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41 – Exploration

“How many of your summons are left Is there enough to stand guard and fight”

Ding Xiaoxue dragged her tired body to Shu Feng and said, “I need to rest.

After 4 hours, I will restore my combat power to 80%.

After 30 minutes, I will restore my combat power to 45% and can be on night watch.”

Night watch is very important.

If there is no one on night watch, then several Black Dog Hollows or other monsters can sneak into the cave under the cover of the night and easily kill everyone inside.

Shu Feng replied, “At present, I have four summons left.

They still retain 45% of their combat power and can be put in charge of standing guard.

Go and have a good rest.

I’ll call you if necessary.”


Ding Xiaoxue just laid on a pile of leaves and hay beside Shu Feng and fell asleep, not the least bit guarded.

“I’ll stay here, as well!”

Zhuo Qianlei came over with a pile of leaves and hay and spread it next to Ding Xiaoxue.

Wang Lu, Zhong Jietong, and Cui Jing also came over with hay and leaves.

Wang Lu was poised and asked with a sweet smile, “Shu Feng, we’re classmates, you won’t refuse us staying here, will you”

Cui Jing stared pitifully at Shu Feng with her big watery eyes, fearing of being rejected by Shu Feng.

8 students of class 53 went out to have some fresh air, yet not a single one came back.

Coupled with the students who died before, nearly 70 students died tragically in this world.

Only by staying next to experts such as Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue, only then can they get protection and have greater chances of survival.

Shu Feng said, “Of course not.”

“Feng, what about me You won’t refuse your best friend, right”

Lin Jia came over with hay and leaves in his arms, glanced at the beautiful girls around, and asked with a beaming smile.

Shu Feng pointed to a haystack nearby and said, “We two will sleep there.

Let’s give the girls some privacy.”

Lin Jia quickly made a bed of hay and leaves and laid down, a mischievous smile on his face.

He glanced at Cui Jing, Wang Lu, and the other beautiful girls from time to time.

Pei Caiyi also came over with hay and leaves and pleaded pitifully, “Shu Feng, I’m scared.

Can I sleep here”

Shu Feng responded, “You can.

Sleep next to the other girls over there.”

Pei Caiyi smiled sweetly, and then went over there: “Thank you!”

After Pei Caiyi, several fairly beautiful girls pleaded softly, got the consent from Shu Feng, and made hay beds next to Ding Xiaoxue and them.

Lin Jia asked expectantly, “Shu Feng, can I become as strong as you and Ding Xiaoxue”

Shu Feng asked back, “What’s your class”

Lin Jia answered dejectedly: “Villager!”

Shu Feng uttered, “I’ll help you raise your class to level 10.

If you find a class change shrine, you can change to another class, become a class user, and acquire various skills.”

Lin Jia asked with an expression of expectation, “Then I can become stronger”

Shu Feng responded, “If you change your class and become a class user, you will be able to become stronger.”

Shu Feng learned from various materials provided by Flameguard that, except for top-shelf potions of Grunt World and top-shelf pills of Xuanwu World, the most cost-effective way to become a spirit user is to go to Endorsas World and become a class user.

If they don’t awaken their spirit ability, the heirs of some large consortia will spend a lot of money to hire spirit users to take them to Erosion Realm, and then enter Endorsas World.

With the help of the hired spirit users, they will enter class change shrines and become class users.

Once they have become class users, these heirs of large consortia can return to Blue Star, become Apprentice Spirit Warriors, and set foot on the path of evolution as spirit users.

Of course, whether it’s hiring spirit users or changing classes,it all requires a lot of money.

At least tens of millions.

If the class change task is difficult, it will cost hundreds of millions.

Lin Jia secretly made up his mind: “The I can become a class user!”

During the night, Shu Feng got up several times, collected the Goblin Chieftain and Big Black into the base space, and used resources to heal their wounds.

At the same time, he released newly synthesized Black Dog Hollows to stand guard.

The next morning, at the cave’s entrance.

Shu Feng clapped his hands, and 2 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, 32 ordinary Black Dog Hollows, and 7 Great Goblins came out of the grass.

Shu Feng mobilized the resources at his disposal and finally let Big Black evolve into a Spirit Warrior realm hollow.

Ding Xiaoxue walked out of the cave, came to Shu Feng’s side, looked at the Black Dog Hollow army in shock, and exclaimed: “Is this your summon army It has become stronger! Your awakened spirit ability is really great!”

When faced against this Black Dog Hollow army, if Ding Xiaoxue doesn’t escape, she will be torn to pieces with ease.

Shu Feng said, “I’ll go explore the surroundings.

Can you stay here and protect them and build a camp”


Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly, and then sighed faintly, “Actually, I would like to go explore together with you.”

Ding Xiaoxue likes adventures and fighting.

However, Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue are currently the core military powers of the group of students.

Without Ding Xiaoxue, the team will become unstable.

Who knows what will happen.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Shu Feng, take a few heaven’s bonders with you to cultivate them.

And leave a few summons with us.”

“Who would like to go explore with me Let me tell you this in advance.

Endorsas World is full of dangers.

Even if it’s me, I can’t protect you.

If you go explore with me, you may be in deadly danger.”

Shu Feng turned to look at the heaven’s bonders and stated indifferently.

Of the initial 10 heaven’s bounders, only 7 remain.

3 Heaven’s bonders died tragically in the raid of the Black Dog Hollows.

“I’ll go!”

Zhong Jietong stood up decisively, and her eyes burned with a fierce shade.

She wants to become strong.

However, if she stays far behind the front lines, she will never get a chance to become strong.

“I’ll go, too!”

Zhuo Qianlei also stood up.

“I’ll go!”

Zou Qiang hesitated for a while and stood up.

“I’ll go!”

Liu Zhen stepped forward decisively and gazed at Zhuo Qianlei, and his eyes faintly flickered with admiration.

The other three heaven’s bonders hesitated for a while, but then lowered their heads and remained silent.

The cruelty of Endorsas World has been laid bare before everyone’s eyes.

Nearly 70 people died on the first day.

Regarding the dense woods outside, who knows what terrible monsters are hidden there.

They don’t want to lose their lives.

Lin Jia gritted his teeth and stepped forward, and his eyes flashed with determination: “Feng, I’ll go with you, too!”

Shu Feng frowned, and then nodded.


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