and Xu Shan for confirmation.

“Of course its real.

I even recorded it with a Memory Crystal,” Wu Jue said as he retrieved a crystal.

Activating it with his Source Power, the crystal immediately glowed, revealing a three-dimensional scene.

“Wah!” Instantly, sounds of disgust rang out all around.

Two naked men lying on top of each other, roaring endlessly as they moved.

Was there any need to ponder further what the two of them were doing

The one on the “offensive” was Zhuo Kai.

“Yi, that little wife is Wu Shi!” Someone recognized the purple-robed young man.

Of course, he presently was not wearing the purple robes.

“It is indeed Wu Shi.”

“It cant be, right Wu Shi is a monarch tier, at the very least, and I have met this person before.

He is very normal.”

“Tsk, how could someone who has this kind of fetish tell you about it”

“If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I couldnt have believed it even if someone had told me about this.”

Everyone shook their heads.

Wu Shi was considered a young man with good prospects.

How could he do something like this

Wu Jue and Xu Shan looked for a while, and soon found Ling Han.

Even if their cultivation levels had been forcefully dragged to this level, they were still Celestial Kings, after all.

It was too simple for them to find a single person in a crowd of people.

They ran over, planning to have their revenge on Ling Han.

He actually dared to trick them, and caused them to witness such a scene.

“Scram!” Before they even opened their mouths to speak, the Empress shouted lightly, her tone filled with dominance.

Wu Jue and Xu Shan had not spotted the Empress previously, as Ling Han was really too despicable.

It wasnt right until they were rebuked that they looked towards the Empress.

Instantly, they were staring fixedly at her.

Goddess! It was actually Goddess Luan Xing!

They both stood there blankly, incapable of speech, and were at a loss of what to do.

Hurriedly, they retreated again.

Only when they had retreated to the side did realization dawn on them.

Hold on, werent they going to get revenge on Ling Han What were they doing now

But thinking of how beautiful and noble the Empress was, they could not muster the courage to make a second approach.

Ling Han looked at his wife, and couldnt help but smile.

After advancing into the Celestial King Tier, the Empress seemed even more noble and graceful, such that even he felt slightly incapable of handling her.

As the duo ate, they talked about their experiences throughout the years.

They were completely acting as if they were completely alone.

Only each other existed in their eyes.

Ling Han asked about Hu Niu and Bewitching Maiden Rou.

“Hu Niu got the notice of a Heavenly Venerate, and was snatched to become his disciple,” the Empress related, and could not help but smile.

Ling Han wore a strange expression on his face.

To gain the notice of a Heavenly Venerate who wished to take them as disciple, another person would be scrambling all over themselves for such good luck, but the Empress actually used the word “snatched,” which showed that the little girl had definitely been unwilling at the time.

Only the little girl would act like that.

Ling Han recalled how Hu Niu had previously been snatched back to the Roc Palace.

Wasnt it also against her will This little girl had absolutely no concept of great opportunities; everything to her was just done however she willed it.

“Rou is attempting to break through to the Third Heaven at present,” the Empress continued.

Ling Han nodded.

Originally, Bewitching Maiden Rou only had the aptitude of king tier, but with the use of Heavenly Dao Jade, she had forcefully filled the holes in her grasp of Regulations and other such factors and became a monarch tier.

Without much effort, she could reach the Fifth Heaven Celestial King Tier, but her progress rate naturally could not compare to a Monarch Stars, what more when the Empresss present Evolution Index was definitely more than 10.

It was not only Bewitching Maiden Rou who had improved greatly—so had Little Terror.

After this Battle Beast had come to the Flaming Frost Realm, it was like it had suddenly been freed of its chains.

Its progress rate was astonishingly quick.

By now, it was already in the Fifth Heaven, and in terms of merely cultivation level, it was not inferior to Heavenborn in any way.

This should be because the overall level of Flaming Frost Realm was higher, and had a very massive accommodating trait, which suddenly unsealed the rate of progression for Little Terror.

It should be known that Battle Beasts were originally born for battle, so what was so strange about progressing quickly through the cultivation levels

Ling Han also related his own experiences, and the Empress couldnt help but feel heartache.

She vowed that she would tear Heavenborn into pieces, and feed every single piece of him to the dogs.

“I have to be the one to avenge myself,” Ling Han said seriously.

He was determined to defeat Heavenborn.

This was his next goal.

This was just like how he had previously contended with Ji Wuming.

This time, it was Heavenborn instead.

Only a strong opponent could allow him to become even stronger.

The two chatted for quite a long while, yet suddenly realized that an abrupt silence had fallen on the plaza.

They raised their heads, and saw that everyone had turned their eyes towards the entrance.

They looked over as well.

A man dressed completely in black had appeared at the entrance, six streaks of peculiar light wrapped around.


His aura had taken solid form, unfurling like dark clouds, and causing a sense of fear to rise up in everyones hearts.

“Xiao Yingxiong,” the Empress murmured lowly.

“This man is very strong.

It is rumored that he has surpassed Monarch Star, and his Evolution Index is as high as 11.”

So this was Xiao Yingxiong.

Ling Han nodded internally.

Xiao Yingxiong was a supreme monarch star of the Sixth Heaven Celestial King Tier, and his battle prowess has definitely soared to Seventh Heaven, and was very possibly approaching the Eighth Heaven.

Thus, even Heavenborn was no match for this kind of elite, though he would definitely not lose, either.

He knew why a sudden silence had fallen as well.

That was because Xiao Yingxiong was presently courting the Empress, and this was something that everyone knew.

Yet, at present, Ling Han was actually acting intimately with the Empress.


Xiao Yingxiongs eyes swept over, and immediately discovered the Empress.

A hint of a smile actually appeared on his initially aloof face, but when he spotted Ling Han, this smile immediately froze.

He humphed, and strode towards where Ling Han and the Empress were.

“Here it is, here it is.

There is definitely going to be a good show ahead!”

“With Xiao Yingxiong moving, that guy would definitely be done for.”

“Sigh, to actually dare covet the goddess without having enough strength.

Isnt that just courting death”

Quite a number of people whispered among themselves.

The fact that Ling Han had embraced the Empress had instantly turned him into a public enemy.

Xiao Yingxiong stood firm, stopping around three meters away from Ling Hans table.

Flicking a finger, he declared towards Ling Han, “Scram!”

It was only one word—simple, direct, and commanding.

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