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Chapter 1548: Bloody Battle (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations


The Inferno Dragon roared and gazed at Yuan Long with eyes like flaming torches.

Being the ancestor of all dragons, Yuan Long carried a bloodline that could make any of his kin tremble.

The mere pressure of his stare could make all the Undying State dragons lower their heads.

However, neither the Inferno Dragon nor the Vast Sky Thunderous Dragon lower their heads.

They gazed at him with fury in their eyes.

They resisted the fear with the fury coming from within their bodies.


The Dark Dragon Hound slowly stepped forward.

Even though it was only half a step, it was already standing in front of the whole group, given its enormous body.

Never had it been more solemn and determined.

Gone were the old weak selves after following Su Ping to fight for such a long time.

All of them had grown up.

“Youre just a group of ants, and yet you think you can stop me You dont know what youre doing!” Yuan Long spoke with contempt in his eyes.

He was feeling discomfited because of the Vast Sky Thunderous Dragons and the Inferno Dragons eyes.

He didnt wait any longer, spouting a mouthful of flames all of a sudden.

The flames, which were as dark as chaos, were enough to corrode and destroy any universe a hundred times over, instantly reaching their target as if they were in Su Pings memories.

He wasnt even able to resist, as he already felt the scorching heat all over his body.

His bones, flesh and power of chaos were burnt by the flames!

Su Ping widened his eyes and roared.

The three thousand universes behind him instantly gathered and exploded, transforming into an unimaginable burst of power unleashed by Su Pings sword.

There was a boom, followed by a destructive sound.

The dragon flames were blocked, but Su Ping still discovered minor burn marks on his body; he wasnt able to fully drive them away.


The Inferno Dragon roared and coiled its long body, with crimson scales covered in flames.

It transformed into light that directly fused with Su Pings body.

They would be instantly wiped out if they were to fight Yuan Long on their own.

They could only bring out their potential if they merged with Su Ping.

Nearby, the Dark Dragon Hound, the Little Skeleton and the others moved to fuse with Su Pings body.

All of a sudden, his body—which was hundreds of thousands of feet tall—grew yet again.

He was like an ancient giant.

The shape of his body also underwent terrifying changes: he was covered in white bones, and dragon scales grew from those bones; a dragon head and a wolf head grew from his shoulders.

There was also an enormous skull closely stuck to its body.

A long tail was protruding from his body, and there was white fur below his neck.

His appearance was beyond frightening.

He became almost as indescribably terrifying as the ancestor after the transformation.

Nobody dared to look at him.

“Break!” Su Ping roared and swung his sword again, completely extinguishing the flames that had reached him.

His sword passed through all eternity and directly slashed Yuan Longs head.

The trace of this sword, if not deliberately erased, would be seen even billions of years into the future!

Anger flashed in Yuan Longs eyes.

Su Ping was much stronger than expected.

Even he was unable to erase that ant!

He was incredibly strong, even without a Chaos Qualification. No wonder Mother picked him.


Its all Mothers merit.

She raised another terrifying figure!

Unfortunately, she failed last time, and shell fail again!

He let out a roar and the entire world shook, as if weeping.

The next moment, Yuan Long completely revealed his body, spinning a billion kilometers away.

He then made a sweeping move with his body, dark light flashing in his eyes.


All the Heavenly Dao forces nearby were pushed away, and a horrifying blast swept over towards Su Ping.

The latter looked up, only to see a gargantuan tail about to slap him.

He had already sensed the agony of having shattered bones, even before the attack connected.

Not only had he been struck in the present, but also in his heart and his memories.

He would also be hit in the future.


That was an ancestors attack that could only be resisted head-on.

Normal Undying State fighters would be unable to block it, making death the sole outcome.


Su Pings eyes were bloodshot.

He didnt know whether or not he could block that move, but he had to!

He wasnt hoping to defeat Yuan Long; his sole aim was to buy enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

It was impossible for him to beat a Sorcerer Ancestor on his own, as the strength gap was too wide.


Su Pings muscles surged and he waved the giant sword with both arms.

The three thousand universes behind him exploded again, pushing his arms to slash furiously.

The sword aura was like a toothpick compared to the dragon tail.

Extremely brilliant, but it was still completely drowned.

Su Pings body smashed heavily onto the ground.

The agony was such that he felt as if torn to pieces.

The most terrifying fact was to find that some of his power had dispersed, and he couldnt condense it just yet.

“You actually survived my attack! Your body is indeed sturdy after combining the bloodlines of two clans.” Yuan Longs eyes were cold.

