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An urgent voice followed the loud sound of the opening of the door.

Everyone’s faces hardened in an instant by the urgency felt in the voice.


“Grandpa grandpa grandpa…!”

The owner of the voice was the cat girl, Miru.

I quickly rose from my seat and approached Miru.

“What happened, Miru”

“Candy uncle…”

As soon as she saw me, Miru, who was trembling all over, started shedding tears.

I felt something was wrong looking at Miru’s unusual response.

“Miru, what’s going on”

“Mama… Mama suddenly collapsed.”

“What happened What happened to Adela!”

Raccoon grandpa was the first to scream hearing the news.

It was so loud that my attention got diverted from Miru for a while.

Raccoon grandpa, who rose from his seat, quickly approached Miru.

“How’s she now”

“Hic… in bed…Hic…Hic… she was fine in the morning, but suddenly she lost consciousness.”

“Ugh,…Lagos! You go to Adela’s house first.

You haven’t forgotten the first aid methods I told you before, right”

“Yes, of course, I remember.”

“Sihyeon, you take Miru and follow me.

I should go to the store to get the medicine.”

Leaving the house to Locus and Kroc, the rest began to move as the Raccoon grandpa said.

Everyone moved with all their might without thinking that something irreversible could happen a little later.

I headed with Raccoon grandpa to his shop with Miru, who was wheezing in my arms.

Upon arriving at the store, Raccoon grandpa packed the necessary herbs in his bag with a quick hand gesture I had never seen before.

I wanted to help, but I didn’t have any knowledge of herbs, so I had to just stand there without being able to do anything.

“All done.

Let’s go to Adela’s house.”

“Give me your luggage.”

Raccoon grandpa left his luggage with me and hurried.

I followed him, taking care of the luggage and Miru in my arms.

Soon, we reached the outskirts of the village

At the end of a slightly narrow and winding road, a wooden fence and a small house appeared.

Raccoon grandpa ran into the house without hesitation while panting..

I also strode into the house because it was not the time to think about manners.

The landscape inside the house hasn’t changed much.

But instead of the warm atmosphere from the past, today I felt a bit cold and empty atmosphere.


Raccoon grandpa opened the door of Miru’s mother’s room and shouted her name.

Lagos was standing by the bedside, and Adela, who was lying down, slowly opened her eyes when she heard the loud cry.

“Um… Uncle Raccoon…you came.”

Adela’s voice was not powerful at all, but her pronunciation was clear.

“Are you conscious”

“Yes…… Lagos came, I think I was a little tired.”

“Uh huh… that’s good.”

As if her condition wasn’t as bad as he had feared, Raccoon grandpa breathed a sigh of relief with a slightly brighter expression.

Adela turned her head and looked at me.


Sihyeon… I’m sorry.

I’ve caused trouble for the busy man.”

“Oh no, it’s alright.

I wasn’t that busy today.”


You don’t have to worry about that guy.

Don’t think about useless things.”

Normally, Lagos might have warned Raccoon grandpa’s way of speaking, but now Adela’s stability was more important than such a trivial problem.

“Hic, Mama… are you okay”

“Yes dear, I’m fine.

I’m sorry that I scared you”


No Mama, I’m fine, too.


Miru still trembled, but forcefully stopped her tears and smiled to reassure Adela.

I was so proud of that strong heart, but on the other hand, I felt sorry for her.

Raccoon grandpa took the medicine he had prepared in advance from his bag and fed it to her.

Fortunately, there was a slight return of color on her pale face, as if the medicine had worked.

The sound of breathing became stable, and the expression of frowning in pain became much more comfortable.

Her rapid improvement relieved the rest of the people a little.

Adela, whose condition became better, quickly fell asleep.

The rest of us quietly walked out of the room so that she could relax.

Raccoon grandpa, who looked at her condition, had a troubled look on his face.

Lagos, who also seemed to have felt the same, asked very carefully to Raccoon grandpa.


Is there a problem”


Raccoon grandpa’s eyes shook for a moment.

In that instant, I noticed where his eyes were headed.

It was Miru in my arms.

When asked by Lagos, he looked at Miru, then, there was a high probability that it wasn’t good news.

An ominous foreboding crept into me.

Unknowingly, I hugged Miru in my arms.


Reville appeared with a loud sound of the door opening, which seems to be heard often today.

He asked hastily as he approached us.

“How did it go Is she alright”

“Calm down, Reville.

Adela has just gotten better and is resting.”

“Okay… So there’s no problem now”


Lagos couldn’t answer the second question, contrary to the first one.

Reville bit his lips with anxious eyes.

After a while, the tense atmosphere in the house subsided and only the whimpering of Miru was heard, but no one could easily open their mouths.

It was Raccoon grandpa, who broke the silence.

