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Tianhuang Mainland.

It had been more than 2,000 years since the Eternal Martial Emperor ascended.

As the paragons and monster incarnates of that generation ascended one after another, that era had already come to an end.

Time passed and times changed.

Although it was only slightly more than 2,000 years, because of the coexistence of the ten thousand races created by the Eternal Martial Emperor and the flourishing of the Martial Dao, countless paragons appeared in Tianhuang Mainland.

However, because of the battle of the ten thousand races and the Blood Fiend catastrophe, too many experts of the ten thousand races died.

If Tianhuang Mainland wanted to truly recover to its peak, it would have to recuperate for a long time.

Nobody in Tianhuang Mainland knew that the Martial Dao Prime Body was still in the lower world.

At that moment, the Martial Dao Prime Body was searching for treasures in an unknown minor chiliocosm when he suddenly paused and sensed something.

The Martial Dao Prime Body turned to look in the direction of Tianhuang Mainland and frowned slightly.

He had left behind a few spirit consciousnesses in Tianhuang Mainland and sensed a commotion!

“Did something happen”

The Martial Dao of Tianhuang Mainland flourished and the ten thousand races coexisted.

Even the primordial races of the past no longer had the same edge.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be any threat.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body pondered for a moment and was still worried, deciding to return to Tianhuang Mainland.

The minor chiliocosm he was in was far away from Tianhuang Mainland.

It would take some time for him to cross the void if he wanted to return.

Tianhuang Mainland, Extreme West.

Suddenly, an incomparably powerful energy fluctuation came from the skies of the Kunlun Ruins!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A loud bang reverberated through the clouds and the minor chiliocosm of Tianhuang Mainland trembled slightly!

The four regions and one continent shook.

The three oceans created raging tides!

Experts of Penglai Island and Divine Phoenix Island came out of seclusion one after another.

Most of the experts of Tianhuang Mainland sensed something as well and figures appeared in midair one after another, looking towards the west.

A terrifying energy fluctuation burst forth from the skies of the Kunlun Ruins.

Immediately after, cracks sounded from the world as though something had shattered.

The next moment, blinding golden lights burst forth from the direction of the Kunlun Ruins and illuminated the world!


The expressions of the experts of Tianhuang Mainland changed as they gasped.

If they were not wrong, only a single race could release such a golden light and powerful aura.

The God race!

Furthermore, there was a spatial node in the Kunlun Ruins that was connected to Gods Mainland.

In that case, there was a high chance that the terrifying cracking sound earlier on was the seal of this spatial node that was shattered by the God race!

The God race had invaded once more!

Tianhuang Mainland was shaken!

“The situation is critical.

Wheres the Luo Emperor”

A shout sounded from midair above Tianhuang Mainland.

Nobody replied.

“Where are the other Emperors of Immortal Martial Sect”

“Im not sure,”

The Emperors and Patriarchs of the various races appeared in midair with bewildered expressions.

Among them, Leng Rou, Little Fatty, Shi Jian and Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak came out of seclusion one after another and arrived in midair.

Leng Rou and the other three had yet to reach the Emperor realm but they had already entered the Ancestor realm.

Emperors and Patriarchs of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects appeared.

Among the primordial races, the Witch race was destroyed in the battle of the ten thousand races and the Blood Vine race was destroyed by Dao Lord Blood Fiend.

Right now, there were only six primordial races remaining—the Dragon, Barbarian, Kun, Heavenly Eye, Rakshasa and Golden Crow races.

The Emperors of the Primordial Six Races had already appeared.

The Emperors of the Dragon race, the Blue Dragon Emperor and Cloud Dragon Emperor, were old friends of the Martial Emperor in the past.

The Blue Dragon Emperor was Long Cang, the five-clawed divine dragon.

The Cloud Dragon Emperor was once the mount of the Martial Emperor, Solitary Cloud.

Long Ran had already ascended and the current Dragon race was led by Blue Dragon Emperor and Cloud Dragon Emperor.

“Everyone, come to Heavenly Secrets Palace for a meeting first!”

