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Chapter 2286: A Birthday

Jiang Yaos portrait fell into her eyes as she opened the scroll.

It would be a lie to say she was not surprised.

She was extremely vivid in the painting.

It was a photo of her walking around the courtyard with her stomach puffed out.

Even though Cheng Jinnian had a high IQ and was quick to learn new things, his painting skills were insufficient to depict Jiang Yaos facial features and other details accurately.

He had, however, captured Jiang Yaos expression.

As a result, anyone who knew Jiang Yao could recognize the person in the painting as her as soon as they saw it.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yao carefully put away the painting.

Although she did not say much, Cheng Jinnian could already tell from Jiang Yaos expression that Jiang Yao liked his birthday present.

“Jiang Yao, come here.

Ive also prepared a present for you.” Master Cheng hurriedly waved at Jiang Yao as if he was late, someone else would snatch it away.

Master Chengs birthday present was more practical.

It was a single-family villa in Jindo City.

Looking at the photos, it was clear that it was a desirable location for retirement and exclusivity.

Jiang Yao thanked him without hesitation.

She had already accepted the Cheng family in her heart, so she would not refuse the Cheng familys birthday present.

They were kind to her, so she took it and remembered it.

Jiang Yao looked over at Lu Xingzhi, who was sitting there, after accepting Master Chengs gift.

When she saw that he had no intention of moving, she turned to face Cheng Jinyan and extended her hand.

“Where is your gift, Director Cheng”

Jiang Yaos behavior amused Cheng Jinyan.

That was the first time Cheng

Jinyan had met someone who extended their hand to ask for a gift from him.

Cheng Jinnian would always avoid asking for a gift from him.

Needless to say, it was a strange sensation.

However, Jiang Yaos sly smile narrowed the gap between him and Jiang Yao, so he did not dislike it.

“I think this will suit you very well.” Cheng Jinyan gave her a set of jewelry from the Golden Phoenix Jewelry Company.

It was a three-piece set.

It was not complicated, but it was indeed very exquisite.

As soon as Jiang Yao opened it, she thanked him.

Moe suddenly jumped onto

Jiang Yaos shoulder.

His eyes shone as he stared at the jewelry box in Jiang

Yaos hand.

He raised his claws and was about to snatch it, but fortunately, Jiang Yao covered it in time and put it back into her pocket.

She lowered her head and glared at Moe.

“This is mine.

Youre not allowed to touch it!”

“Stingy woman!” Moes tail deliberately slapped Jiang Yaos face, then jumped back to the floor and gracefully returned to his nest to play with his game console.

Cheng Jinyan felt relieved when he realized Jiang Yao genuinely liked him.

He had intended to give the house to her, but his father had done so.

Later, after learning that his father had given her the house, he chose a set of jewelry that was appropriate for Jiang Yao.

Cheng Jinyan was initially concerned that Jiang Yao, who owned a jewelry company, would reject the jewelry he gave her.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao showed no signs of displeasure.

When he thought about it, he realized he was worrying excessively.

Jiang Yao was not a materialistic individual.

What else would she want Would it make any difference if he gave her a house, a car, or anything else

Jiang Yao sat next to Lu Xingzhi after accepting Cheng Jinyans gift.

She raised her leg and kicked Jiang Lei, who was holding his phone and either playing a game or texting.

“Wheres my gift, Jiang Lei”

Jiang Lei rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao.

“Youre the birthday girl today, so I wont argue with you, even if youre arrogant.” Then, he retracted his leg and handed a white paper bag to Jiang Yao..

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