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F-rank Dungeon


After that, I used my [Lock-On] skill to one-sidedly defeat the high orc that respawning by shooting petty [Magic Arrow] from outside the boss room, I went to cash in the corpse and came back home to an empty house.

“Phew~ I’m tired!”

As I entered the house, I went to the sofa in the living room and rolled on the sofa.

I’ve been through so much today that my body and head are exhausted.

I want to go to bed.

“But there are still things I want to do.”

After muttering this, I take out my phone from the [Item Box].

I check out the F-rank dungeon.

And information about the multiple rank F dungeons that showed up like “The F-rank Dungeon Strategies!”  “How to Defeat Monsters!” on the video site Poutube.

These two are the knowledge and information I need to become stronger.

Especially when it comes to how to beat monsters, it’s the most important thing in a solo fight.

“Now, which dungeon should I choose”

There is, of course, a reason why I am looking into F-rank dungeons and not E-rank dungeons like the one I just dived into.



Amamiya Kaede

Level 84

HP: 860/860 MP: 440/440

Attack Power: 156( 52)

Defense: 106( 12)

Agility: 156( 57)

Dexterity: 256( 147)

Mental Strength: 241 ( 152)

Luck: 50

BP: 0

SP: 30

Skills: [Magic Arrow Lv.10] [Archery Lv.5] [Hawk Eye Lv.2] [Item Box Lv.1] [Capture Lv.1


I see the opened status window.

The item to check is MP.

My current MP is 440.

So even if I use all of my MP, I can use [Magic Arrow] 22 times.

In contrast, the number of [Magic Arrow] used for a single high orc is about 10.

That will change if I hit a high orc’s weak point, such as the back of the head, neck, or left chest where its heart is located because the damage will increase, but even so, it will change once.

But even so, it would only change once.

What I am trying to say is.

“Even if I can defeat a high orc unilaterally, you can’t do it with just two of them.”

Something like that.

There’s not enough MP by far!

Even if the high orcs have high defense and strength, it is too inefficient to defeat them unless I hit them ten times with [Magic Arrow].

My MP only recovers about 60 per hour, so once my MP runs out, I won’t be able to defeat a high orc until about four hours have passed.

That means that even if I stay in the dungeon for a day, I will only be able to kill about five high orcs.

That would be a disaster, so I decided to go to an F-rank dungeon, which is one rank lower than the E-rank dungeon because its defense would surely be lower than the E-rank dungeon.

So I scrolled through the screen of my phone for a while looking for a dungeon that looked good.

……Oh, this dungeon looks good.

“Okay! I’ve decided!”


The next day.

“So this is the dungeon in the marsh.”

I had come to a dungeon in the marsh, about three train stops away from my house.

This dungeon was not a cave dungeon like the dungeons I had been to before.

But a dungeon with a marshy area, just like its name implies.

And because of the wetlands and the monsters that appear in the dungeon, it is a very unpopular dungeon.

As proof, ten o’clock on Sunday is when people are most likely to come to the dungeon, but I could not see a single person.

“Well, I don’t care about that.

I mean, it’s convenient.”

No one is around, so they won’t know if I’m doing something weird.

No one will complain if I occupy the boss for a while.

“Alright! Once that’s decided, let’s get going!”

I enter the dungeon in high spirits.

My equipment was the same as yesterday, a wooden bow and leather armor to protect my left chest.

And leather armor to protect my left chest.

It’s like this.

The rest is a leather cage and leg armor, but I left them behind because I don’t think they will be able to keep up with the fight here.

Even if I had them, they weren’t useful against the monsters this time.

And so I went to the first level of Marsh Dungeon.

“Let’s see.

I’m pretty sure the boss room is ……”

Ignore that!

I’ll go through all the monsters that appear before I get to the boss room!

The objective this time is the boss, so once I find the boss room, I’ll use [Lock-On] and shoot the boss as I did with the high orcs, so there’s no need to fight anything other than the boss.

There is no point in fighting monsters in this dungeon.

“I’ve already checked out the route to the boss room on Poutube.”

I had already checked the route to the boss room of the Marsh Dungeon yesterday.

So I could proceed to the boss room without hesitation.

I can’t reconfirm the route because I can’t use my phone.

After all, there is no signal inside the dungeon, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’m sure it will be fine!

“It doesn’t work when you say ……, doesn’t it ……”

I look at the slime in front of the stairs and sigh.

I’m on the second floor now.

And in front of me is the stairs to the third floor where the boss’s room is.

The slime was standing in front of the staircase, pulling and shaking itself, as if to say it would not let me pass through the stairs.

It was just a coincidence because slime doesn’t have an ego.

“Oh well.

