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13 – Interception

“Eh! It seems that I can understand things easier.

Have I become smarter”

The next day, when Shu Feng was studying at school, he clearly felt that things that had been difficult for him to understand have become much easier to understood.

Shu Feng mused happily, “That should be due to the increase in the intelligence attribute!”

Every morning, Shu Feng checks his physical constitution after he wakes up.

After cultivating the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method for several days, Shu Feng’s physical constitution improved a lot.

“Shu Feng.”

“Strength 7.1, agility 8.2, defense 7.3, physique 8.2, intelligence 10.6, psyche 8.7.”

 (Strength 6.4, agility 7.5, defense 6.5, physique 7.2, intelligence 10.1, psyche 8.2 — previous values)

Shu Feng looked at his attributes and raised the corners of his mouth into a slightly smile: “Compared to the average adult, my physical constitution is still quite lacking.

However, as long as I keep cultivating, I will become stronger.”

After awakening his spirit ability, Shu Feng felt that he was getting stronger every day.

Every day was full of hope and motivation.

In the afternoon, after school ended.

Since Ding Xiaoxue had something to do, Shu Feng went home alone.

“Shu Feng, stop right there!”

Soon after Shu Feng left the school grounds, three people came to him.

The leader of the group of three is Xu Gang.

“Shu Feng, come with us to the river!”

The tall and handsome Xu Gang walked up to Shu Feng and said with a cold smile.

Wang Mo and Zhou Changfeng came forward and cut off Shu Feng’s path of escape.


Shu Feng glanced at Big Black quietly following beside him and uttered indifferently.

“That’s Xu Gang and Shu Feng! Where are they going”

A beautiful girl dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, with a ponytail and a valiant aura, saw Shu Feng walking towards the river from afar and creased her slim eyebrows.

This beautiful girl is Zhuo Qianlei, class 57’s class beauty.

Her father is the captain of the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Ever since she was little, she had a strong sense of justice.

She is one of Ding Xiaoxue’s few friends.

She has crossed paths with Shu Feng a few times before.

“Are the three of them going to bully Shu Feng I can’t let them do that to a friend of Xiaoxue!”

Zhuo Qianlei raised her slim eyebrows and followed after them.

A small river called Leijiang runs through Leijiang City.

A remote grassland next to the river Leijiang is a place where bad students of the neighboring schools gather to fight and bully people.

Xu Gang’s eyes flashed icily, and he threatened coldly, “Shu Feng, I’m warning you! Garbage like you doesn’t deserve to stay next to Ding Xiaoxue.

Stay away from her! Do you understand”

“Brother Gang, why are you talking so much with someone like him Just beat him up and he’ll behave!”

Wang Mo’s eyes glimmered fiercely, and he eagerly stepped forward and slapped at Shu Feng’s face.

As Xu Gang’s lackey, Wang Mo is more jealous of Shu Feng’s friendship with Ding Xiaoxue than Xu Gang.

That’s because he thinks that he’s family is much better than Shu Feng’s.

Yet Ding Xiaoxue made friends with this guy, who is a pauper in his eyes.

This filled him with jealousy.


Shu Feng slapped away Wang Mo’s right hand with his left hand, and then slapped Wang Mo in the face with his right hand.

Wang Mo’s face turned red at once.

Next, he kicked Wang Mo in the stomach.

Wang Mo clasped his stomach and rolled on the ground from pain.

Shu Feng uttered coldly, “Xu Gang, I’ve endured you for a long time, you good-for-nothing.

If you didn’t trouble me, I wouldn’t have bothered with a fool like you.

Ding Xiaoxue is free to make friends with whom she wants and so am I! Why are you butting in Who are you to butt in”

Xu Gang shouted angrily, “How dare you talk back to me! You pauper, you dare talk back to me You’re not as good looking an me, not as good at studying as me, not as good at sports as me, nor is you family as good as mine! You worthless trash, how dare you oppose me Changfeng, go beat him up! Beat him up so badly that his own mother won’t recognize him!”

Zhou Changfeng smiled malevolently and strode towards Shu Feng.

With his height of 1.8 meters, he is the tallest student in class 53.

Furthermore, he is very good at fighting.

He is the No.

1 thug under Xu Gang.

With a cold gaze in his eyes, Shu Feng faced Zhou Changfeng head on and sent a kick flying towards him.


Zhou Changfeng has rich fighting experience.

With a flash of contempt in his eyes, he extended his hands to grab Shu Feng’s leg.

Just then, Big Black knocked into Zhou Changfeng.

“What’s going on”

Zhou Changfeng only felt a sharp pain coming from his waist.

As if he was hit by a bicycle, he fell to the ground.

“Shu Feng defeated Zhou Changfeng How is this possible Zhou Changfeng is the strongest fighter in Leijiang No.

3 High School! How could he lose to Shu Feng”

Xu Gang was stunned and trembled.

He watched as Shu Feng approached him, and his eyes shimmered with the shade of fear.

With his outstanding background and the fighting expert Zhou Changfeng as his lil’ bro, Xu Gang has always been arrogant.

Until now, his group was the one beating up people.

But now Zhou Changfeng, his best fighter, was knocked down to the ground by Shu Feng, which filled him with fear.


Shu Feng slapped Xu Gang in the face, and a red palm print appeared on Xu Gang’s face.

“You hit me! Shu Feng, how dare you hit me! I’ll take you on!”

Xu Gang’s eyes glimmered with anger, and he sent a fist flying towards Shu Feng.

Xu Gang just moved, when Big Black knocked into him, slamming him into the ground.

Shu Feng kicked Xu Gang in the lower abdomen: “Xu Gang, you trash! I’ve endured you for a long time! Now I finally feel invigorated!”

Xu Gang hugged his stomach.

Wang Mo stealthily climbed up from the ground and rushed towards Shu Feng.

Big Black knocked into Wang Mo.

“What’s going on!”

Wang Mo felt a severe impact from his stomach.

He hugged his stomach, rolled on the ground, and twitched in pain.

“Stop it! Xu Gang, I already told the teacher…!”

Zhuo Qianlei shouted as soon as she appeared, and then was taken aback.

What’s going on Shouldn’t Shu Feng be bullied by Xu Gang’s group How did it turned into Shu Feng bullying Xu Gang’s group

With the hollow demon Big Black, who is invisible to ordinary people, at his back and call, Shu Feng was in an invincible position.

As such, he went ahead and beat up Xu Gang’s group of three.

Seeing Shu Feng, who is perfectly fine, beat up Xu Gang and company, Zhuo Qianlei shouted immediately, “Stop! Shu Feng, stop it! If you continue, I’ll tell the teacher!”

Shu Feng stopped and barked, “Scram! If you trouble me again, I will teach you a lesson.”

Xu Gang and company got up from the ground and left, cutting a sorry figure.”


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