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35 – Victory

“So this is the power of skills! Awesome!”

Zhuo Qianlei felt a very novel sensation.

She picked up a fruit knife and chased after Shu Feng.

The Goblins hunting the students discovered Shu Feng’s group of three coming their way.

4 Goblins equipped with bows and arrows fired their arrows, and four arrows shot towards Ding Xiaoxue, who is in the front, like shooting stars.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ding Xiaoxue displayed superb swordsmanship.

The sword in her hands blurred, struck the four arrows, and deflected them.

Soon, 20 Goblins rushed towards Ding Xiaoxue and Shu Feng from all sides.

Since their physical constitution is weak, Goblins generally swarm the enemy.


A gunshot rang out, and the left arm of a Goblin 30 meters away was blown away.

The Goblin fell to the ground and struggled in pain.

Ding Xiaoxue whistled: “Nice shot!”

Shu Feng responded expressionlessly, “In fact, I was aiming at its heart!”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a smile: “It’s already pretty good that you were able to hit it! After all, firing at a fixed target can’t compare to actual combat!”

The remaining 19 Goblins quickened their pace and rushed towards Ding Xiaoxue.

Big Black’s figure fluttered.

As if a cheetah, he lunged at a Goblin abruptly and bit off his throat, and then rushed towards another Goblin.

Ding Xiaoxue displayed exquisite swordsmanship.

Her sword blurred and cut down one Goblin after another.

With the Black Crow in hand, Shu Feng surveyed the battlefield.

From time to time, he shot at places where Goblins congregated and shot down one Goblin after another.

With its large caliber, Black Crow packs great power.

Whenever he hits a Goblin, either a large hole will appear on the other party, or one of their limbs will be blow away.

Thanks to Black Crow, the rookie Shu Feng incapacitated Goblins one after another.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four arrows shot towards Shu Feng.

The tiger stood in front of Shu Feng and blocked the four arrows.

“Big Black, kill them!”

Shu Feng looked at the 4 Goblins with bows and arrows and barked.

The 4 Goblins are standing 50 meters away.

At this range, Shu Feng is not sure that he can hit the other party.

Big Black’s eyes glimmered with a scarlet color, and he rushed towards the 4 Goblins equipped with bows and arrows.

6 Goblin stood in front of Big Black, brandished the clubs in their hands, and attacked Big Black.

When the clubs hit Big Black, as if hitting steel, they were deflected.

Big Black passed through the defensive line of the 6 Goblins, lunged at a Goblin equipped with bow and arrows, and bit off his throat, and then rushed towards another Goblin.

Big Black quickly bit the 4 Goblins with bows and arrows to death, and then surged with hollow demonic qi, quickly turned back, pounced on other Goblin, and bit off his throats.

Ding Xiaoxue’s swordsmanship is exquisite.

Under the cover of Shu Feng and the tiger, she killed more than 10 Goblins.

Seeing that things are bad, a Goblin shouted, and the remaining 10 plus Goblins quickly escaped towards the depths of the mountains.

“Big Black!”

At Shu Feng’s command, Big Black and the two tigers chased after the fleeing Goblins and killed them one after another.

Ding Xiaoxue chased after the fleeing Goblins, as well.

Shortly after, the 10 plus Goblins were all killed by Ding Xiaoxue and the three beasts.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 7.”

“Skills, none”

“Strength 13, agility 12, defense 13, physique 13, intelligence 14, psyche 16, magic force 0.”

“Charm 3, spirit force 67, soul force 7.”

“Unassigned points 6.”

Shu Feng willed and found that his status window has changed.

His level rose to level 7 and he gained 6 unassigned points.

The two tigers, which were battered all over, returned to Shu Feng’s side.

He pressed with his hand, sent the two tigers back to the base space, and threw them into the Soldier Synthesis Nest to treat their injuries.

“Shu Feng, I hope you can support me and help me bring everyone together.

Only by pooling our strength together, only then will it be possible for us to survive.

Otherwise, if we’re like a heap of lose sand, it will be very dangerous.”

Ding Xiaoxue’s beautiful eyes glimmered with a grave shade.

Her pretty face is slightly red and is covered in perspiration.

Since she killed more than a dozen Goblins in succession, she consumed a lot of physical strength.

Shu Feng responded decisively, “Okay! I’ll support you! I’ll go and collect the Goblin bodies first.

Their bodies are of great help to my ability.”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Alright! Qianlei, please go ask the homeroom teachers and class cadres of the 6 classes to come here and attend a meeting.

I’ll explain everything to them.”

Zhuo Qianlei replied, “Okay, Xiaoxue!”

Shu Feng went to collect the bodies of the Goblins by himself.

“There are only about 20 ordinary bullets left! If I had known this would happen, I would have bought more bullets.

Shu Feng counted his bullets and felt regret in his heart.

He bought only 40 ordinary bullets.

After firing 18 bullets at one go, only 22 ordinary bullets remained.

48 Goblin warriors were killed by Shu Feng and his party, which netted him 14.4 points of soul force.

He put the bodies of the 48 Goblin warriors into the base space.

The bodies of the Goblin warriors are composed of flesh.

As such, they can be used as synthetization resources or be used as food for Big Black and other synthesized soldiers.

Shu Feng quickly issued an order: “At present, I lack long-range means of attack.

The resources need to be transformed into combat power.

Synthesize 14 Goblin warriors for me.”

In the Soldier Synthesis Nest, mucus sprayed out and began to form 14 eggs gestating Goblin warriors.

On the other hand, Ding Xiaoxue has successfully persuaded the homeroom teachers and class cadres of the 6 classes and made them understand the seriousness of the situation.

In order to protect the students, the homeroom teachers of classes 52 and 56 have died under the siege of Goblins.

The homeroom teachers and class cadres began to look for heaven’s bonders like Ding Xiaoxue and Zhuo Qianlei and soon found another 9 people.

Zhong Jietong was one of the 9 heaven’s bonders.

Her awakened class was cleric and she mastered a divine spell — Heal Minor Wounds.

Ding Xiaoxue found Shu Feng and said with a grave expression, “Shu Feng, we haven’t made preparations to camp during the excursion.

So we need to find a place to rest.

I’m going to seize the nest of the Goblins and use it as our camp.

Then, with the camp as our base of operations, I’m going to investigate the path we came from.

Stay here to protect everyone.”


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