Let’s take it down quickly.”

If it’s as I’ve read on Poutube and the internet, the slime should have a magic stone at its core.

“Oh, is that it”

Around the belly I guess.

If I look closely there, I will see a round sphere.

That’s the magic stone.

If I break it, that should be enough to defeat the slime.

“Well then, be my guest.”

Then I made a transparent arrow with my [Magic Arrow] and held up my bow.


I aim at that round sphere.


I let out a short, sharp voice and released the arrow.

The arrow goes straight for the sphere and hits it.

When the arrow destroys the slime’s sphere, the slime also loses its shape and turns into a mere liquid.

The liquid then spreads on the ground as it is and mixes with the water in the marsh.

“Oh… So this is how it happens.”

I can’t recover the magic stone because the nucleus, which is the magic stone, has been destroyed and defeated.

The only thing that I can recover is this liquid.

Well, since it mixed with the water in the marsh, there’s no way to retrieve it.

“Well, there’s no need to collect it this time.”

If this was a quest to collect slime corpses, I’m sure I’ll be pissed off.

I went down the stairs to the next floor.

The next level is the third level.

If the information is correct, this level should be the boss room.

“Oh, there it is!”

After a short walk from the stairs, I found a big door.

This place is not a marshy area up to the second floor, but a cavern, just like a cave-type dungeon.

Yeah, it looks like a definite one.

There’s a door like every other dungeon, and this is the boss room.


No monsters are blocking my entry like the slime I saw earlier, so I guess I’ll go in quickly.

I slowly enter the boss room with the door open.

Once inside, the place is just as marshy as before, the air is damp, and the ground is soggy.

There are puddles here and there and a few swamps.

But even though it was the boss’s room, I couldn’t see it anywhere.

“I knew it, but this is going to be unpopular.”

I chose an unpopular dungeon this time, and this is why this dungeon is unpopular.

As the name suggests, this marshy dungeon has a marshy environment, so the footing is poor and the air is damp.

In addition, slimes attack from puddles and swamps.

That’s why it’s strange that slimes don’t have an ego… I’m definitely aiming for it.

That’s not an exception for the mega slime, the boss of this marshy dungeon.

“Well, it doesn’t work for me because of [Lock-On].”

Indeed, I can’t see mega slime right now, but it can’t escape my [capture].

“I found it!”

My gaze naturally turns to the swamp at an angle to the right.

The distance is about 50 meters, I guess.

I would have missed it before I got the [Lock-On] skill, but now it’s far enough for me to hit it.


I shoot again with a short, sharp voice.

The arrow goes straight into the swamp and sinks into it.

It would have been easier if it had hit the nucleus of the mega slime.

“Well, it’s not that easy.”

The moment I muttered that.

Boom! The surface of the water rose with a sound.

The place where my arrow sank into the swamp was, of course, the place where the arrow came up.


There’s a huge slime that looked like it’s a super slime.

I’ve never actually seen it before, but it’s about 5 meters in size.

“[Lock-On] …… okay.

Then run away!”

At the same time as I shout, I run with all my might from the spot.

I won’t lose even if I fight head-on, but if I can attack in a safe zone, it’s better than fighting head-on.

I’ve already confirmed the nucleus of the mega slime, so there’s no problem running away!

If I can get out of the boss’s room.

I’ll get an easy win.

Well, the mega slime is not that fast compared to my agility status, so I  go to the door and escape from the boss room.

After I get out, the door closes so mega slime can recover the damage from one of my shots.

“Alright! Operation succeeded!”

If I can escape from the boss’s room, it’s all mine.

I used my [Magic Arrow] again to create an invisible arrow and attached it to my bow.

Then I aim at the door and.



The arrow flew with a whoosh toward the door as I aimed.

The arrow slips through the door and enters the boss’s room.

-Level increased by 1-

“…… Good!”

The sound of the level-up notification was heard, which meant that the arrow had hit the slime’s nucleus.

But still, I can aim at the fine points after all.

I caught the nucleus before it ran away, but it was only a single hit, so it seems to have been effective.

Then, the door to the boss’s room opened with the sound of the level-up notification.

Well, I can’t retrieve the magic stone this time because I destroyed it, and I don’t need the corpse because of its liquid, so I won’t enter the boss room until it repawn again.

“Even so, twice”

I used the [Magic Arrow] twice per mega slime.

I only

used it once to lure them out and once to kill them.

In other words, I can defeat a mega slime twenty-two more times if I were me right now.

No, considering the natural recovery of MP, can I go a little further

“I wonder how much my level will increase if I do this.”

With such expectations in mind, I entered the boss’s room after the door opened again, and took on the boss.


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