Right then, a voice sounded in everyones ears.

The voice came from this generations storyteller.

The storyteller of this generation was once Lin Xuanjis disciple and had already entered the Emperor realm.

The Emperors of the ten thousand races tore through the void and descended in Heavenly Secrets Palace.

“What happened”

The Barbarian Emperor frowned.

“The God Empress of the God race has an extremely good relationship with the Eternal Martial Emperor.

Why would she suddenly break the seal and barge into Tianhuang Mainland”

The God Empress that the Barbarian Emperor was referring to was Nian Qi.

Little Fatty shook his head.

“Given Nian Qis talent and cultivation, she should have ascended to the upper world a long time ago.

The God Empress of Gods Mainland right now should be someone else.”

“What should we do now Theres no sign of the Luo Emperor.

Ive just checked on Immortal Martial Sect and its almost empty,”

The storyteller looked at everyone and asked in a deep voice.

The Luo Emperor was an expert that had risen in the past thousand years.

His name was Luo Ao and he had broken the norm by cultivating both the Immortal and Martial Daos while possessing a spirit root.

His cultivation was unprecedented and he eventually became an Emperor!

It could be said that after the Martial Emperor Era, the Luo Emperor was the most dazzling monster incarnate!

Immortal Martial Sect established by the Luo Emperor recruited more than half of the Martial Dao practitioners in Tianhuang Mainland and became the largest sect and faction in Tianhuang Mainland!

Under normal circumstances, for something like this to happen in Tianhuang Mainland, the Luo Emperor should have stood out and led the ten thousand races of Tianhuang Mainland to defend against external enemies.

He was the only one with the prestige and strength.

But now that the Luo Emperor was gone and Immortal Martial Sect was empty, everyone was at a loss.

The Cloud Dragon Emperor had a grim expression.

“The God race is menacing this time round.

They probably wont let things go.”

In the primordial era, the God race invaded Tianhuang Mainland and was hunted down by the Divine Hou race in the Kunlun Ruins, suffering immense losses.

In reality, there was an irreconcilable blood feud between the two continents!

It was only because of Nian Qi in the Eternal Martial Emperor Era that the relationship between the two continents eased.

“Now that Nian Qi has ascended and a new Emperor is born on Gods Mainland, theres probably no longer any reservations,”

Ji Chengtian said in a deep voice.

The Blue Dragon Emperor said in a deep voice, “We have no way out and can only fight!”

“Theres going to be another unprecedented battle in Tianhuang Mainland.

At that time, there will be rivers of blood and countless living beings will be destroyed.


Furthermore, the outcome of this battle is unpredictable,” The storyteller sighed.

Tianhuang Mainland had yet to recover from the battle of the ten thousand races and the Blood Fiend catastrophe.

Now, they were about to face such a calamity.

“Its not impossible,”

Shi Jian said, “For the past 2,000 years, the Martial Dao has flourished and almost all the living beings of Tianhuang Mainland can cultivate.

In terms of our top combat strength, we have the Luo Emperor holding down and presiding over everything.”

Everyone nodded.

At the same time, a bloody battle had already broken out in the Kunlun Ruins!

The God race army charged out of the rainbow cave in the Kunlun Ruins almost endlessly and every single one of them had a powerful aura.

The God race was innately strong like celestial beings.

The men were handsome while the women were peerlessly beautiful.

Every single one of the God race army wore armor and carried long swords on their waists.

Wielding spears, they charged continuously at the defense line of the Kunlun Ruins.

There were tens of thousands of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in the God race army alone!

Among them, there were more than a thousand Patriarchs of the God race!

That number was still increasing!

The Kunlun Ruins was guarded by the Kunlun race all year round.

However, they could not withstand the terrifying attacks of the God race.

The reason why the Kunlun Ruins of the primordial era could stop the God race army was because of the two Divine Hous.

More than 2,000 years ago, the reason why the God race could be stopped was because of the Martial Emperor and Night Spirit.

But now, there was only a group of Kunlun clansmen left guarding the Kunlun Ruins!

The defense line of the Kunlun Ruins could not last long!

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