“First of all, Adela’s condition seems to have improved.

I’ll have to go back to the store and make more medicine.”

He spoke in a slightly exaggerated voice, looking at Lagos.

“Don’t you have a lot of work to do You don’t have to worry about Adela for the time being.

Leave this to Reville and go back with Sihyeon.”

“What I’m….”

I was worried about Adela, so I was going to turn it down, but Lagos, who was next to me, interrupted me first.

“All right.

My Lord, let’s just do what Elder Raccoon says.”


I noticed something in the eyes of Lagos and nodded quietly.

“Candy uncle… are you going”

“Um… I’m sorry Miru.

I’m a little busy with work.”


Hearing that I was leaving, Miru’s cat ears dropped down and she put on a droopy expression.

I felt sorry looking at the pitiful appearance, but now I couldn’t help it.

“Miru, I’m sorry.

Instead, I’ll be back as soon as possible after finishing the work.

Wait for a little until then.”

“Yes Miru.

I’ll be with you until the lord comes.”

“Uh… Okay.”

Miru nodded and I patted her back with a proud expression.

Leaving Miru to Reville, we slowly left the house.


We walked silently along the path past the yard fence.

Raccoon grandpa kept looking back toward the house.

When the house was no longer visible, Raccoon grandpa sighed deeply.


The emotions in it were so complicated and heavy that just listening to it made my heart feel stuffy.

Lagos, who also understood it, carefully opened his mouth.


“What you’re thinking is probably right.”


“What is it”

I couldn’t stand the frustration and asked a question in the middle, and Raccoon grandpa answered with a bitter look.

“Adela`s physical condition is already at its limit.

If we don’t make the cure immediately….”

“What about the cure you gave her earlier”

“It’s an incomplete medicine.

It only makes her feel better for a while.

It doesn’t cure the underlying disease.”

“Then how can you make a complete cure”

Raccoon grandpa stared blankly at the sky.

“Where should I start with…  I’ll start from the time I first came to this village.”


What’s happening all of a sudden

“It was just a coincidence that I came to this village.

I was caught selling fake Spirit energy pills to the nobles and was on the run.”

“Fake Spirit energy pill”

“What are you saying, Elder I’ve never heard of it before.”

At the unexpected story, our expressions were filled with absurdity.

“This is my first time saying this.

I think it’s a very shameful behavior now, but at that time, the income was very good.

The old aristocrats were ready to pour sh*t load of money at the mere mention of Spirit energy.”

“Then, what happened”

“What could have happened As soon as they found out what I was selling was fake, I was chased.

Fortunately, I didn’t get caught by the nobles.

I got caught by the mercenaries.

They took almost all the money I earned and beat me to the point where I wouldn’t die.”

Raccoon grandpa shuddered as if he recalled the memories of that time.

“I managed to save my life, but I couldn’t go back to the city.

I was forced to wander through the forest with my whole body in tatters.

After wandering around for days in the forest with nothing to eat, I fell down….”

He paused and glanced back.

“When I woke up, it was that house.

The couple who lived there found me and treated me.

If they had left me, I would have died in the woods.”

“Then the couple…”

“Adela’s parents.”

That kind of connection.

Lagos opened his eyes wide as if he had never heard of the details.

“Even though I was a scammer, I wasn’t bad enough to not feel gratitude towards my benefactors.

For the time being, I decided to stay with them until I could repay their favor.

Years passed as I stayed in the village like that.

By the time I was recognized as part of this village, a beautiful daughter was born between the couple.”

“That’s Adela”

“Yes, the couple smiled happily at the child born after many years of marriage.

I was, of course, overjoyed.

But our joy didn’t last very long.

The baby was suffering from a congenital disease.”

“The baby gradually lost the light of life that was barely given by the world..

But like a destiny, I found a way to cure the baby’s illness.

It was a cure that I learned from the elders of my tribe when I was young! Among the medicines I learned, there was a medicine to treat the baby’s illness.


Raccoon grandpa looked down at his hands with a bitter look on his face.

“A guy who used to make and sell fake Spirit energy pills didn’t have what it takes to make that medicine.

After spending all the money I had, I somehow made a medicine, but it was unfinished.

I saved the baby’s life, but I couldn’t cure the disease.”

His voice was full of sadness and emptiness.

“Then I made up my mind.

I decided to repay the favor I owe to the couple by treating the child perfectly, and after that, I decided to leave this village without any regret….”

Hearing the story and seeing Raccoon grandpa still staying in the village, meant that he had not yet produced a cure for Adela’s illness.

“Then… Is there no other way, Elder”

Lagos asked earnestly as if squeezing out one’s last hope.

Raccoon grandpa remained silent for a moment.

Lagos and I waited for his answer.

“I also almost lost hope in making the cure, but recently a miracle happened.”


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