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33 – Temptation

“Damn you, Shu Feng! Why didn’t you let me frame you! And obediently drop out of school! I curse you! I curse you to death!”

In a room, a haggard and wan Xu Gang grabbed an ugly voodoo doll, tore the doll apart, and cursed loudly.

After Xu Canghai’s crimes were exposed and he was put into prison, numerous enemies he previously offended rushed out of the woodwork to bite at the Xu Family.

The Xu Family declined rapidly.

Xu Gang’s mother washed her face with tears every day.

Xu Gang was forced to drop out of school and stayed at home all day, filled with resentment.

“Do you want revenge Do you want strength”

A strange, hazy voice suddenly filled the room.

Xu Gang shouted, his eyes shot with blood, “Yes, I want revenge! I want strength! I want to kill Shu Feng.

I want Shu Feng to die!”

“Then take this! As long as you follow your heart and believe in the great Jie King, you can get everything you want.”

A strange whisper sounded, and yellow smoke shrouded Xu Gang.

After the yellow smoke disappeared, a brass sculpture depicting Jie King, a freak with a pair of goat horns on the head, a fierce mouth on the forehead, a layer of black scales covering the body, a human torso, sharp claws on both hands and feet, and a ferocious face, appeared in front of Xu Gang.

The strange whisper disappeared and everything returned back to normal, as if nothing had happened.

“What is this”

Xu Gang was taken aback when he saw the sculpture of Jie King strangely appear on the table in front of him.

After hesitating for a while, Xu Gang couldn’t help extend his hands and grabbed the sculpture of Jie King.

“Blood Sacrifice Control Ghosts Great Art!”

A cruel and strange secret method with endless mysteries suddenly appeared in Xu Gang’s mind.

“What a cruel method!”

When Xu Gang sensed the strange and cruel method, he was startled and threw the sculpture of Jie King to the ground.

The Blood Sacrifice Control Ghosts Great Art is a wicked secret method that requires Xu Gang to kill his close relatives and sacrifice them on the sculpture of Jie King to get the power to control ghosts.

Besides, the ghosts he’ll be able to control are the ghosts of the close relatives he sacrifices.

“No! I can’t give up! I want revenge!”

After a long time, Xu Gang grabbed the sculpture of Jie King and muttered to himself, and a showdown between reason and madness erupted in his eyes.

Two people in black stood quietly in a corner of the room and watched Xu Gang with cold eyes.

A man in black said flatly, “Xie Yuma, do you think he can cultivate this secret method”

Xie Yuma replied with a light smile, “It doesn’t whether he can cultivate it or not.

We are just sowing seeds to obstruct the sight of Heavenly Sword.”

“Let’s go!”

With a puff of black smoke, the two men in black disappeared.

Qingling Reservoir is a scenic spot in Leijiang City.

Every year before the high school entrance examination, Leijiang No.

3 Middle School organizes a spring excursion for the students to relax for a day and make good memories, and then concentrate on preparations for the high school entrance examination.

This is a tradition of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School.

On this day, the students of six classes in grade 3 came to Qingling Reservoir for an excursion.

Next to a clear brook, there are people frolicking, fishing, barbecuing, and playing cards.

The atmosphere is lively and cheerful.

“That’s Pei Caiyi from class 55.

Isn’t she pretty Reportedly, she has shot several commercials, one of which has been broadcasted on Leijiang TV Station!”

Under the shade of a tree, Lin Jia bit a sausage, pointed to a girl far away, and spoke to Shu Feng.

Teenage girls like to look at handsome boys.

Similarly, teenage boys like to talk about cute girls.

Pei Caiyi is 1.7 meters tall and has fair, sparkling skin, a pair of beautiful, slender legs, and delicate facial features.

Her only flaw is a small chest.

Shu Feng glanced at Pei Caiyi and said with a light smile, “She’s not bad, but a little lacking.”

“Don’t compare her to Zhong Jietong and Ding Xiaoxue! Every girl has her charm.

Feng, you’ve gotten cocky! You’ve gotten really cocky lately! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you [1]!”

Lin Jia shook his head and sent a corncob towards Shu Feng’s mouth.

“You’ve watched too much anime!”

Shu Feng smiled and grabbed the corncob.

Lin Jia’s eyes flashed with amazement, and he said, “Feng, it seems that you have become stronger and more handsome recently.

You’re quite nimble now.”

At some point, dark clouds appeared in the sky.

“Shu Feng! Come here for a minute! I have something to talk to you!”

A bright voice sounded, and the heroic and beautiful Zhuo Qianlei strode towards this side.

Wang Lu also so happened to walk over and asked, “Shu Feng, we are missing one person to play cards! Come here!”

The two girls spoke almost at the same time, and then were slightly stunned.

They looked at each other with slight hostility.

Zhuo Qianlei raised her eyebrows and said, “Shu Feng, I invited you first.

After you talk to me, you can go and play cards.”

Wang Lu smiled lightly and said with a faint trace of pride: “Shu Feng, Jietong is with us.

If you miss this chance, you won’t get another one.”

As the class beauty of class 53, many people like Zhong Jietong.

She can easily find a dozen plus boys to play cards with her.

“Wang Lu, Zhuo Qianlei invited me first.

I’m sorry!”

Shu Feng got up and smiled, and then followed Zhuo Qianlei.

“Humph! What an attitude!”

Wang Lu snorted coldly, and her eyes flashed with displeasure.

She turned around and walked towards Zhong Jietong.

Cui Jing, a cute, petite girl, smiled and asked, “Lu-lu, Shu Feng didn’t come”

Cui Jing, Wang Lu, and Zhong Jietong are three beautiful girls of class 53.

They are friends and are often seen together.

Wang Lu replied discontentedly, “In the past, if I called, that guy would run over eagerly.

Now he has an attitude.”

Cui Jing uttered, “He’s not a mere background character anymore.

With a few words from his friends, the Xu Family was investigated.

That’s really impressive.

I wonder what sort of luck did he have.”

Zhong Jietong said faintly, “Alright, let’s stop talking about him.

Let’s call someone else.”

“Okay! Who knows how many people in our class want to play with Jietong! If he doesn’t come, that’s his loss!”

Wang Lu joked.

With a few words from her, a boy ran over and joined the three people in playing cards.

“Shu Feng, have you helped me before How come I feel some familiarity towards you”

Zhuo Qianlei and Shu Feng took a few steps in the direction of class 57’s area, when she asked abruptly.

[1] – a line from Sailor Moon (BTW, that’s one of my favorite anime in my childhood)



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