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48 – Spoils of War

This is a large Goblin tribe.

It has hundreds of ordinary Goblin warriors as well as Great Goblins, Goblin Champions, and a Goblin shaman.

For Kamila’s village, this large Goblin tribe is a great enemy.

Who knows how many Dark Elves have been captured by this Goblin tribe and became its tools of breeding.

But now Shu Feng eradicated this mortal malady of Kamila’s village, which filled Kamila with excitement.

With their keen sense of smell, the 60 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows found more than a dozen Goblins hidden in the ruins, who tried to take revenge, and bit them to death.

When all the Goblins were killed, Shu Feng escorted by 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows went to harvested soul force.

After a search, Kamila found 7 Dark Elves in the ruins.

The 4 Dark Elves who were just caught are alright.

The other 3 Dark Elves were tortured to beyond recognition and are on the verge of death.

In the Goblin lair, there are also the bodies of several human women, who seem to have died not long ago.

After rescuing the several Dark Elves, Kamila had them sent them back to their village, while she herself stayed at the entrance of the ancient ruin together with dozens of Black Dog Hollows and waited for Shu Feng to return.

“This Kamila is really conscientious!”

Shu Feng glanced at Kamila at the entrance of the ancient ruin and waved his hand, and Goblins and Great Goblins emerged, drilled into different parts of the ancient ruin, and searched for hidden treasuries of the Goblin tribe.

The Black Dog Hollows are terrible weapons that can continue to fight even if hit by several arrows.

But when it comes to the ability to look for treasures, they can’t compare to humanoid creatures like Goblins.

“Master, I found  a warehouse!”

A Goblin warrior quickly came to Shu Feng and said respectfully.

“You found a warehouse Let me see if there’s anything good in the warehouse!”

With the goblin leading the way, Shu Feng arrived at a warehouse.

When he stepped into the warehouse, a stench assaulted his nose.

Shu Feng frowned and glanced around.

He saw that the warehouse is full of roots, dried fruits, salt blocks, and rusty swords.

“There is no shortage of foodstuff in this warehouse.

However, they haven’t been pushed to the brink.

I’m afraid they won’t eat such things.”

Shu Feng looked at the foodstuff reserves in the warehouse and mused.

The students of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School were brought up in abundance and comfort.

They aren’t used to eat coarse foodstuff, let alone Goblin foodstuff can’t even compare to coarse foodstuff.

Anyway, Shu Feng isn’t used to such strange things, either.

“Gold, what a large gold nugget!”

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up suddenly and glimmered with excitement.

He took several steps, arrived in front of a large gold nugget, and picked it up, and his eyes flickered with a scorching shade.

In Qianyuan Republic, gold is a hard currency.

A gram of gold sells for about 10,000 credits.

After using various secret methods, a mysterious substance called Gold Essence can be extracted from gold.

Gold Essence is of great harm to hollow demons.

Demonbreak Bullets contain Gold Essence, which is why they are so expensive.

In addition, Gold Essence needs to be added in the refinement of some secret treasures with extraordinary power.

Hence, the price of gold remains high.

The gold nugget weighs more than 100 kilograms.

If converted into the currency of Qianyuan Republic, it is worth more than 1 billion credits.

“It’s no wonder that some people dauntlessly go to explore other worlds.

With the difference between two worlds, you can make a lot of money!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement, and he collected the gold nugget into the base space.

In addition to the gold nugget, there are still more than a dozen gold coins, hundreds of silver coins, and a large number of copper coins in the Goblin warehouse.

This is obviously spoils of war the Goblins obtained after killing class users.

“Master, I found an idol you want!”

A Goblin warrior handed Shu Feng an idol depicting a Goblin with rippling muscles, a fierce face, and a wolf tooth club in the hand.

A prompt sound in Shu Feng’s mind: “Discovered 1,456 points of faith force.

Should it be purified and absorbed Or should it be used to evolve Goblin warriors”

Shu Feng asked, “To what extent can it make me evolve”

“The evolution will take 8 hours and is expected to increase all of host’s attributes by 2 points!”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “With the current resources, can a Goblin King be produced”

Goblin King is the final level of evolution for Goblins.

Goblin King is a fierce existence with Spirit Master realm combat power.

If this faith force can be used to synthesize a Goblin King, Shu Feng’s synthesized soldier army will become more powerful.

“With the current resources, 13 Goblin Chieftains can be synthesized at most!”

Shu Feng mused, “13 Goblin Chieftains, that’s 13 Spirit Warrior realm combat units.

That won’t have much impact on my army.

In that case, it’s more fitting to strengthen myself.

After all, the biggest weakness of this army is me.”

At this time, Shu Feng’s synthesized soldier army has 65 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

This hollow demon army is extremely fierce.

After wiping out the Goblin tribe, with the current resources, Shu Feng can synthesize another 3 Black Dog Hollows.

Another 13 Goblin Chieftains won’t increase the combat power of his army by much.

The frightening synthesized soldier army has a glaring weak point, that is, Shu Feng himself is too weak.

Kamila can kill Shu Feng with one arrow from a distance.

Shu Feng decided: “Let’s use the faith force to strengthen myself.”

“Kamila! I’ve kept you waiting.”

Shu Feng came out of the ancient ruin and walked up to Kamila.

Kamila smiled lightly and replied, “Sir Shu Feng, please come with me!”

With Kamila leading the way, Shu Feng came to her village.

The Dark Elven village has only a dozen plus small wooden huts.

Evidently, there are only a dozen plus households in this small village.

“Older sister Kamila!”

Two adorable Dark Elven little girls, who look to be only 11 or 12 years old, rushed out and threw themselves into Kamila’s arms.

Kamila rubbed the heads of the two Dark Elven little girls dotingly and said with a smile: “Mina and Fina, I have something to do.

I can’t play with you now.”

The two little girls looked at Shu Feng and Kamila and grinned.

“I’m Susie, the chief of Grunewald Village.

Sir Shu Feng, thank you very much for saving the people of our village.

And welcome to our village.”

Escorted by 7 Dark Elven female warriors, Dark Elven beauty with dark skin, a tall and sexy figure, a bulging chest, and long, black hair walked over and spoke with a grateful expression.


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