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The fairy who suddenly appeared had a slightly different appearance from the fairies living in the strawberry field.

Compared to Gyuri and her friends, this fairy on the back of my hand felt a little small and round.

“You are…”

“Big fairy! Help us, Pyori!”

“Big fairy Are you talking to me”

“Yes! You don’t have wings, but I can feel the fairy’s energy, Pyori!”

This little fairy seemed to have mistaken me for a fairy.

“I’m sorry… I’m not a fairy.”

“… Pyori”


I’m not a fairy, I’m a normal human being.”

“Ugh! Pyori, I can’t believe I made a mistake, Pyori… What should I do, Pyori!”

The little fairy started hitting her forehead with her hands and kept saying ‘what should I do!’

It seemed like she felt shocked that I wasn’t a fairy.

When I was at a loss as to how to calm the little fairy, another fairy popped up next to me.

“Huh Sihyeon, Where did you get this fairy from, Popi”

“I didn’t bring her.”

I looked at the people who had been in the woods.

They were also surprised by the sudden appearance of the fairy.

In particular, Locus and Kroc were looking at my side with very strange eyes.

“Gyuri, do you know who this fairy is”

“Unlike us, it’s a fairy who lives in the forest, Popi!”

“A fairy who lives in the forest”

“A fairy who builds a village on mushrooms and herbs, Popi!”

Oh… Are they like relatives

The little fairy on the back of my hand didn’t seem to be much different from the fairies I knew.

“What are you doing here, Popi”

“I felt the presence of a fairy from that Demon, Pyori.

So I followed him, Pyori!”

The little fairy said, pointing to Alfred.

Alfred, who was pointed out, had no idea and just blinked with a blank expression

“You asked for help earlier, didn’t you What’s going on in the forest”

“That’s right, Pyori! The bad beasts in the forest are destroying our village, Pyori!.”

“Bad beasts… Can you elaborate a little bit”


The little fairy explained, swinging her dainty arms in the air.

It was a breathtaking explanation, but to sum it up very simply…

Bad beasts are suddenly sweeping away herbs and mushrooms in the forest, which was why fairies in the forest are in danger.

It seemed to be a similar situation to when Gyuri and her friends suffered from honeybees in the past.

“Wait!” said Raccoon grandpa, who was listening to the story.

“Did the bad beasts take all the Spirit’s breath”

The fairy tilted her head slightly.

“I don’t know what’s Spirit’s breath, Pyori!”

Raccoon grandpa explained it to the fairy, describing it in detail.

Then the fairy opened her eyes wide and nodded.

“That’s right, Pyori! The bad beasts took all that herbs, too, Pyori!”

“No wonder only the traces of the herbs were left…”

Raccoon grandpa’s beard trembled when he found out why he couldn’t find the herbs.

It looked like he was about to go and beat the bad beasts right now.

I continued the conversation before the little fairy could get scared by Raccoon grandpa’s anger.

“But why are they suddenly taking all the herbs and mushrooms”

“We don’t know that, Pyori…”


“Big fairy, please help us, Pyori!”

I’m not a fairy, but I couldn’t say that to the little fairy with tears in my hands.

“Don’t worry, Popi!”


“Sihyeon will take care of everything, Popi! He was the one who saved our village when it was in crisis, Popi!”


The little fairy’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.

I was a little embarrassed by the burdensome eyes and looked at the others for a suggestion.

“Well, what can we do Regardless of the fairy’s request, if the beasts have the Spirit’s breath, we have to go find it.”

Locus said, shrugging his shoulders, and Kroc, who was next to him, nodded slowly.

“Of course, we should go find those beasts! Considering the days we suffered because of them…”

“I also agree with Old man’s words.”

Raccoon grandpa murmured with an angry look on his face, and Reville agreed.

“Senior, I don’t think we have a choice”

“I know…”

As Alfred said, we had no other choice.

We have already spent a lot of time searching the forest, and Adela’s condition was worsening little by little.

We had to get the Spirit’s Breath somehow tomorrow.

With determined eyes, I looked down at the little fairy and said,

“Can you tell me where the bad beasts are”

“Of course, I can show you, Pyori!”


We’ll help you as much as we can.”

“Wow! Thank you, Pyori!”

The little fairy flew around me and rejoiced greatly.

