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“When this Bucky comes, I want to see what ability he has.”

After reading Buckys introduction, Wexford was also very curious about his Devil Fruit ability.

According to the situation in this original world, no matter how strong he was, he could not sit to the level of a Pirate King.

But in the world of Sakazuki, Bucky did it.

When he left the warehouse, Wexford also understood why Sakazuki had left Bucky in the Sabaody Archipelago.

When he was in the 996 parallel world, Sakazuki and Bucky had this kind of relationship.

“Captain, there seems to be a fight at the square.” Just as Wexford pulled his consciousness back to reality, Shanks ran to his side quickly and pointed in the direction of the square outside the palace.

“A fight”

After hearing what Shanks said, Wexford left the throne and walked out of the palace.

Although the ground outside the palace could not see what was happening in the square directly, the voice from the square could still be heard.


When Wexford walked to the edge of the flat ground outside the palace, there was another crash from the square.

After the impact, a huge figure suddenly rose from the square.

“Pica” When this person only revealed half of his figure, Wexford had already recognized this person.

In this Dressrosa, other than the Ishi Ishi no Mi user Pica, who else had the ability to become so huge

Even the giants Buffalo were absolutely unable to grow to this size.

If Pica was facing an ordinary pirate, Picas size and the hardness of the Ishi Ishi no Mi made him invincible.

But Picas opponent this time was Wexford and his crew.

In this pirate group, besides the former subordinates of Bucky, the rest of the crew were non-human beings.

No matter who attacked, Pica was absolutely no match for them.

And in the face of the giant created by the huge Ishi Ishi no Mi, the first one to attack was Garp.

When he was fighting with the Beast Pirates, Garp only threw two shells from a distance.

The short battle made Garps fighting enthusiasm unable to be vented, and now there was a target to vent, of course, Garp wouldnt let it go.

So, before the stone giant controlled by Pica was formed, Garp jumped into the air and punched toward Pica in the air.

The loud noise that Wexford heard when he walked out of the palace was the sound of Garp punching the stone giant.

Under Garps attack, the right leg of the stone giant was directly broken, and the stone giant had lost its support point.

As the right leg was destroyed by Garp, Pica, who was still growing, suddenly fell to the back.


In front of the giant, Rosinante, who didnt participate in the battle, looked at Doflamingo, but he didnt call him brother.

Although Rosinante didnt finish his words, Doflamingo smiled, he seemed to understand his brothers meaning.

So when Rosinante finished his words, Doflamingo raised his hand and condensed a large number of white lines around the stone giant.

And with the gentle pull of Doflamingos hands, the stone giant that was falling down was cut by the white lines, when the stones fell to the ground, they became small stones as thick as a thumb.

The original body of the stone giant, Ishi Ishi no Mi user, Pica, was tied up by a ball of color and fell straight to the direction of the dock.

After Garp and the others dealt with the stone giant that suddenly appeared, Doflamingo, who had just subdued Pica, took a step forward and said to the pinkhimself in front of him, “It seems that you are not ready to submit”

When Doflamingo finished this sentence, the others immediately took a fighting posture.

But before they could do anything, Doflamingo stopped the action of his family members, “Since you want to get rid of us, then the Donquixote Family will not surrender.”

After that, Doflamingo used his fruit abilityTorikago.

When this move was used by Doflamingo, Doflamingo immediately knew what the other side was going to do.

Although he was not from the original world, but in Doflamingos own world, he also made a bird cage in Dressrosa.

Because of this reason, he knew what the other side was going to do after just a glance.

But before he could remind Katakuri, Rosinante and the others around him, the pink clothed Doflamingo in the original world controlled the newly appeared puppet and turned the head of the puppet into a crater.

A large number of threads quickly sprayed out from the mouth of the crater.

As these transparent threads were sprayed into the air, these threads extended like a meteor shower around Dressrosa.

After these threads continued to expand, an invisible bird cage began to form above Dressrosa.

“Huh Just the simplest bird cage” The Black Doflamingo, who had made thebirdcage himself, showed a puzzled expression when he saw it gradually taking shape.

It was reasonable to say that the complete bird cage was very terrifying, and its sharp threads could cut through any object.

As long as it was wrapped in the bird cage, it would basically become his possession.

However, this birdcage was still very simple.

Moreover, the other party seemed to be a little unfamiliar and did not display the full power of the birdcage.

“Is that so” After thinking it through, the Black Doflamingo smiled.

He had been preparing to use a move to stop the formation of the bird cage, but now it seemed that he no longer needed it.

At this time, the Black Doflamingo simply raised his hand.

He did not even use the silk doll, and a large number of transparent threads rapidly approached the bird cage next to the Black Doflamingo.

When the Black cDoflamingos threads touched the bird cage, they instantly seized control of the bird cage from the hands of the Pink Doflamingo of the original world.


After losing control of the bird cage, Doflamingo looked up at the bird cage above his head in shock.

Is that guy really the same as me Even the bird cage is the same

The current Doflamingo even doubted whether the other party was his own copy.

If the Devil Fruit ability and appearance could be similar or fake, then how did thebird cage that he had never seen before be known by the other party

The only possibility was that the person with the ability of the Ito Ito no Mi was the other him.

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