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15 – Ogre

Zhuo Qianlei looked at the fierce-looking Ogre with the color of incredulity in her beautiful eyes, felt that her world outlook is about to collapse, and muttered: “How can there be such a monster It’s unscientific! Ogre How can there be Ogres This isn’t real!”

“It looks so real! Dude, that’s really professional!”

A youngster with glasses riding an electric scooter turned a corner, arrived in front of the Ogre, and exclaimed.

“Huh It stinks! Don’t tell me, this is real!”

The youngster with glasses fixed his gaze on the Ogre and saw the blood stains on its body and smelled the stench of dead bodies coming from it.

Next, he looked at the ground and saw several Goblin corpses around him as well as a Goblin corpse whose head was severed and was still bleeding.

A hair-raising feeling welled up in the youngster’s heart, making him tremble all over.

The Ogre smiled ferociously and smashed the large club in its hand into the youngster.


The youngster’s upper body disintegrated into countless fragments of flash and splattered on the ground.

Shu Feng’s eyelids jumped up.

He felt that he already reached the limit.

But he still gritted his teeth and accelerated his pace: “The Ogre is really dreadful! It’s really ferocious! If I faced it with my small body, I wouldn’t be able withstand a single strike of its club!”

After the Ogre killed the youngster with glasses, it started running towards Shu Feng, a fierce gleam in its eyes.

“What fast speed! It’ll catch up!”

Upon seeing this, Shu Feng’s face turned deathly pale.

He is slower than the Ogre to begin with.

But now that he’s running with Zhuo Qianlei in his arms, he became even slower.

“Put me down! If this goes on, both of us will die! At least one of us should escape!”

Filled with fear and despair, Zhuo Qianlei is shivering all over, her face is deathly pale, and tears are sliding down the face.

“Big Black, stall it! If you can lead it away from us, even better!”

Shu Feng clenched his teeth and ordered.

Big Black quickly rushed towards the Ogre.

With a fierce glimmer in its eyes, the Ogre stared at Big Black and slowed down its steps.

With its rich combat experience, it can perceive that Big Black poses a threat to it.

Big Black’s eyes flashed ferociously.

It bared its sharp teeth, issued threatening roars, and stared at the Ogre.

Its fighting instincts are warning it that the Ogre is really ferocious.

The Ogre stopped running and strode towards Big Black.

Big Black’s figure fluttered, and it circled towards the ogre’s back.

The Ogre’s eyes shimmered fiercely, and it chased after Big Black.

Big Black led the ogre in another direction.

Zhuo Qianlei’s beautiful eyes brightened and flickered with the color of hope: “Your pet is really smart! We may be saved!”

Shu Feng kept silent.

He gritted his teeth and ran away with Zhuo Qianlei in his arms, afraid that once he let out his breath, he won’t be able to continue to run with Zhuo Qianlei in his arms.

But in the next moment, Zhuo Qianlei closed her mouth, and her eyes flashed with fear.

The Ogre is three meters tall.

With its long legs, once it starts running, it can erupt with astonishing speed.

After just a dozen plus steps, it caught up with Big Black and slammed its club towards the other party.

Big Black jumped and tried its best to dodge, yet its lower body was still hit by the Ogre’s club.

Its hind legs disintegrated into pieces of flesh that scattered.

Big Black was sent flying for a dozen plus meters.

After it landed, it ejected the claws of its remaining forelimbs and crawled forward.

The order Shu Feng gave it was to stall for time.

It will try its best to complete this task.

With a ferocious flash in its eyes, the Ogre rushed towards Big Black, wanting to smash the hollow demon’s head.

“Well done! Shu Feng, your hollow demon is awesome!”

Along with the rumbling of a bike’s engine, the beautiful and valiant You Meng wearing a black leather jacked, hair tied into a ponytail, exuding the air of an onee-san, emerged from a corner, rushed over, raised a Black Fang, which looks like a cannon, with one hand, and fired at the Ogre.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along with the sound of gunfire, flowers of blood blossomed on the Ogre’s body and bloody holes appeared on its body.

The Ogre’s eyes flashed fiercely and shot with blood, and it sent the two-meter-long wooden club flying towards You Meng.

You Meng suddenly broke out with cyan light, and her speed accelerated to the extreme.

She nimbly jumped off the bike. 

The huge wooden club slammed into the black bike at once and blasted it apart.

You Meng span in the air and landed on the ground, and then took out a bullet, quickly inserted it into the clip, operated spirit force, and pulled the trigger, an icy shimmer in her eyes.


A loud noise sounded, and a hole the size of grown man’s fist appeared on the Ogre’s lower left abdomen.

A large amount of blood and visceral fragments ejected from the wound on the abdomen.

The Ogre’s huge frame shook slightly, and it fell to the ground, an expression of pain on its face.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

You Meng quickly changed the clip and fired at the Ogre frantically.

Blood flowers blossomed on the Ogre’s body.

After several bloody holes appeared on the Ogre’s head, it collapsed on the ground, no longer able to move.

You Meng didn’t relax.

She changed the clip again, took a few steps, and fired more than a dozen rounds, punching the Ogre’s head full of holes.

Only then did she stop.

“You be careful! I’ll go and have a look!”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he put down Zhuo Qianlei on the ground and cautiously moved towards the Ogre.

The Ogre is an extraordinary life form.

Its genes are far more formidable and its strength and speed are far higher than those of a Black Dog Hollow.

Shu Feng just needs a sample of its genetic material.


Zhuo Qianlei clenched her pearl-white teeth, looked at Shu Feng’s back, and muttered.

She sat quietly on the ground, filled with shock.

This experience shook her to the core.

“Obtained 5 points of pure soul force and 0.01 points of god force.”

When Shu Feng arrived beside the Ogre, a notification sounded in his mind.

“God force What’s that It sounds impressive.”

Shu Feng was taken aback.

Although he doesn’t know what god force is, but he vaguely felt that it is some kind of really extraordinary force.

“Shu Feng, you did a good job! Come and take a picture for me!”

You Meng stepped on the Ogre corpse, took two selfies, and then called Shu Feng.


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