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Chapter 1071: Qing Lan

The middle-aged man in a green robe laughed for a long time, and he finally calmed down.

He floated down from the stone platform, then he said lightly.

“Human boy, Im the one who asks.

Why are you as a human in this deepest underworld”

After hearing the words, hie eyes flashed a few times and subconsciously looked toward the stone room entrance.

“Hold your little thought.

The space here is already enveloped by my Six Yuan Magnetic Array.

Although it is about to collapse, it is still enough to trap a junior like you for 10 years.

Answer my question honestly.

If Im satisfied with you answer, I will not only not harm you, but I will also grant you a great opportunity.” The middle-aged man said with a cold smile.

“Great opportunity”

Liu Mings face didnt show any change, but he thought quickly.

After a while, he cupped his fist and said half-truth, “Senior, junior was being chased by a mortal enemy, and I accidentally entered a space fissure that connects to this realm… Only recently did I learn that this place is actually the legendary deepest underworld.”

“Space fissure… Hmph! Boy, you are really full of nonsense! Space fissure connecting the 2 worlds is extremely unstable.

Even when Im at my peak, I dont dare to step in.

How can you, a Pseudo Pellet State cultivator, step in so easily” The man in green robe sneered.

His face became colder, and a menacing beasktin aura rolled out and turned into a fuzzy phantasm.

It was a fox with long green hair.

It was entwined with lightning arcs.

7 tails were wagging behind it.

“Senior, please think about it again.

I have no intention of deceiving senior.

Im a disciple of the Middle Sky Continents Taiqing Sect.

I met the space fissure in the Evil Ghost Way that my sect opened.” Liu Ming hurriedly explained.

Judging from the powerful beastkin aura and its aspect phantasm, he turned out to be a beastkin powerhouse, which was really unexpected.

“Seven-tailed fox, could it be…” Liu Ming glanced at the aspect phantasm and muttered in his mind.

“Evil Ghost Way What place is this, Evil Ghost… Wait, tell me about the situation over there.” The middle-aged man looked contemplative, then he asked slowly.

Seeing that the other party had restrained his aura, Liu Ming immediately told him about the Evil Ghost Way.

“Oh, so you are talking about the Rakshasas world, the place of exile in the deepest underworld.

This is indeed possible.” The middle-aged man in a green robe slowly said thoughtfully, and the suffocating aura gradually disappeared.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt a little relieved.

But he wouldnt take the initiative to say anything.

“Speaking of which, Hell Extinct Valley is also considered a dangerous place in the Serene Water Region.

Everyone else will avoid it at all cost, why did you break into this place” The middle-aged man in a green robe pondered for a while and asked again.

“Junior came here by mistake after being chased by the Serene Clan cultivator who was just killed by senior.” This time, Liu Ming said honestly.

“Very good.

If you are really related to the Serene Clan, I will have to annihilate you with a palm to vent my anger!” The middle-aged man in a green robe looked uncertain for a while, then he finally made up his mind.

Liu Ming heard the words, but he furrowed slightly.

“Im the beastkin of the Savage Wild Continent, but as you can see now, Im just a remnant soul right now.

You should be very curious to know why I am here, and why Im dying here “The middle-aged man in a green robe said indifferently as if he was talking about something completely irrelevant to him.

Liu Ming looked at the man in green robe quietly and nodded with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

“My name is Qing Lan.

I was an elder of the famous clan in the Savage Wild Continent.

Even though my bloodline is not as good as the legendary nine tails, I was still a rare talent… Hundreds of years ago, I was invited by a friend of the same family to enter the deepest underworld.

I came to this Serene Water Region to help him accomplish a big thing.”

The middle-aged man in a green robe spoke with reminiscence.

“… Although it took a lot of hardships, the matter was finally accomplished.

What I didnt expect was that my friend didnt have good intention to invite me here.

After the matter is done, I not only did not receive the reward promised before, but he also colluded with a Serene Clan force, Nilu City, to besiege me.

Although I had better cultivation, I still couldnt fight them all alone.

I eventually died in this place.” The middle-aged man in a green robe said bitterly.

“Since thats the case, seniors soul should have been vanished.

Why did you still have a sub-soul here” Liu Ming asked suddenly.

“Thats because I have always been cautious.

