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49 – Chromatic Bee Honey

The village of the Dark Elves is really small, its population of no more than 50 people.

Shu Feng saved nearly one-third of the village’s population, which naturally made Susie grateful.

Shu Feng smiled lightly and said, “Village chief Susie, it was nothing much.

I also hope to get your help.”

Susie responded with a smile, “Of course! Before that, please let us receive you properly.

Sir Shu Feng, you can call me Susie.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Okay.

Susie, you can also call me Shu Feng.”

A bonfire rose in the middle of the village.

Next to the bonfire, 2 male Dark Elves, who are more beautiful than ordinary women, are roasting rabbit, pheasant, boar, and other kinds of meat.

Shu Feng sat on a mat made of cogon grass.

In front of him, there is a small round wooden table, on which fresh fruits similar to apples are placed.

“Sir Shu Feng, this is a roasted chicken wing.

Please give it a try.”

A female Dark Elf of about 15 or 16 years of age, dressed in coarse clothing, which couldn’t hide her beauty, smiled and handed Shu Feng a roasted chicken wing.

Shu Feng took the chicken wing and said, “I thought Dark Elves don’t eat meat.”

Sitting on the left of Shu Feng, the village chief Susie smiled and uttered, “If we didn’t eat meat, where would our strength come from Although we Dark Elves value forests and nature, but we are not vegetarians.

It’s just that humans don’t know about us Dark Elves and spread incorrect information.”

“It’s fresh, sweet, and delicious, with a rich aftertaste! What spices did you use on this chicken wing”

Shu Feng took a bite of the chicken wing, and his eyes brightened.

A sweet and wonderful taste filled his mouth.

At the same time, the spirit force inside him became slightly more lively.

Susie smiled proudly and said, “We used Chromatic Bee honey.”

“Chromatic Bee Never heard of it.

No! Wait a moment! This is a luxury good of Endorsas World, with a price as high as 1 million credits per 1 gram !”

Shu Feng was a little nonplussed at first, and then his eyes lit up and flashed with excitement.

Kamila uttered with some pride, “Sir Shu Feng, Chromatic Bee honey is comparable to gold in the outside world.”

Susie smiled and handed Shu Feng a fist-sized wooden jar sealed with leaves: “Shu Feng, please accept this jar of Chromatic Bee honey as reward for helping our village.”

Shu Feng pushed the wooden jar back and said with a slight smile, “Susie, I have a presumptuous request.

I wish to get a Chromatic Bee or the body of a Chromatic Bee.

I’m very interested in these strange creatures.”

As long as he has the genes of a Chromatic Bee, Shu Feng can synthesize Chromatic Bees via the mysterious base.

In this way, he will have a steady supply of Chromatic Bee honey.

Susie replied, “Alright.

Lisa, go get some Chromatic Bees.”

A Dark Elven warrior left immediately.

Before long, she came back with the bodies of 5 Chromatic Bees.

Shu Feng curiously picked up the bodies of 5 Chromatic Bees and took a closer look: “So these are Chromatic Bees!”

Compared to Qianyuan Republic’s bees, Chromatic bees are larger and their wings emit chromatic light, which makes them look very beautiful and mysterious.

Susie said with a grave expression, “Please accept this jar of Chromatic Bee honey.

Shu Feng, you saved our people and helped us destroy the Goblin tribe.

This jar of Chromatic Bee honey is not enough to express our gratitude to you.”

Shu Feng no longer stood on ceremony and accepted the jar: “Then I’ll accept it.”

Around the bonfire in the middle of the village, there are beautiful female Dark Elves singing and dancing.

The atmosphere is very cheerful and lively.

“The Dark Elves do indeed have more females than males.”

Shu Feng glanced at the Dark Elves and found that there are only 6 dashing males in this village.

The rest are all females.

“Let’s have a sword dance!”

After drinking a glass of fruit juice, Kamila got up and strode to in front of the bonfire.

She took out a wooden sword and performed an exquisite sword dance.

With her vigorous body technique, she is like a beautiful female leopard.

The sexy sword dance is full of power and visual impact.

Shu Feng praised: “What a beautiful sword dance!”

Susie’s eyes glimmered, and she said with a smile, “If you like it, that’s good then.”

After Kamila finished the sword dance, she put away the sword and returned to her seat.

Dark Elves began to dance by the bonfire.

“Sir Shu Feng, I am Lana.

Can I have this dance”

A female Dark Elf, who looks to be 18 years old, came to Shu Feng with a sweet smile on her face, extended a hand, and invited him to a dance.

Shu Feng uttered in embarrassment, “I can’t dance.”

“Don’t worry.

Just jump about and have fun!”

Lana grasped Shu Feng’s hand, pulled him up from his seat, and took him to the bonfire to dance.

Shu Feng was soon immersed in the festive atmosphere and had a good time.

After the banquet, Shu Feng said goodbye to the Dark Elves.

Susie asked, “Shu Feng, won’t you stay in our village the night”

Shu Feng answered, “Susie, my companions are waiting for me.

I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Susie uttered, “Then pay attention to your safety.”

“Will do!”

Escorted by Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, Shu Feng smiled lightly and walked into the darkness.

Nighttime is when nocturnal predators are active.

When a dozen plus wolves, hyenas, and snakes approached Shu Feng, they were torn apart and devoured by the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

“Shu Feng! Shu Feng is back!”

As soon as Shu Feng appeared in the valley, the eyes of a boy acting as a sentry brightened, and he shouted excitedly.

“It seems that everyone is pretty good with their hands!”

When he entered the valley, Shu Feng saw that simple tents made of leaves, wood, and grass have been erected in the valley.

“Shu Feng, you’re back.

How was it Did you obtain any useful information”

Ding Xiaoxue strode to Shu Feng’s side, followed by several teachers and class cadres.

Shu Feng responded, “I came into contact with a village of Dark Elves.

They know a path leading to the human world outside.

However, the path is occupied by powerful monsters.

We must clear the path before we can proceed to the human world.”


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