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9 – Three Modes

“Roll over!”

Shu Feng inwardly gave an order, and the Black Dog Hollow promptly rolled over on the ground.

“Start possession mode!”

Shu Feng willed, and his vision suddenly blurred.

He felt that his field of vision became much lower.

“This is me! So this is the possession mode!”

When Shu Feng looked up, he saw himself sitting quietly aside, with a dull look in his eyes, looking like an empty shell.

“It’s hard to move! And hard to attack!”

Shu Feng manipulated the Black Dog Hollow to walked a few steps and felt uncomfortable all over.

Then, he ran a few steps with all his strength.

But his leg twisted, and fell to the ground.

He lacks the gracefulness and nimbleness of a Black Dog Hollow.

“Change to master mode!”

Shu Feng willed and switched to the master mode.

In an instant, Shu Feng seems to have become a ghost placed in the consciousness of the Black Dog Hollow.

He can share the senses of the Black Dog Hollow and issue orders.

Without the interference of Shu Feng’s consciousness, the Black Dog Hollow’s actions became really nimble.

It completed a series of movements very quickly, just like a most fearsome dog.

“Possession mode, master mode, and normal mode, they all have their use.

For the current me, normal mode is more suitable.

After all, while in possession mode and master mode, my true body is in an unguarded state! I can’t even escape if I’m attacked by somebody!”

Shu Feng’s heart surged with satisfaction, and he exited the master mode.

Shu Feng gazed at the Black Dog Hollow in front of him and raised the corners of his mouth into a carefree smile: “So this is my spirit ability! I look like a spirit user now!”

Prior to this, although Shu Feng has awakened and became a spirit user, but his only spirit ability was the ability to see hollow demons.

In other aspects, he was no different from an ordinary person.

Furthermore, an ordinary adult could beat the crap out of him.

Now that he has a Black Dog Hollow, he really looks like a genuine spirit user with a queer spirit ability.

Shu Feng left the mysterious base together with the Black Dog Hollow and appeared in his room.

“My room is too small! I wonder when I’ll be able to make enough money to buy a large place.

In that way, not only will my parents be able to have a better life, but I will also be able to practice cultivation more comfortably, as well.”

After he appeared in his room together with the first Black Dog Hollow he synthesized, Shu Feng looked around and felt that his room is small.

The Black Dog Hollow can only sit on his bed.

Wang Juan’s voice came from outside the door: “Feng, come out for breakfast!”

“Okay, mom!”

Shu Feng answered, and then opened the door and went out.

On a long table, there are three bowls of soy milk, a plate of steamed buns, and a plate of Chinese fried dough sticks placed.

This is the Shu family’s breakfast.

Shu Feng sat in his seat, picked up a bowl of soy milk and a Chinese fried dough stick and started eating, and then carefully observed his parents.

The Black Dog Hellion came out and sat quietly beside Shu Feng.

Wang Juan complained: “The price of pork has increased by another credit recently! Inflation has been running wild in recent years.”

Shu Nanye retorted, “It’s still manageable! Wages have also increased in recent years.

When I first started working, pork only costed 0.1 credits per kilogram.

But my salary at that time was only dozens of credits.”

The two chatted casually, as if they didn’t see the Black Dog Hollow lying quietly beside Shu Feng.

Shu Feng felt excited: “Hollow Invisibility is a great ability! For ordinary people, hollow demons are equivalent to invisible beings.

No wonder spirit users are needed to fight them.

When faced with a hollow demon, ordinary people, including top special forces soldiers and martial arts experts, practically stand no chance.”

After breakfast, Shu Feng went outside and made a phone call.

In a remote street, Shu Feng stood quietly under a lamp post together with the Black Dog Hollow.

The Black Dog Hollow suddenly tensed up its muscles, turned around, looked at the northwestern end of the street, and transmitted the idea of approaching danger.

“Is a hollow demon approaching”

Shu Feng was startled and turned to look in that direction.

He saw Ding Xiaoxue dressed in a black martial attire, with a sword hanging from her waist and hair combed into a ponytail, looking valiant, graceful, and beautiful, walk towards him.

When Ding Xiaoxue saw the Black Dog Hollow, her beautiful eyes brightened and flashed with excitement.

She trotted over: “Shu Feng, so this is your ability! That’s awesome! To be able control hollow demons, your ability is really impressive.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Big Black, this is my friend, not an enemy!”

The Black Dog Hollow sat on the ground again.

Ding Xiaoxue said, “Shu Feng, although your awakened spirit force value is low, but your awakened ability is super strong.

Let’s go and register your hollow demon familiar.”

Shu Feng asked, a puzzled look on his face, “Does it have to be registered”

Ding Xiaoxue responded, “Of course.

If you don’t register it, will anyone be able to tell your hollow demon familiar apart from a wild one Unless you put it in a Familiar Spirit Ring and release it when fighting, it will be killed by other spirit users at random.”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “Familiar Spirit Ring What’s that”

“Familiar Spirit Ring is a kind of extraordinary treasure custom-made by master artificers for beast tamers.

Beast tamers can put extraordinary beasts into the Familiar Spirit Ring and release them in battle.”

“In this way, beast tamers can release many extraordinary beasts in battle.” Ding Xiaoxue explained.

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he asked curiously, “How much does a Familiar Spirit Ring cost”

With enough resources, Shu Feng’s ability can enable him to produce a large number of all kinds of extraordinary beasts.

The Familiar Spirit Ring is a most suitable extraordinary treasure for him.

“Extraordinary beasts of different type and different strength require a Familiar Spirit Ring of different size.

The price naturally differs, as well.”

“A Familiar Spirit Ring capable of containing Black Dog Hollows costs around 1 million credits and 10 contribution points.

If it’s on the black market, it should be between 3 million and 5 million credits.”

“In addition, the compatibility between the Familiar Spirit Ring and the extraordinary beast familiars has to be taken into account.

Some extraordinary beasts don’t like the environment inside Familiar Spirit Rings.

As such, forcing them into one will only enrage them.

There have been people who were killed by their extraordinary beasts due to this.” Ding Xiaoxue said.

Shu Feng uttered, “I better register it.”

Although Shu Feng is confident that he can control the Black Dog Hollow, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a secret treasure like the Familiar Spirit Ring.


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