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Chapter 1996: A mature mans way of thinkingTranslator: GodBrandy

Why was the Sages urn jumping into the fray at this time

Was it going to smear peoples faces with the ashes inside it

Since we were talking about the Sage, it might really be the case.

After all, even when it came to ordinary Eighth Stage Profound Sages, every drop of their blood could cause great damage to their enemies.

With these ashes being those of the Sage, perhaps every grain could kill an enemy.

Thinking about it that way, it was actually quite nice.

The ashes of ordinary people could only be used as fertilizer, but the ashes of the Sage could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Go, Sages ashes!

Smear the face of the fat ball!

Song Shuhang was truly looking forward to seeing such a thing happen.

The Sages urn opened on its own, and the ashes inside it flew into the air.

However, they did not blind the eyes of the Netherworlds Fat Ball, but went to Skylark instead.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Skylark said with a gentle tone, “Seriously…”

In the next moment, her body was turned into ashes by the Sages ashes.

Their ashes mixed together and enveloped the bone of eternity, breaking free from the fat balls summoning formation.

Afterward, the urn opened again, and the mix of ashes and the bone of eternity all flew inside it.

Song Shuhang said with a relieved tone, [The Sage has finally fulfilled his dream.]

His left eye was smoldering hot at this moment.

However, he did not close it as this level of pain was something he could endure by gritting his teeth.

The Sages eye was needed to assist this second contingency plan, so Song Shuhang could not shut his eyelid at such an important time.

The urn closed.

Then, it escaped into the void and disappeared.

“Its done.” At the same time, the voice of the Sage sounded from Song Shuhangs navel.

Song Shuhang could sense that the Sage had prepared a total of two recordings.

One was a message for showing off after the plan succeeded.

The other was for if the plan failed.

It would be used as a prompt to activate a third plan.

Anyway, the second contingency plan was a success.

Therefore, Song Shuhang became the Sages message machine and began to show off.

“Now, nobody in the universe will be able to find it again.”

The Sage sounded extremely confident.

He was sure that no one would find the place where his ashes escaped!

Song Shuhang blurted out, “Could it be outside of this universe”

“The Scholarly Sage.” From the Netherworld Realm, the oppressive voice of the fat ball sounded.

“Even if youve already died, you still continue to make trouble for me.”

It never imagined that this Eighth Stage Profound Sage called Skylark would have such a deep relationship with the Scholarly Sage.

The fat balls voice continued, “A dead man is still dead.

Do you think you can scheme against me”

[Recently, the way the fat ball acts seems off.] Song Shuhangs body began to heat up.

To be precise, ever since it had managed to trick Senior White Two and seal him, the fat ball seemed to have rid itself of its shackles and become free.

Its plans were all linked up and worked seamlessly.

Once one of its plans failed, the next one would start, just like it was happening now.

“Since you say that nobody in the universe can find it, it narrows down the possibilities.

[Sneer], its either in the Wielders small black room or among the remnants of the old world.

Regardless, as long as you bring the bone of eternity with you, you wont be able to escape my grasp.

Blood sacrifice, formation change!”

In the next moment, all of the energy in the blood sacrifice formation was mobilized.

The blood ropes of the formation plunged into the wooden body.

A bright red light enveloped Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang felt his consciousness begin to blur as if he was drunk.

While he was still conscious, he quickly brought out the Almighty Merchants insurance ticket.

At this moment, Fairy Creations voice sounded, [Dont worry.

The remaining energy of my teacher will protect you.]

Her voice sounded weary.

The Sages second contingency plan was thorough.

After the plan succeeded, he even remembered to protect the vessel and transfer them to safety.

The Scholarly Sage was not the kind of person who would abandon those who helped him carry out his plans.

On the contrary, they would receive a huge gift after they were in a safe area.

Fairy Creations voice greatly reassured Song Shuhang.

At the same time, he turned his head to look at Little White behind him.

His protective amulet was still there, which made him feel at ease.

As time passed by, Song Shuhang started to lose focus.

It was as if he were sitting on one of Senior Whites disposable flying swords and soaring into the sky.

His consciousness rose to the limit of the sky.

Then, it left the world and entered another realm.

After entering this new world, Song Shuhangs consciousness began to regain clarity.

Song Shuhang mused, “Where is this place”

While he spoke, his consciousness saw a box floating in the distance.

It was the Sages urn.

Is this where the Sages urn came after taking away Skylarks bone of eternity

Is this world the place that the Sage is so no one would find

Song Shuhangs consciousness began to approach the urn.

The urn drew him over and then sucked him in.

Its so cold here.

It seems Im in the box!

Inside the urn, the Sages and Skylarks ashes were nowhere to be seen.

Only the sparkling bone of eternity could be seen inside.

Song Shuhangs consciousness let out a sigh.

Even his own ashes were taken for the sake of this second contingency plan.

Is this the way of thinking that a mature man has

Song Shuhangs consciousness moved to right beside the bone of eternity.

At this time, they were like two passengers in a car.

The urn floated around aimlessly in this unknown world.

It was as if he was in a car, and he could see the mysterious world through the walls of the urn.

This world, filled with distorted light, was very beautiful.

Lights of various colors mixed together into a ball.

While it initially looked like a mess, if one looked closely, it looked like the ingenuity of a master.

The urn continued floating aimlessly.

Suddenly, a huge eye flashed past the urn.

Song Shuhang was taken aback.

As if sensing Song Shuhangs gaze, the “eye” looked back at him.

Then, the eye slowly drifted away.

Similar to the Sages urn, it seemed as if this eye had no destination.

Not long after, a white horse passed by the Sages urn.


The sound of the white horses bell was particularly nostalgic.

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