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47 – Capture

After walking through the woods for several kilometers, an ancient palace ruin appeared in front of Shu Feng and company.

There are more than 20 Goblin warriors patrolling around the ancient palace ruin.

Kamila hid in the underbrush and said with a dignified glimmer in her pretty eyes, “It’s here! This is the lair of the Goblin tribe!”

Shu Feng uttered, “Let’s draw them out!”

He doesn’t know what dangers are hidden in the ancient ruin, it’s better to draw out the Goblins and annihilate them outside.

As for the Goblins escaping, Shu Feng doesn’t care about that.

“Watch us! Get started!”

With a confident look on her face, Kamila fired from her bow, and an arrow flew like a shooting star, lodged into the eye of a Goblin warrior 100 meters away, and killed him.

Shu Feng exclaimed in admiration “Such formidable archery!”

The effective range of Black Crow is 500 meters.

However, after going through continuous training, it is very hard for Shu Feng to hit the eye of a Goblin warrior 100 meters away in one shot.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other 4 Dark Elves fired one after another.

The 4 arrows flew like shooting stars, stabbed into the heads of 4 Goblin Warriors, and killed them directly.

Seeing as they didn’t hit the eyes of the Goblin warriors, the 4 Dark Elves are clearly slightly worse than Kamila when it comes to archery.

The attack of the Dark Elves angered the Goblin tribe.

A Goblin warrior wearing a helmet roared, and a swarm of Goblin warriors immediately poured out of the palace.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The 5 Dark Elven warriors fought the Goblin warriors while shuttling within the woods.

Kamila is extremely nimble.

She jumped from one large tree to another like a forest sprite and shot dead one Goblin warrior after another.

If the Dark Elves had enough strength and arrows, they could use the kiting tactic and shoot the Goblin warriors dead one by one.

Shu Feng mused, “Those Goblin warriors are no match for Kamila and them in the woods.

Therefore, there must be a caster among the Goblin warriors! And that caster is quite powerful.”

Before long, 30 1.9-meter-tall Goblin Champions covered in rippling muscles strode out of the ancient palace.

Guarded by the 30 Goblin Champions, there is a Goblin shaman with a wrinkled face covered in age spots and a scepter in the hand.

As soon as she saw the Goblin shaman, Kamila fired an arrow at the other party.


A Goblin Champion raised a steel shield in front of the Goblin shaman, and Kamila’s arrow hit the shield and bounced away.

When her arrow missed its target, Kamila’s figure swayed slightly, and she hid herself on a large tree.

The Goblin shaman gripped the scepter inlaid with a black gem, recited an incantation, and pointed at Kamila.

Strange gray ripples surged towards Kamila.

Kamila, who was in midair, dropped sharply.

She nimbly climbed down a large tree and quickly retreated into the woods.

The other 4 Dark Elves also retreated into the woods.

20 Goblin Champions, 50 Great Goblins, and 200 Goblin warriors rushed towards the 5 Dark Elves.

“Go ahead!”

At the moment when Shu Feng gave the order, the 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows hidden in the woods lunged, knocked down the 20 Goblin Champions, and bit off their throats.

The other 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows rushed towards the Goblin shaman.

Every caster is proficient in all kinds of strange spells.

On the battlefield, a spell of theirs may be able to turn the tides of a battle.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

20 Great Goblins escorting the Goblin shaman fired from their bows, and arrows shot towards the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows like shooting stars.

The Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows jumped to the side and avoided the arrow attack.

A Goblin Champion shouted.

The Goblin warriors who rushed into the woods turned back and returned to protect the Goblin shaman.

For a Goblin tribe that isn’t guarded by a shaman, it is difficult to grow.

Without the Goblin shaman, if a dozen plus Dark Elves employed the kiting tactic, the Goblins wouldn’t be able to come out of their hideout.

The 30 Black Dog Hollows took this chance to kill the Goblin warriors one by one.

The Goblin shaman recited a strange incantation again and pointed at a Black Dog Hollow.

A gray radiance fell on the Black Dog Hollow, and the Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon trembled and became slow.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Arrows shot towards the Black Dog Hollow like shooting stars.

The Black Dog Hollow tried his best to dodge, but he was still hit by 5 arrows.

The other 29 Black Dogs Hollows rushed into the Goblin army, knocked one Goblin warrior after another to the ground, and ripped apart their throat.

10 Black Dog Hollows rushed at the Goblin shaman.

One after another, Goblin Champions stepped forward, and then the Black Dog Hollows knocked them to the ground and bit of their throat.

When he saw the Black Dog Hollows approach, the eyes of the Goblin shaman finally flashed with fear, and he turned around and ran away.

A Black Dog Hollow rushed out like a bolt of lightning, knocked the Goblin shaman to the ground and bit off the other party’s throat in an instant, and a large amount of blood sprayed out.

When the Goblin shaman died, the morale of the Goblin warriors collapsed, and they fled in all directions.

As if hellhounds, the 60 Black Dog Hollows frantically killed the Goblin warriors.

Before long, in the ancient palace ruin, the bodies of Goblin soldiers were strewn everywhere, all dead.

“Is it over The demonic beasts controlled by Shu Feng are really dreadful! The most scary thing is that there are more than 60 such demonic beasts.

It’s like a small corps.”

Kamila and her companions walked out of the woods and looked at the corpses of Goblin warriors scattered on the ground, and their eyes flickered with shock.


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