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Chapter 1039: Go Home

In the evening, the purple moonlight shone on the courtyard, making it very peaceful.

In the air, a blue light door opened, and a bright purple figure appeared in the courtyard.

The light door gradually disappeared, and the purple of the silhouette also faded.

Looking at the familiar scene around him, his heart that was tense just now because of the battle immediately became peaceful and quiet.

Because this was his home.

Not just this yard but the entire Dark Moon Estate.

The initialArthur could be regarded as having his wish fulfilled.

Whether it was consciousness or soul, it had been completely integrated.

As the newArthur, the feelings and affairs in the human world had basically come to a successful end.

Landbis chose her own path.

Veronica was released from the Abyss.

Lex the Great received a gift from his son.

Sister Freya had the freedom to choose her own future marriage.

Samuel became a true subordinate.

Of course, there were still many unbreakable ties in the human world, such as the deep friendship with the 2 grand masters of elf and the hobbit, the promise to the Fire Elemental King, and so on which were impossible to ignore.

Nevertheless, he had brought Tiffany back now, and the biggest hidden danger of Python had been fundamentally solved, so he could finally go home in peace.

Not far from the star point, Chen Rui heard the strange sound ofgulp gulp gulp.

It turned out that a black figure in the corner was drinking wine.

After a closer look, it turned out to be a translucent onion.


“Who Whos calling the master” Master Slime Onion had 2 long ears that were sharper than an elf, and his nose became pointy.

He shouted drunkenly with a seemingly arrogant attitude.

As the saying goes, peers affect a persons character.

Due to the close contact with the 2 guys Paglio and Roman, the slime had long been accustomed to calling himselfmaster.

Even in the magic game, the 3 guys used the names Master Handsome Dragon, Master Handsome Sword, and Master Handsome Slime, forming the infamousmaster team in theInfinite Warrior OL.

They liked to kill the other players, steal the treasures and attract hatred.

Euphemistically, it was called improving players fighting spirit and increasing the competitiveness of the game.

If this was a free-to-play game, these 3 guys were really good atsupporting.

Chen Rui stepped forward speechlessly, “Do you need me to call you Master Dodo”

“Master… master!” The slime, who had drunk and hazy eyes, finally saw the person.

He immediately put away his pointed ears and nose.

Just as he was about to say something, sadness surged from the bottom of his heart.

He turned into 6 hands as he hugged Chen Ruis leg and cried.

This was not the usual onion fake cry but a real cry.

Chen Ruis trousers were soaked with tears in an instant.

He didnt understand what happened, “Whats wrong, Dodo”

The slime looked up and tearfully took out several golden cards.

He couldnt say anything while sobbing.

Then only Chen Rui understood.

These cards were the Princess Villa free gold card and the Princess Retail Store gift card.

At that time, in the battle of the main altar of Fear Lord Sosbach, facing the main altar with the earth origin fragment and the strong defense, the slime was afraid of the battle.

Hence, Zola threw out a killing move which was these gift cards.

As a result, the foodie and miser was extremely motivated.

He rushed to the main altar desperately, swallowed the earth origin fragment in one bite, and became the biggesthero in destroying the fear main altar.

However, the slime didnt know that it was deceived by the black-hearted madam.

After all the hard work beyond the usual standard, what he got were the expired prizes and gift cards.

He proudly went to claim the prizes, but he came back dejectedly.

There was a saying that real man dont cry.

When the slime, who had been using wine to relieve its sorrows for the past few days, saw the master, it couldnt hold back and burst into tears.

Chen Rui knew that Dodo was addicted to food, but after he had been with Paglio for a long time, he had another character of regarding money as his life.

It was indeed Zola that tricked Dodo in this matter.

Although the slime flinched and almost caused the whole battle to fail, he contributed immensely after all, so he really didnt deserve such treatment.

He said, “Well, in a few days, I will take you to the Princess Retail Store to pick 3 gifts at will, then well go to the Princess Villa for the most expensive meal.”

The wailing sound of Dodo abruptly stopped.

He lowered his head and slowly extended a round palm, extending 4 fingers.

After thinking about it, a few more came out.

Seeing more and more fingers, Chen Rui was speechless.

“Haggle more, and Ill reduce it to 2 gifts.”

“3! 3! Master Truly Handsome!”


After the little drama, Chen Rui learned from Dodo that Paglio had a faint sign of breakthrough since the last time he unleashed in the main altar.

During this time, he tried several times to break through to the peak stage of the Kingdom level, but he was unsuccessful in doing so.

He chose to go for closed-door training just a few days ago.

Due to Athenas pregnancy, Delia and Krobelus both moved into the lords mansion to take care of Athena together with Mom Red Dragon Gloria, while Roman was stationed in the capital to replace Delia.

He was in charge of the intel department of the Fallen Angel Empire with the assistance of his second wife, Medilu.

Dodo was temporarily in charge of the house.

There was news that Little Princess Alice also would come to the Dark Moon from the capital to visit Athena today.