Before doing that big event, I used mystic art to attach a sub-soul to a magic weapon, and I used it as array eye to set up this Six Yuan Magnetic Array.

So, after my main soul was dead, my sub-soul can live for a long time.

I never thought Im able to survive until now because of this.” The middle-aged man in a green robe said with some self-deprecation.

When Liu Ming heard this, a hint of surprise flashed across his face.

This beastkin powerhouse was really cautious enough.

However, even in this case, he still ended up in this situation.

The beastkin who plotted against him was really terrifying.

“Unfortunately, my sub-soul is weak and cannot resist the erosion of the deepest underworld aura outside the Hell Extinct Valley, let alone leaving the deepest underworld, so I have been hiding in this place for hundreds of years.

I hunted the low rank ghost creature and yin beasts to absorbed their Divine Thought to survive.

After struggling for so many years, it has finally paid off.” The man in green robe said bitterly, and he finally glanced at Liu Ming with a smile.

Hearing this, Liu Ming couldnt help but take a few steps back.

He had a bad premonition in his ,omd.

“Does he want to steal my body!”

“Hehe, you dont have to worry.

My sub-soul is about to fade after so many years.

Just now, I forcibly channeled the enchantment here to kill that Serene Clan man, which satisfied me.

Even if I possess your body, I cant live long.” The middle-aged man in a green robe glanced at Liu Ming and said with a spurious smile.

Hearing this, Liu Ming glanced over at the somewhat fuzzy figure, and he found that he was really exhausted, only then he was relieved.

“Senior told so many to me, do you want me to help you with something” Liu Ming thought about it, and he understood a little.

“Yes, mys remnant soul is exhausted.

Even if Im not disturbed, I will disappear within a few years, so I want to make a deal with you here.” The middle-aged man in a green robe said.

“Deal” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows.

“You should have practiced the Che Huan Totem of my clan right” The middle-aged man in a green robe said suddenly.

Liu Mings expression changed.

The moment he attacked the light curtain, he had already put away the Che Huan Totem.

He didnt expect that the middle-aged man in green robe would be able to detect it.

He nodded slowly.

“Yes, I got the cultivation method of Che Huan Totem by chance.”

“Speaking of which, Che Huan Totem is also a rare top mystic art in our Savage Wild Continent.

It is said that it has been passed down since the ancient times.

Although it is not difficult to get started, it is extremely difficult to reach a very profound state.

From what I see, you should have not reached the perfect stage yet right” The man in the green robe said seemingly casually.

“Please give me pointers, senior.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said.

Things about Che Huan Totem had been lingering in his mind over the past few years.

Before he came to Evil Ghost Way, he had let Che Huan devour a lot of high rank beastkin souls, and the totem mystic art was close to completion.

In the years of Evil Ghost Way, he had let it devour a lot of Crystallization Period and even Real Pellet State ghost creatures.

Although the Che Huan Totem did become more powerful, he still could let it achieve perfection.

For this, he read the bronze jade slip that recorded Che Huan Totem many times, but he still couldnt figure out what went wrong.

“I naturally know the secret of it, but if I dont get any benefit, why should I give you pointers” The middle-aged man in a green robe showed a mysterious smile on his face.

“What deal does senior want to make, please tell me! “Liu Ming frowned slightly, and he slowly released his cupping fist.

“I can help you cultivate the Che Huan Totem to the perfect stage realm, but on the other hand, you have to swear by your inner demon and promise to help me accomplish one thing.” The middle-aged man in a green robe put away the smile on his face and said solemnly.

“Could it be that senior wants me to avenge you” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and said.

“Thats right! I must take this revenge, otherwise Im not reconciled.” The middle-aged man in a green robe nodded without hesitation.

“Hehe, juding from seniors cultivation, the one who could set you up is at least a Celestial State beastkin.

I didnt even form a real pellet yet.

Whats more, it has been hundreds of years.

Seniors enemy should have return to the Savage Wild Continent long ago.

Junior is really helpless in this.” Liu Ming smiled lightly and refused directly.

“Hehe, this is not up to you.

Youre now in my array.

If you dont agree, I can use the last bit of power of this enchantment to kill you.

You will still die like an ant.” The middle-aged man in a green robe seemed to expect Liu Ming to refuse it, so he threatened right away.

TL: Deal or will he try to escape from this place

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