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Badis body fell to the ground.

Sargeras kicked him to the ground and punched him!


The mountains in the forest were frozen, and a straight ice river appeared on the ground, charging straight at Badis!

Badis stopped acting and released the two super skills ofHeavenly Judgment.

The power released by the skill was enough to offset all the impact of power.

“D*mmit! Badis, Im going to make you die a terrible death! Ill let you taste all the pain!”

Seeing that Badis was lucky enough to escape again, Sargeras growled in anger!

“Oh, really” Badis sneered.

A blue pearl appeared in his hand.

Sargeras pupils contracted when he saw the blue pearl.

“A Divine Orb This is the treasure of your Sky City!”

“Not bad, Sargeras.

Youre very smart to know it.

If you kneel down and beg for mercy, I might let you go.”

Sargeras shook his head.

“Im sorry.

I dont believe in any god.

I dont need to believe.

So, your divine arts are meaningless to me!”

Upon hearing this, Badis face turned gloomy.

“If thats the case, then go to h*ll!”

He activated his divine power, and the Divine Orb bloomed with bright light.

“Divine Grace: Divine Judgment!”

Golden lightning appeared on the surface of the Divine Orb.

“Divine Judgement! The power of Divine Judgement! Sargeras, you will be punished by God!” Badis roared madly!


In the next moment, the oracle descended!

A dazzling light burst out of Sargeras body and wrapped him up!

“Argh! I curse you, Sargeras! I curse you to be punished by God and die!” Badis shouted madly.



Countless bolts of golden lightning struck Sargeras body.

His body was scorched black, and his clothes were in tatters, but he still stood upright.

“Sargeras, how can you be so cowardly”

Badis eyes were wide open.

His Divine Judgement had no effect

The Divine Judgement that he was so proud of was actually ineffective

How did this happen

This was completely beyond Badis expectations, and it was far beyond the imagination of the others.

“Hahahaha, the power of Divine Judgement is truly ironic!”Sargeras looked up to the sky and roared.

Divine Judgement was a punishment for blasphemers.

However, in the war between the gods, it was used by the gods as one of the killing moves against the other gods.

“Badis, do you still remember what I said You bunch of self-proclaimed orthodox false gods are not worthy of being called gods!”Sargeras cursed.”You are just a bunch of clowns! Your god is not qualified to be compared with me!”

“Now, a new god is about to be born in the Abyss Alliance.

Your end is coming!”

“And you bunch of ant-like false gods are destined to be trampled under my feet!”Sargeras roared.

“Youre dreaming, Sargeras!”

Badis gritted his teeth and said, “You cant transform again! You have no chance!”

“You have failed! Its a complete failure!”

Badis eyes were filled with hatred.

“Hahahahaha! I dont have a chance” Sargeras laughed.

“Then, let me see what you bunch of trash can do to stop me!”

“Hehe, you still want to kill me Youre simply delusional!”

Badis laughed coldly.

He pulled his long blade out and slashed it toward Sargeras head.

Sargeras stared at the long blade with cold eyes.


He sneered and his body suddenly swayed.

With a clatter, the long spear grazed Badis head.

In the end, Badis was still no match for him.

After all, he was seriously injured, and it was already his limit to be able to withstand a few moves.


The moment Badis was about to be hit, Ye Feng made his move!

He waved his hand, and a terrifying force pushed Sargeras away.

“What” Sargeras was shocked.

He had never thought that his attack would be pushed away by an ordinary mortal!

“Who are you Why are you blocking me” Sargeras was furious, and his aura was changing constantly.

“Hehe, youre about to become a dead soul.

Do you still need to know my name” Ye Feng said coldly.

At the same time, he released an extremely powerful aura.

Ye Feng, who had three types of power at the same time, had reached a whole new level of control over his power.

Even if the other party was a Beyond A grade, Ye Feng was not afraid.

After all, he was already at A grade, so how could he not be able to kill someone of a higher class

“Brat, youre very arrogant! Accept your death!” Sargeras roared angrily, and the surrounding environment was instantly distorted to a certain extent.

Ye Fengs perception was extremely sensitive.

After all, he had already reached the divine perception realm.

He could clearly sense the flow of the elements in the surroundings.

He was naturally very sensitive to such a large-scale fluctuation.

“Brother, be careful.

That guy is releasing his domain!” Badis reminded him.

Although he was heavily injured, he still tried his best to help Ye Feng.

He did not know which side Ye Feng was on, but since he had helped him, he was definitely not on the other side.

“Alright, find a place to rest.” Ye Feng instructed.

He waved his hand and released a group of Slimes, enveloping Badis.

The moment Slimes came into contact with Badis, he suddenly quivered.

At the same time, the aura on his body was constantly recovering.

‘This Slime has the ability to recover! Badis was shocked.

He did not expect a Slime to have such a function.

Ye Feng saw that Badis had accepted this setting, so he focused all his attention on Sargeras.

“Come on!” Ye Feng shouted in anger.

He summoned the Slime Blade in his left hand and the God-Slaying Blade in his right hand.

With both blades in his hands, Ye Fengs aura instantly increased by several times!


The first clash only lasted for an instant, and the two white lights came into contact in an instant.

It didnt take more than a second before they all retreated.

“Youre overestimating yourself.

Although youre not strong, youre quite confident.

Ill give you a chance.

If you beg for mercy, Ill consider sparing your life.

Otherwise, Ill tear you apart and eat you!” Sargeras said viciously.

Ye Feng grinned.

“I said, Im here to send you to h*ll.”

The moment he finished speaking, the two blades in Ye Fengs hands slashed through the air, leaving behind an afterimage.

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