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Chapter 1049: Father and Daughter

After some disagreements, the 4 of them reached a consensus to firmly resist the control of Dark Divinity Temple.

From Sheas previous experience, it could be seen that the purpose of the Dark Divinity Temple was to turn the 3 empires into puppets and tools that provide faith, and to unify the faith by coercive means.

Those who obeyed would prosper, and those who opposed would die.

Satan didnt care whether the Demon Realm was peaceful or stable.

He only cared about how to assemble the Book of Destruction, how to deceive the world into stealing faith and how to embark on the road of God.

In the eyes of these so-called powerhouses, all ordinary people were ants.

It wasjust right to be slaughtered at will.

Just like what Raphael said to Sosbach at the fear main altar, “The controller of this world is 3 archangels.

Even if it is to be destroyed, it will be done by us, not the Abyss”.

What they cared about was who owned thedestruction authority of the world, not how to protect the world.

However, for the time being, this kind of confrontation could not be carried out head-on, so if Satan sent people to the 3 empires again, they could use various side strategies to delay time and shift the focus as much as possible.

After all, even if the 3 rulers were compelled to agree, the so-called Dark Divinity Temple would not be built overnight to the size of the Holy Church.

The strategy was just a stopgap measure.

If he wanted to truly eliminate Satans attempts, he would face this powerful Pseudo-God head-on sooner or later.

Chen Ruis opinion was to try to buy time first.

As a last resort, they could put the blame on him, themysterious Pseudo-God powerhouse, then hed figure it out.

Just in case, Chen Rui would set an instant teleportation point (star point) in each of the 3 capitals.

As long as he received the corresponding help signal, he could be teleported to that place instantly.

After upgrading to the Purple Pole Star Emperor, the [Star Gate]s star points increased from the original 4 to 7, and the star points effective period increased from 10 years to 50 years.

Although the [Star Gate] still excluded people other than Chen Rui from passing through, his methods were way beyond the past.

Not only could the Star Conferring Platform be used to integrate those with star positions, he could also activate the space artifact, Tower of Glory, to shuttle through.

The Tower of Gloryskingdom merging could merge the kingdom to form a special space that could carry a large number of life entities and move freely in the space, but there was a limitation.

He couldnt activate the kingdom to fight or do other things when moving unless he had dual kingdoms: 1 for fusion and 1 for battle.

For Chen Rui, who had both the 4 seasons kingdom and [Pole Star Kingdom], it was simply a tailor-made function.

With 2ultimate moves in hand, it actually broke through the [Star Gate]s bottleneck of being unable to teleport with others.

The star point of the Dark Moon residence had been transferred to the Fallen Angel Empire palace because the Fallen Angel Empires palace was a stones throw away from the Rainbow Valley in the outer suburbs, so there was no need to repeat it.

The star point at the human worlds Storm Island and the top of the Holy Light Mountain were still preserved.

The former was 1 of Chen Ruis bases, and the latter was theTrojan horse of the Holy Light Mountain for emergency purposes.

There was also a star point located in the mysterious Ghastly Floating Land.

For Chen Rui, this would be a very important stop, and it was also where he planned to go next.

The Ghastly Floating Land not only produced therule energy for the City of Stars.

It was also an excellent training field.

Of course, for ordinary trainers, even Demi-God, this would be an extremely dangerous place.

In addition to these 4 star points, according to the content of the agreement, 1 would be placed in both the Bloody Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire, so in the end, Chen Rui had 1 remaining action on standby.

Although Raizen was skeptical of Chen Ruis so-calledfind a way, there was no better solution at present.

Unless he was willing to surrender to Satan, he could only choose to believe.

In order to further tie the Bloody Empire to the chariot of the association and more firmly safeguard the interests of the empire, Raizen once again raised the topic of marriage.

Chen Rui thought about it and let Tiffany appear in this virtual conference room.

Facing her father, Raizen, Tiffany showed indifference like a passerby.

It could be seen that this was the indifferent personality.

Raizen was equally expressionless while asking, “Did you meet that woman”


“Do you want to see her again”


“Good, you should have gotten the Bloody Ring.

From now on, you are the empress of the empire.

When you return to the Bloody Empire, I will pass on the throne to you immediately.”

Tiffany didnt say anything; she just looked at Raizen coldly.

These concise and cold conversations made Chen Rui and others quite speechless.

It was hard to imagine that this was a conversation between a father and daughter who had reunited after a long absence.

Especially Raizen, knowing that her daughter was hurt badly and almost lost her life, he did not even say a single word of concern; he just said 3 sentences and directly passed the burden of an empire!

When Raizen mentioned the Bloody Ring, Chen Rui hesitated for a moment before he spoke up, “One thing I should say about the Bloody Ring.

When I activated the power of ancient inheritance to unlock Raphael, a small accident happened… …”

“What” Raizen almost jumped up after hearing 2 sentences, “You actually merged with Bloody Ring This is the highest artifact of the Mammon Royal Family!”