The compliment was genuine, but he simply whipped his tail a second time.

Su Ping heard an exclamation.


There were two crimson lights in the eye sockets of the skull on his back, as if about to come to life.

Upon sensing the Little Skeletons thoughts, he hurriedly roared, “No!”

He would never let the little fellow block that kind of fatal attack for him again.

It would be impossible for the pet to survive!

“I can block it!”

Su Ping raised his head and gritted his teeth.

His blood was flowing backwards as his Dao Heart was spread and he instantly sensed a consciousness of the Ancestral Land of Chaos.

However, the consciousness had somehow sealed itself, as if inside a shell; he couldnt communicate with it in the slightest.

This made it impossible to make use of its power.

The Ancestral Land of Chaoss consciousness sealed itself.

Is it because of the Heavenly Dao Su Ping slightly changed his expression.

He stopped thinking about it given the urgency, and simply detonated his three thousand universes to dash forward.


His body was like a phantom.

He was actually able to evade the massive dragon tail moving at the fastest speed possible.

“Thank you.”

Su Ping felt he had survived a disaster as he could sense the power of the attack right behind him.

That was the Dao Heart secret technique grasped by the Lightning Rat; it could transform all his cells and strength into particles that could penetrate laws and even Great Daos!


Yuan Longs expression changed a bit.

Su Pings speed was beyond his expectations, as it was almost on par with his.

It would have been impossible for the ancient dragon to keep up with Su Ping if it werent for Su Pings lack of strength.

Only Yin Que could outrun him.

Su Ping turned around and looked at Yuan Long.

He then glanced at the Heavenly Dao forces nearby and found that they were already fighting with the people who were inside the warships.

The number of their enemies was flabbergasting, and even the weakest among them had a level comparable to the Dao Heart State.

There werent any Celestial-level humanoids.

There were Undying State humanoids commanding them; all of them acted like well-trained legions.

Su Ping gloomily charged into the place with the highest concentration of humanoids.

“Dont run!”

Yuan Long was rather angry.

The ant-like Su Ping had escaped from him again and again.

His Heavenly Dao allies could think that he was going easy on the human.

He quickly moved towards Su Ping.

He spouted another stream of flames.

Su Ping dashed into the cluster of Heavenly Dao forces before him, instantly noticing that a lot of them were affected by the flames, just like he was.

Some of them were set ablaze and cried miserably.

They quickly vaporized into ashes until there was nothing left.


Yuan Long let out a furious roar.

Su Ping noticed that half of the tens of billions of warriors fighting against the Heavenly Dao were directly turned into blood mist, all in an instant.

The instant death caused infinite blood to splash out.

The region was dyed red and black.

Su Pings eyes were bloodshot.

He gritted his teeth and charged onward without looking back.

He planned to take Yuan Long away from the battlefield to prevent more casualties.

“Humph, brat, Ill finish them off before I get to you.

Just keep running!” Yuan Long realized Su Pings plan and sneered.

He turned around and charged at the most heated part of the battlefield.

Su Ping quickly changed his expression and stopped.

“Stop!!” Su Ping roared.


Yuan Long smiled coldly, suddenly turning around and abruptly whipping his tail.

Su Ping tried to move away using the Lightning Rats secret technique, but there was no time.

He narrowed his eyes and roared.

The sword in his hand was gone.

He clenched his fists and punched crazily.

Countless fist auras pushed forth like a golden wall.

The billions of golden fists somehow slowed the tails momentum.

The next moment, he quickly dashed forward and avoided the slower-moving dragon tail.


Yuan Longs eyes were cold.

He ignored the fleeing Su Ping and charged into the battlefield.

He realized that the ants fighting could be used to threaten that human.


With a roar, a beam of light darted forth and traversed the battlefield, instantly creating a massive ravine that ran through the whole battlefield.

Countless species perished in a mere instant, even the ones with Undying State cultivation.

They didnt survive beyond half a second.

Su Pings eyes were bloodshot.

He only had two choices at the moment: one was to charge toward the Heavenly Dao; however, Yuan Long would definitely slaughter others faster than him as he hunted the Heavenly Daos forces.

The other was to hold Yuan Long back.

“Youre the dragons ancestor.

Do you only know how to show your back to your enemy Bastard!” Su Ping roared and glared at the creature with ruthless eyes.

Yuan Longs enormous body paused.

He turned around and looked at Su Ping coldly.

“Why Are you done running”

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