The slime, who was rewarded after the loss, seemed inexplicably excited.

After Chen Rui entered the house, he could still hear the exaggerated laughter of Master Truly Handsome behind him.

When Chen Rui entered the room of the residence, there were 2 more people beside him, Isabella and Zola.

In the previous battle of the Holy Light Mountain, the 2 women activated the [Battle Projection] skill when merged with the Galaxy Divinity Statue.

Although the projection was eliminated, they were not in danger.

Now they had successfully escaped from the Holy Light Mountain and returned to the Demon Realm, they could naturally leave the merged state.

“Are we home” Zola looked around with the spectacles reflecting the light in her eyes.

“Home sweet home.” Isabella lay on the bed on her back without any manner.

Her whole body seemed to relax.

“That [Battle Projection]… how do you guys feel” Chen Rui was more concerned about whether there were any corresponding sequelae after the 2 activated [Battle Projection] to fight with all their strength.

“The rest is nothing.” Zola pondered carefully, “It just consumed a bit of mental power.

Its not a big problem.

We should be able to fully recover after a good sleep.

The Galaxy Divinity Statue is very mysterious.

If we have time, we should take a good look at it.


Chen Rui felt relieved and nodded.

“Okay, our His Holiness Holy Child has returned to the Demon Realm and changed back to the Royal Highness Prince Consort.” Isabellas leisurely look revealed a seductive aura, “Then, that Ms.

Tiffany should have been successfully rescued already”

Chen Rui smiled slightly.

A crystal light appeared in his hand, falling beside Isabella.

There was another person on the bed: Tiffany.

Tiffanys eyes were closed and her facial expression was pale.

She was in sleeping mode.

Although Chen Rui reversed the ancient runes of the spirit gathering magic circle and restored Tiffanys lost power, as thethe energy core of the spirit gathering magic circle, Tiffany lost substantial life force and soul power.

Originally, in Raphaels plan, the 100-person conversion ceremony would completely take away her life.

She would surely be dead.

Fortunately, Chen Rui made a move and pulled her from the verge of death.

However, it was not the body or strength that Tiffany suffered the most but her mind.

Eudora took advantage of Elizassteal andbestow talents to transfer Tiffanys power to herself, dispelled the power ofHeart of Burning Lightning recoil that had been troubled for many years, and broke through to the Kingdom level.

Then, the daughter with the physique of light and dark was dedicated to Raphael as a sacrifice for the spirit gathering magic circle.

Tiffany went through untold hardships to be free to come to the human world.

It was a near-death experience in order to find her mother and mothers love, especially when she obtained the destruction origin at the Mysterious Land.

However, this mother pushed her with her own hands into hell for power and strength, completely shattering her biggest or only pursuit in her life.

The damage to Tiffanys mind could be imagined.

Although Tiffany was successfully rescued this time, it was not an easy task to get her back on her feet and even agree to Raizen to take over the Bloody Empire in order to achieve a trulyunified confederation alliance with the Demon Realm.

Madam Aunts gaze toward Tiffany was inevitably a bit complicated – This was the daughter of her greatestenemy, but there was no doubt that she was also an innocent victim.

“Let her rest here for a while.” Isabella sighed softly.

Chen Rui understood Isabellas mood and held her hand gently.

“Lets go, its getting late.

Now that were home, lets all go to sleep.” Chen Rui held the 2 girls in his arms.

“Samuel and others…” Isabella thought of something and asked.

“They are still merged in… um, the Star Conferring Platform of the great grand master inheritance world.

As this is the first contact with the power of faith, the longer they stays, the better.” Chen Rui shrugged, “Dont worry, they will not come out until 3 days later, so they wont disturb our wonderful affairs at a critical time.”

“Who has wonderful affair with you!” Isabella spat lightly, “I sleep with Zola tonight.

You should go to Athena and the others… No, just stay here with your future Her Majesty Empress.”

As a good sister, Zola naturally nodded in agreement.

“By the way, Zola, Yini, I seem to have forgotten to tell both of you about an important news.”

“What news”

“Athena, she…”


Fairy Dragons and Madam Aunts ears perked up at the same time after Chen Rui broke the news that Athena was pregnant.

The purple and blue eyes glanced at each other.

They could see the fighting spirit and flame burning in each others eyes.

A minute later, Boss Chen was hurriedly dragged out the door by the 2 secretaries.

Before he could enter another room for the important life events, there was a surprise shout from the corridor, “Brother!”


Why did she come

BeforeAlices Big Jump came, a red light came first, “Daddy!”

Its Duoduo!

Not only Alice and Duoduo but also Athena, Kia and others.

Hearing the voice of the slime boasting his performance, Chen Rui finally understood why everyone came.

He hugged the baby girl who kept rubbing his face, lifted the koala loli hanging at his neck, and looked at Athenas smile as well as the little succubus pretentious resentful gaze.

Chen Rui only felt heartwarming.

Anyway, its nice to be home.

TL: Is the baby born

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