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At noon the next day, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Qin Anming, Ruyi, and the others went back after dinner.

They wanted to stay for a while longer, but they were afraid that there would be checks at the entrance of the county.

The queue could last through the night, so they had better go back early.

Xiaoguo expressed her understanding and made them promise to visit again the next time.

She then sent them off along with Zhuang Zhuang.

Xiaoguo rubbed her eyes.

How she hated farewells.

It wasnt that they wouldnt meet again, but she still hated parting ways.

If Xiaoguo was feeling this way, it was even worse for Zhuang Zhuang.

He hugged Qin Anmings neck and refused to let go.

Qin Anming was filled with reluctance to leave.

He hugged Zhuang Zhuang and kept whispering to him.

Xiaoguo saw that it was getting late.

If they delayed any longer, it would definitely be dark when they got back to the restaurant.

“Zhuang Zhuang, since youre so reluctant, why dont you leave with Uncle.

Mother will visit you once every two days.”

Xiaoguo told Zhuang Zhuang from the side.

When the boy heard this, he sniffed and let go of Qin Anming.

“Uncle, take care.”

Although his uncle was important, his mother was even more so.

Qin Anming held back his words of comfort.

Zhuang Zhuang…

Xiaoguo took Zhuang Zhuang from him and waved goodbye to everyone.

When they were out of sight, she brought the boy home.

On the way home.

Zhuang Zhuang appeared upset.

Xiaoguo promised to bring him to Qin Anming two days later.

Under Zhuang Zhuangs doubtful gaze, Xiaoguo made endless promises until he eventually broke into laughter.

Xiaoguo heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the imaginary sweat off her face.

Children these days are too difficult to fool.

No! Too difficult to please.

At the end of the month, Xiaoguo was getting ready to drive to the county.

It was time to settle the accounts and it was in her plan to bring Zhuang Zhuang to visit his Uncle.

Just a few days ago, Zhuang Zhuang had been clamoring to look for his uncle.

Xiaoguo kept hurrying Zhuang Zhuang to leave the house.

She stood outside the door and waited to lock up.

As soon as Zhuang Zhuang came out, she locked the door.

Xiaoguo drove to the county with the boy.

As soon as she arrived at the market, she saw a group of people hanging around the bulletin board.

Although Xiaoguo was curious, she did not join in the crowd and walked around them instead.

As soon as she arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, she saw that it was not as crowded as usual.

Xiaoguo thought it was strange and got out of the car with Zhuang Zhuang.

As soon as she entered, she saw everyone seated in the shop.

Qin Anming saw Xiaoguo first and took Zhuang Zhuang from her arms so that she could sit down.

When she saw that everyone seemed calm and collected, she felt relieved.

“Why isnt the shop open today”

Ruyi answered Xiaoguo, “Its the new emperors coronation day today.

All the shops will be closed for a day as a blessing for the new emperor.”

Xiaoguo was shocked.

A new emperor As expected, the small village was isolated from all the latest news.

Even if the world changed hands, she would not have found out.

“We only found out when we saw the notice yesterday.”

Qin Anming said from the side.

Xiaoguo remembered that she saw something earlier.

Was it at the place where she saw people crowding around

“A day off is perfect.

Everyone can relax.”

Ruyi stretched lazily at the side.

Everyone had been busy for so many days and had not had a good rest.

Uncle Xu began to fiddle with his abacus.

Then he handed over the money jar and account book to Ruyi.

Xiaoguo wasnt the only one getting paid today, everyone was also collecting their salary at the end of the month.

Ruyi gave the others their money first.

The salary that Ruyi gave them was double that of the current market rate.

Since the shop was doing well, Ruyi felt that she should not treat her staff poorly.

She was happy to give them a bonus every month on top of their basic salary.

This was a form of reward for everyones consistent hard work.

After handing out the money, the girls were asked to take a break.

After they left, Ruyi settled the accounts with Xiaoguo and Qin Anming.

“This is for you, Sister Xiaoguo.

Its seventy-six taels and fifty coins.”

Ruyi handed over a heavy money bag.

Xiaoguo did not open it.

She took it and held it in her arms.

“This is for you, Brother Anming.

Its thirty-eight taels of silver and two coins, plus a months salary of two taels of silver.

So the total is forty taels of silver and two coins.”

Qin Anming took it and put it away.

At first, he wanted to let Xiaoguo keep it for him, but she refused.

She said that he was old enough and it was high time for him to get married.

Qin Anming blushed and stole a glance at Ruyi.

Coincidentally, their eyes met in that instant.

Both of them blushed and looked away at the same time.

Xiaoguo saw them exchanging glances and hid a smile.

It seemed that her silly brother had been enlightened.

In order to let them have a good days rest, Xiaoguo did not stay too long at the shop even though Zhuang Zhuang was keen to hang around.

After saying goodbye, she took Zhuang Zhuang and left.

Its no joke.

If Zhuang Zhuang was to stay, he would definitely pester Qin Anming for the entire day.

If Qin Anming wanted to spend time with Ruyi, he wouldnt have the chance to do so, let alone taking a break.

“So, my dear son, for the sake of your uncles happiness, you should go home with me.” 

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