Chen Rui was indeed guilty in this matter, “This… is an accident.

I promise that I will try to return the Bloody Ring back to the Mammon Family in the future.”

“Okay.” Before Raizen could continue to question, Tiffany immediately agreed.

Raizens eyes shot a fierce light as he looked at Tiffanys face.

Tiffany did not hesitate to suppress her fathers fierce gaze as she said word by word, “Is what you said just now valid”

Raizen stared at Tiffany for a moment, then he said coldly, “Of course it is.

You have to remember, now and in the future, every word you say, everything you do, represents the entire empire, and the thousands of people; its not only on your behalf!”

“I know.”

“Then you should know that after ascending the throne, you will marry this man, right”


“Very well!” Raizen sneered coldly, “In 7 days you have to get back to the Bloody Empire.”

“I heard you.” Tiffany didnt say much.

She turned around, and her figure gradually disappeared.

Chen Rui sighed secretly, “Ill go with her.

It just so happens that Im going to the Bloody Empire to set up a teleportation point.”

Raizen gave him a deep look, “With your strength, you dont have to do this.”

“Im still the same person you saw outside the Jergal Fortress for the first time, and the same person at the Warlock Fortress.

No matter how my strength changes, some things will not change.” Chen Rui smiled.

Catherine and Shea looked at each other.

A charming smile appeared behind the veil, and there was a touch of warmth in Sheas eyes.

Raizen squinted slightly, and a strange expression swept past.

He nodded slowly and seemed to have something to say, but when the figure faded in the end, he still did not say it.

“He should be wanting to tell you to take care of Tiffany.” Shea sighed, “Unfortunately, he is Raizen.”

Catherine laughed, “But Raizen should be relieved because there is a Royal Highness Prince Consort who is… En, very caring toward women.”

“Not only very caring, but he will also fight to the death with peak stage Pseudo-God for the sake of a womans life.” At this time, Shea did not show the virtue of silence is gold at all.

“Especially beautiful women.” Catherine added with a smile, “Tiffany is indeed a beauty.

I feel pity for her.

It seems that the Royal Highness Prince Consorts desire to collect beautiful women has not been satisfied.”

It was said that 3 women could pull up a show, but now there were only 2, and the Royal Highness Prince Consort could no longer resist.

He could only raise his hands in surrender.

After the conference call, Chen Rui was about to go to Tiffany to discuss leaving for the Bloody Empire when a familiar voice suddenly came to his mind.

“Chen Rui! Where are you”

This voice was Zolas.

Chen Rui couldnt help being surprised.

Isnt Zola in the Rainbow Valley closed-door training How can her voice be in my mind

Super System!

Chen Ruis thoughts moved, and he entered the Super System instantly.

To his surprise, he saw Zola in the main hall of the Galaxy Divinity Temple.

Before that, Zola had always been limited to the area within the God Conferring Stage.

Even if she was given the title of Star Queen, she couldnt break through this limitation.

Now, she actually automatically appeared in the hall!

Next to Zola was Veronica.

They were no strangers to each other.

They used to be old acquaintances at the Dragon Bright Empire.

“Zola, you turn out to be so beautiful.” Veronica praised sincerely, “No wonder you had to cover your face with a veil previously, otherwise it would definitely attract the attention of countless men.”

“Youre beautiful too, Veronica.

Arent you already…” The purple eyes behind Zolas glasses blinked, “Why are you here”

(That guy, he actually hid one in a place like this!)

“I… am indeed dead, and even my soul was almost completely annihilated.

Later, a seemingly supreme power in the universe reconstructed my soul.

Then, I appeared here when I woke up.” Veronica was very careful.

She smiled when she saw through Zolas thought, “I want to forget everything in the past and start a new life, so I asked Chen Rui not to tell you and Yini.

Im now busy in this new world every day.

I feel very fulfilled, and Im very grateful to him and to your help.


(I heard that she was Chen Ruis first love, much earlier than Athena…)

(Her soul was eroded by the Abyss, and she was released in the end.

Now even her body is lost…)

(Its a bit miserable…)

“Oh.” Ms.

Fairy Dragon thought for a while, and her mind became clearer.

At this moment, she saw Chen Rui appearing in the hall, and she quickly greeted him with joy.

To be precise, she flew over to him.

“Zola!” Chen Rui caught the flying Ms.

Fairy Dragon who seemed to be very excited.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and used the momentum to spin several times before she stopped.

Chen Rui let go of Zola in his arms.

Zola glanced at Veronica secretly, only to find that the latter was just looking at her and Chen Rui with a smile.

It was not a fake or forced smile, only comforting warmth.


Fairy Dragon suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Chen Rui asked, “Zola, why are you here”

Speaking of this, Ms.

Fairy Dragon got a little smug as she wrinkled her nose, “Guess!”

“2-star enhancement!” Chen Rui responded immediately “You have succeeded”

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