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43 – Nest

The Black Dog Hollows are extremely ferocious and have tough fur and hard bones.

The demonized rats can only bite open a hole with their bite before the Black Dog Hollows either bite them to death or tear their belly to shreds with a swipe of a claw.

Although the demonized rats are large in number, but they can’t withstand a single blow from the fierce Black Dog Hollows.

Just like the demonized rats are dauntless, so are the Black Dog Hollows.

Even though they are covered in wounds, they still attacked madly.

A Black Dog Hollow, whose eye was bitten off by a demonized rat, still brandished his claws and tore up demonized rats one after another.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

After hundreds of demonized rats died miserably, a cry came from the midst of the demonized rats, and the remaining hundreds of demonized rats fled in confusion.

“Finally made it!”

Lin Jia breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.

Zhuo Qianlei, Zhong Jietong, Zou Qiang, and Liu Zhen also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Heal Minor Wounds!”

Zhong Jietong went to Liu Zhen and cast the divine spell Heal Minor Wounds on him, and the bite wound left by a demonized rat began to heal rapidly.

“Big Black!”

With a soft shout from Shu Feng, Big Black immediately ejected out like an arrow and noiselessly disappeared into the woods.

Shu Feng looked around.

In this battle, 5 Goblins were gnawed to death, 7 Black Dog Hollows lost an eye and were seriously injured.

The rest of the Black Dog Hollows were also covered in wounds.

The 2-meter-tall Goblin Chieftain’s legs were full of bite marks left by the demonized rats.

Although he’s indeed very strong.

But when faced against close to 1,000 demonized rats, it’s impossible to come out unscathed.

In fact, if it were not for the array formed by the tens of Black Dogs Hollows, the Goblin Chieftain would have been bitten to death by the demonized rats.

The Goblins, the Great Goblins, the Dark Elf, and the Goblin Chieftain quickly set out.

They collected the corpses of the demonized rats and piled them up.

Shu Feng stepped forward, pressed his hand down, and transferred the corpses of the demonized rats to the base space to serve as flesh materials.

Shu Feng glanced at Lin Jia and said, “That’s all for today! Let’s go back!”

Liu Zhen breathed a sigh of relief: “We can finally go back!”

After the encounter with the demonized rats, Liu Zhen lost all courage and just wants to go back.

Zhong Jietong stood up, a fierce gleam in her beautiful eyes: “I can continue to fight!”

Although the battle with the demonized rats was very dangerous.

But at the same time, it substantially raised the level of Zhong Jietong, Zhuo Qianlei, Lin Jia, and Zou Qiang, provided them with many unassigned points, and greatly improved their strength.

Zhong Jietong, who is fixated on revenge, craves strength the most.

Shu Feng glanced at Zhong Jietong and uttered resolutely, “Let’s go back.

My summons also need to rest.”

As long as some resources are spent, Shu Feng’s army can recover completely and become stronger.

If he continues to fight now, it will only damage the power of his summon army.

Zhong Jietong sighed gloomily: “Fine!”

The party set out for the camp at once.

“How was it”

As soon as Shu Feng returned to the camp, Ding Xiaoxue greeted him and asked thusly.

Shu Feng answered in a grave tone, “Next time, I’ll go explore alone.”

Of the heaven’s bonders that went to explore with him, the performance of Zhong Jietong, Zhuo Qianlei, and Lin Jia wasn’t half bad.

It’s a shame, but they’re still too weak.

Shu Feng needs to spend a lot of energy to take care of them.

Otherwise, with the strength of his army, he can explore further.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Alright! The objective of your next exploration should be to find a safe camp ahead.”

“Okay, I’ll go have a rest.” Shu Feng went to a large tree, sat down, closed his eyes, and started the master mode, and his consciousness was attached to the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow — Big Black.


“So this is the nest of the demonized rats!”

When Shu Feng attached himself to Big Black, he appeared above a valley and looked down at it.

At the bottom of the valley, there is a black demonic spring.

Black demonic qi is pouring out of the demonic spring.

The demonic spring is surrounded by demonized rats, who are crazily drinking its water.

Among the demonized rats, there is a 2-meter-tall demonized rat with golden fur and exuding tyrannical aura.

The golden demonized rat drinks the water of the demonic spring in large mouthfuls and devours the various beasts hunted by the demonized rats.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with a burning color: “That demonic spring should be the source of the mutation of the demonized rats! If I kill the demonized rats, I can get my hands on the demonic spring.

I can obtain more psionic energy and synthesize more Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.”

In order to synthesize Spirit Warlock realm Black Dog Hollows, pure soul force, psionic energy, flesh, and spirit force are required.

Among the four resources, spirit force can be replaced with psionic energy.

If all the Black Dog Hollows under his control can evolve into Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, their combat power will soar, and it will become safer for Shu Feng.

“They must be killed!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with unswerving determination, and he said to Ding Xiaoxue in a deep voice: “I’m going to explore alone.

Please stay here.”

Ding Xiaoxue replied, “Okay!”

Shu Feng led his Black Dog Hollow army to march to the nest of the demonized rats.

After spending several hours and a large amount of flesh and electrical energy, She Feng’s summon army recovered its full strength.

At dusk, Shu Feng arrived at the valley with a small army formed by 22 Black Dog Hollows, 1 Goblin Chieftain, 5 Great Goblins, 20 Goblins, 1 tiger, 1 Goblin shaman, and 1 Dark Elf.

“Attack! Elf No.


Shu Feng set up a formation in front of the valley, and then gave the Dark Elf an order.

The Dark Elf is very agile.

Her figure flashed, and she dived into the valley.


The Dark Elf fired an arrow, and the arrow accurately hit a demonized rat in the eye.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

A rat cry came from the valley, and, as if a hornet’s nest was pocked by a stick, hundreds of demonized rats rushed towards the entrance of the valley like a tide.

The demonized rats quickly reached the entrance of the valley.

The 2-meter-tall Goblin Chieftain smiled ferociously, brandished a large wooden club, and smashed several demonized rats into mincemeat.


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