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Chapter 331 – Anemone Aroma(1)




Demon Lord Dantalian and Count Palatine of the Habsburg Empire.

These were the titles that I had officially received up to this point.

I was given another peerage on top of all this and that was Duke of Teuton.

This was what Teuton gave in return when we offered them land during the previous diplomatic battle.

A royal letter arrived as soon as I returned to my Demon Lord Castle.

A man with a splendid brown mustache read the letter sonorously.


“As Dantalian has been bestirring himself for the peace and stability of the continent, I, Georg Wilheim Alber Alexander, the sovereign of the Kingdom of Teuton, ennoble his land as a duchy and bestow it the name of Custos which means .”

I was surprised that it was going to be a duchy.

A palatinate would have been enough for me.

However, it seems the royal family of Teuton thought differently.

Even if I were to become ennobled as a count, it was still far below my position as Count Palatine of the Empire.

It would only be natural to put forward my peerage as a count of an Empire than a count of a Kingdom.

Nonetheless, the position of duke was different.

It may only be an honorary title, but this was a world where that honor was enough to put food on the table.

Barbatos didn’t take the title of Duke of Austerlitz for no reason.

Since I already promised in secret that I would not get involved in their politics, Teuton must’ve decided to go big with my peerage since it didn’t matter.

“Count Dantalian of Custos will be granted 3 privileges.

First, you will not have to state your name when you wish to seek an audience with me.

Second, you do not have to salute our Kingdom’s flag when entering the parliament.

Third, you will not have to disarm yourself when entering the royal palace.”

Jeremi whistled.

That was incredibly discourteous in a diplomatic ceremony like this, but no one pointed it out.

Even the envoy was placid.

Everyone gathered here knew full well that this was simply empty formalities and vanity.

I smiled bitterly as I came down from the seat of honor.

I courteously knelt before the envoy.

“Dantalian Custos.

Reverently receive this name and do not be remiss as you carry out your duty given to you by the Gods.

Serve the Goddess above you and care for the people below you.

However, know that this honor comes from our Lordship.

May the Goddess’ blessing and the praise of the people be eternal!”

The envoy handed me the royal letter.

Spectators should normally start cheering and applauding at this point.

However, all that was present was the insincere applause from my executives like Lapis.

This was because I didn’t invite the denizens of my land.

Think about it.

It was already late in the winter now.

No one would want to move because of the cold.

There was nothing more bothersome than to make a bunch of people gather because the Lord of the land was going to have an event.

Let couples cuddle in their warm homes.

If they do want to congratulate me, then they can do so in their hearts.

I’m quite generous to my people.

“My ass.

Then why did you call for me”

……the bear-like Parsi grumbled as I was praising myself.

We held a festival at the large town hall once the service ceremony was over.

Villagers, orphans, and poor adventurers started to gather as they smelled the pork and chicken we were grilling and boiling.

“Are you a normal citizen You’re my henchman.”

“Dear me, what crimes did I commit in my previous life for the Goddess to treat me so roughly”

“You should be happy that you went from being a hunter to a proxy lord.

What more could you ask for”

On a side note, Parsi’s face was starting to look more dignified.

He was only twenty years old, but he was already managing land.

This wasn’t something that could be done by anyone.

Parsi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It almost looked like a black bear had discovered some honey.

“Speaking of that, Your Lordship!”

“Speak after you wipe the chicken broth off your mustache.”

You’re seriously way too boorish.

“You did give me this admirable position and everything, but why has a matchmaker never been sent my way!”

“Don’t tell me……are you still not engaged”

“Not only am I not engaged, but a maiden has never cast me an amorous glance before!”

The wild black bear roared.

“Despite my appearance, I’m rather strong, you know Not only am I a hunter who can always catch a deer or hare when I go to the forest, but I’m the chief of a village and also a proxy lord now.

Does it make any sense that no woman has approached me yet!”

It was a little surprising.

He might look a little rough, but he was a rather capable man.

Although he looks like he’s in his forties or fifties despite being twenty.

Although the hair on his body makes him look like some mountain orc.

Although his supposed etiquette is him letting chicken soup get all over his mustache.

……Huh I can only think of reasons why he can’t get married.

“No, even then.

Someone of your stature should still make for a decent husband, Parsi.”

“This is all because of that kid, Luke.”

Luke Why is he bringing him up right now

“The boy goes around banging all the women who are past their marriageable age! All the single women in the village have either slept with him or are planning to sleep with him! Why haven’t the Goddesses burned him alive”


I had heard rumors about Luke being a womanizer.

Despite being about fourteen to fifteen years old, he went around hunting women like the incarnation of lust.

I turned slightly to see Luke on the other side of the town hall surrounded by women and smiling.

Luke was originally the protagonist of the game.

Naturally, he was so handsome that you wouldn’t believe that he was from a slash-and-burn village.

He was so handsome that it was like a Greek sculpture was walking around on its own.

Soft, curly hair, a smooth forehead, a sharp nose, and the eyes of a revolutionist that looked cheerful but could become serious at a moment’s notice.

His mouth gave off a special atmosphere that made it feel like he was going to promise you a good time, and his voice had a pleasant baritone pitch to it after he went through puberty.

He was also skilled at night activities because he received ‘personal training’ from Jeremi for a few years.

Adding to this, he also received my favor and became the vice-captain of my territory’s civil militia.

Despite only being 15 years old.

Hm, he quite literally had a pampered life.

