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14 – Goblins

Zhuo Qianlei’s eyes glimmered with dissatisfaction, and she said, “Shu Feng, you know how to fight! Is it interesting to fight like a hooligan”

Shu Feng frowned slightly and uttered, “Zhuo Qianlei, it’s those three who wanted to fight me! Was I wrong in defending myself”

Zhuo Qianlei uttered discontentedly, “Then why didn’t you stop when you beat them This was clearly excessive self-defense!”

All of a sudden, Big Black took up a fighting stance, assumed an alert expression, and transmitted fluctuations of danger to Shu Feng.

“Are hollow demons coming”

Shu Feng’s expression changed greatly.

He took out his smart phone and dialed Zhou Yang’s number: “Captain, there are special fluctuations near Green Heels Road No.


Zhou Yang replied with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “I got it! Retreat at once.

Pay attention to your safety.

If anything happens, report immediately.”

Shu Feng saw a dark, twisting hole with a strange aura appeared out of thin air not far behind Zhuo Qianlei.

A monster about 1.2 meters tall, with green skin, pointed ears, and a long nose, wearing a pair of simple leather pants, and holding a short sword came out of the hole.

“Goblin! The fantasy creature Goblin!”

Shu Feng’s expression suddenly changed dramatically, and he rushed towards Zhuo Qianlei.

At the same time, he shouted, “Zhuo Qianlei, run away! There are monsters behind you! There are Goblins!”

Zhuo Qianlei uttered indifferently, “Monsters! Shu Feng, we’re already in the third year of middle school! It’s high time to leave the world of anime and fantasy and live in the real world! Your performance was over the top.

I’ll give you 5 points for it.”

In the next moment, a stench that is a mixture of body odor, fishy smell, bad breath, and various other odors rushed towards Zhuo Qianlei.

Zhuo Qianlei suddenly felt pain from her back.

Three impact forces erupted, knocking her to the ground.

Three green Goblins pounced on her and started to tear her clothes apart.

“Goblins! How could there exist monsters like Goblins! No! Get away! Get away from me!”

Zhuo Qianlei’s face contorted, and she struggled frantically on the ground.

A Goblin holding a stone club hit Zhuo Qianlei’s right leg, and her leg swelled up.

The other two Goblins restrained Zhuo Qianlei and spoke in a strange language.

“It hurts! Stop! Stop it!”

Zhuo Qianlei cried and struggled, and her face writhed in pain.

“Go! Big Black!”

Shu Feng shouted in a hushed voice.

As if an arrow, Big Black pounced on a Goblin, knocked it onto the ground, and bit off its neck, and a large amount of blood sprayed out and sprinkled on the ground.

The eyes of two Goblins holding short swords flashed with a fierce radiance, and they shot towards Shu Feng.

With Goblin blood trickling down its face, Big Blacks eyes glimmered fiercely, and it rushed over, pounced on one of the two Goblins, and bit off its throat.

The other Goblin stabbed Big Black in the back with its sword and barely pierced the skin, shedding blood.

With a ferocious gleam in its eyes, Big Black knocked the other Goblin to the ground and bit off its neck.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with an enigmatic gleam: “So strong! Big Black is just a little better than me in terms of physical constitution.

Yet it’s fighting strength is this fearsome! A hollow demon’s fighting instincts are really scary.”

The three Goblins around Zhuo Qianlei reacted at once.

They rushed at Bug Black and swung their weapons.

Shu Feng clenched his teeth, followed behind Big Black, and picked up a simple wooden spear.

A long weapon will give him some sense of security.

As if a sharp arrow, Big Black jumped forward, threw a Goblin holding a big stick to the ground, and bit off its neck.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the other two Goblins brandished their short swords and stabbed at Big Black’s head and back respectively.

The swords of both Goblin hit Big Black and pierced its skin.

Big Black lunged at a goblin, threw it to the ground, and bit off the other party’s neck.

When the other Goblin saw this, its eyes shimmered with fear, and it turned around and ran away.

Big Black rushed forward, pounced on the Goblin, and bit off its neck from behind.

“It seems that I’m not needed!”

Shu Feng looked at the Goblin corpses strewn on the ground, threw the wooden spear away, and rushed towards Zhuo Qianlei.

“Obtained 0.3 points of pure soul force!”

“Obtained 0.3 points of pure soul force!”


As he passed the Goblin corpses, notifications sounded in Shu Feng’s mind.

He rushed up to Zhuo Qianlei, who was still in a state of shock, and pulled her up: “Let’s go.

It’s not safe here.”

Zhuo Qianlei burst into tears and sobbed: “My leg is broken.

I can’t get up.”

“Hold onto me!”

Shu Feng bent down and reached out to hug Zhuo Qianlei.

Zhuo Qianlei’s pretty face flushed slightly, yet she greeted her white teeth and hugged Shu Feng’s neck.

Shu Feng hugged Zhuo Qianlei firmly, picked her up, and ran away.

Goblins are the lowest of small fries.

However, if there are enough straws, they can break a camels back.

Big Black can only block three Goblins at a time.

Although Shu Feng’s physical constitution has improved a lot, but he just began to cultivate after all.

He doesn’t have much combat experience.

Perhaps he can’t beat even a single Goblin.

Within a few breaths of time, one Goblin after emerged from the strange hole.

A Goblin shot at Shu Feng with a crude bow.

An arrow shot at Shu Feng like a shooting star from 20 meters away.

Big Black rushed over and blocked behind Shu Feng.

The arrow hit it in the back, and blood dripped down.

Shu Feng clenched his teeth and ordered, “Cover my back!”

Hollow demons are ferocious, violent, and bloodthirsty.

If Shu Feng hadn’t given it an order, Big Black would have already rushed at the six Goblins that emerged.

Five of the Goblins rushed towards Shu Feng and company.

The Goblin archer raised its bow and arrow again.

Just then, a large hand with black fur suddenly extended from the twisting black hole and grabbed the head of the Goblin archer.

The large hand with black fur twisted the Goblin’s head.

“Ogre! That’s an Ogre!”

Shu Feng looked back and saw a three-meter-tall Ogre full of muscles and fat, with a naked upper body, a ferocious face, protruding tusks, and short black bone spurs on the back.


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