The girls in our land had to grow up with Luke as their standard.

Naturally, normal-looking men wouldn’t be enough for them now.

I turned my head back.

On the other hand, Parsi who was supposedly Vice-Captain Luke’s rival…….

“What Why are you looking at me like that”

An overbearing bear with hair all over his body.

……As a Demon Lord, it’s hard for me to cry about things, but this is making me cry.

“Lord, at this rate, I’ll die single.”

Parsi pleaded to me desperately.

“Even if I were to die, I want to do so while holding my adorable daughter in my arms! Please find a partner for me from somewhere far away!”

“Parsi, let me say this to you not as your Lord, but as a fellow man.”

I put my hand on Parsi’s shoulder.

“It’s easier to give up.

Aren’t there a bunch of brothels at Viminal Hill You can try getting one or two lovers over there…….”


In the end, Parsi let out a frantic cry.

It was the anger of a virgin.

That’s right.

He’s a virgin.

Despite his rugged appearance, Parsi had a clear sense of virtue, so he was very stubborn about only having his first time with the person who was going to be his wife…….

What a pitiful man.

He’s pushing hardship on himself.

At that moment, I heard a mocking tone come from the side.

“A lord who openly recommends the red-light district to one of his citizens.

Your morals have surely hit rock bottom.”

It was Saintess Jacqueline Longwy.

She was wearing a pure white priest outfit.

It felt like I was being interrupted while having a conversation with a friend, so I gave a bitter response.

“……Have you been enjoying the banquet”


I was surprised to learn that, contrary to their Lord’s personality, a citizen of yours has a rather pleasant personality and a deep sense of faith.”

Why was this lady acting like this in front of Parsi

To the public, the Saintess and I are known to have a very firm bond.

Parsi may be my vassal, but it was still risky to show our bad relationship to him.

I glared at her strongly.

Saintess Longwy feigned indifference as she smiled gently at Parsi.

“Parsi, correct I am Jacqueline Longwy, a humble servant who serves Goddess Athena.

I heard that, despite your young age, you arbitrate for all sorts of matters throughout this fief.

I have often heard about your prestige and always admired you.”


Parsi was bewildered.

His cheeks were bright red.

……What a virgin.

He turns into a simpleton the moment a pretty woman throws him a compliment.

“Heaven forbid! I am nothing more than His Lordship’s subordinate! Please do not speak so highly of me.”


I just happened to overhear your conversation with His Highness.”

The Saintess covered her mouth with one hand and giggled.

Parsi stared at her blankly.

Sheesh, talk about being head over heels.

“I also believe that one should naturally maintain their purity until marriage.

Not only do you splendidly carry out the duty of nobles, but you are also faithful to the duty given to us by the Gods.

I could not help but be moved by this.”

“Uh, well, I…….”

The redness in Parsi’s cheeks didn’t stop there as his entire face turned into an apple.

His eyes darted around for a while before he finally let out an, ‘Ah’.

“T-There is something that I must inform the other village chiefs! Please excuse me!”

Parsi ran off.

My God.

Was that really your best excuse, Parsi Was your brain unable to think of a better excuse I am ashamed as your lord…….

I let out a sigh.

“Do you enjoy teasing an innocent man”

“It is a lot more enjoyable than dealing with a Demon Lord like you.”


Do not mess around with Parsi.”

Saintess Longwy stared at me.

Choosing to feign ignorance, huh

“I am saying that you shouldn’t try to turn Parsi into an informant for Brittany.

Parsi may look gentle, but he is someone whom I, Dantalian, chose as my proxy.

Do you understand what this means”

“……That he shouldn’t be underestimated.”

I raised the corners of my mouth.

“Do you think Parsi was really acting that way because he could not find a marriage partner He knows his position.

If Parsi gets married to an influential family in one of the villages, then there is a risk of his village gaining too much power.

That is why he has been maintaining his purity.”

“But he was complaining to you…….”

“He was asking me to find him a partner from outside the region.”

He wanted a wife from somewhere that had no connections here.

Parsi did complain jokingly, but that’s just his personality.

He didn’t want to get married to an influential family; however, all the normal villagers who could potentially become his wife were all taken by Luke.

This was unfair.

What was so bad about him ……This was the context of our dialogue.

“‘From somewhere far away’, is where he said he wanted his partner to be from.

Those words did not come out by accident or anything.”

The Saintess closed her mouth.

Saintess Longwy had followed me back to my territory, but there was a political reason for this.

If she was going to get swung around by me anyway, she wanted to keep an eye on me at the same time.

Queen Henrietta probably ordered her to do this.

Publicly, she was here to be in charge of the Temple of Athena once it was built on my land.

I obviously welcomed her with open arms since it meant that a huge religious-political figure was voluntarily walking into my land.

She probably tossed Parsi that amorous glance earlier because she was trying to figure out a weakness in my territory.

I’d be glad if she didn’t underestimate me.

I don’t make just anyone my vassal.

“Well, we gladly welcome you.

I suggest forgetting about scheming for today and just enjoy the banquet.

Please also bless my people.

That is your duty.”

“……Very well, then.”

I held out a glass.

The Saintess carefully clinked her glass against mine.

“For the bright future of the Goddess.”

“For the safety of the people.”

I drank my wine as I glanced around the hall.

I suddenly realized that I couldn’t see one of my executives.

I only remembered because I saw Luke.

Thinking about it now, I haven’t seen Daisy since earlier.


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