That’s how the group’s goal of finding Spirit’s breath got changed into finding the ‘bad beasts’ that the little fairy mentioned.

The next day, the group gathered once again at the entrance of the forest.

The difference this time was, that I and the forest fairy got included in the group.

Originally, I wanted the forest fairy to guide others, but the forest fairy was so scared of everyone in the group, so I had no choice but to join.

Of course, Kaneff expressed irritation and Lia expressed concern at the news of me joining, but there was nothing else we could do.

Reville stepped forward to the front of the party and said.

“Let’s get going.”

Following him, the party slowly moved to the forest.

As we headed deeper into the dense forest, the warmer sunlight weakened, creating an increasingly gloomy atmosphere.

“Forest Fairy.

Are we going in the right way”

“Yes, Pyori!”

We went on, guided by the fairy, and…

“I think there’s a bunch of beasts in front of us, they will be here in a while.”

“What, what How do you know that”

When I accurately identified the existence of the beasts with my skills, Locus asked with a look of absurdity.

“It’s senior’s ability.”

“I can believe what Sihyeon said, so let’s move on.”

Locus and Kroc seemed to doubt me at first, but soon they saw the accuracy of my abilities and showed admiration.

We reached the center of the forest without any damage.

Even though there was no direct confrontation, the whole party began to get nervous little by little.


The forest fairy, who was clinging to me, began to tremble.

“We’re almost there, Pyori!”

As soon as the forest fairy’s words were finished, I began to feel something with my skills.

Beasts with unusual presence were rapidly approaching us.

I told the party about the situation in a low voice.

“The beasts are approaching us at a great speed.

They’ll soon be here.”

The party prepared for the battle as quietly and as quickly as possible.

By the time everyone got equipped with weapons and formation, there was a sound of something moving quickly around.

To be precise, exactly above the surrounding trees.



The beasts that we couldn’t see surrounded the area in a move that was hard to follow with naked eyes.

From the dark branches of the trees, white light poured down on us.

– Wukiiii! Wukiiii!

– Wukiii! Wukiii!

The sound of the beasts crying resonated in the forest.

They were certainly wary of us.

And slowly their figure emerged from the dark.

“Um… I was wondering what kind of guys they were.

It was Totara.”

Locus murmured looking at the beasts that emerged.

“Be careful.

They’re small, but they’re ferocious.

They can make deadly attacks in the blink of an eye.”

Everyone was alert to Locus’ warning.

Meanwhile, I stared blankly at the beasts on the tree.

It was not because I was scared or too nervous, but because the beast’s appearance was too unexpected.

The beasts that Locus called ‘Totara.’  was in fact an animal that everyone on earth was familiar with.


It was squirrels.

Except for the size and hands that are much bigger than squirrels on Earth, they had weapons in their hands.

They really looked just like squirrels.

They were so cute, and I don’t know why they are called ferocious.


Suddenly, an arrow, that was shot by a Totara was blocked by the shield of Kroc and made a fierce sound.

It was such a fierce attack that if it was not blocked, we would have been badly hurt.

I quickly reflected on my complacent behavior of looking blankly at their cute appearance for a while.

Both Totara and we were on guard with weapons, and neither of us attacked.

The arrow that Kroc blocked earlier seemed to be meant as a warning rather than an attack.

Looking at their atmosphere, I whispered quietly to the party.

“I think they are wary of us”

Everyone agreed with a slight nod.

“Everyone, can you lower your spirits a little bit I’ll try to have a conversation.”


“If they don’t attack us unconditionally, I think I might be able to solve it with a conversation.”

Locus looked at me with an expression of disbelief, but as soon as everyone began to lower their spirits, he was also forced to obey me.

I calmly began to use my communion skills.

[Attempting to communicate with the beast.]

[The target is ‘on alert’ against you.]

[The target is curious about you.]

Totara showed curiosity while being wary of me.

I trusted my ability and decided to be a little more active.

“Lord, it’s dangerous!”

I gestured to the terrified Locus that I was okay and stepped forward.

Wukiii Wukii

I approached the guy with the most powerful energy among the Totaras.

He showed more caution, but he didn’t show any signs of attacking me.

“Hey, can I talk to you for a second I heard you guys took all the fairy’s mushrooms and herbs”


“I want to solve the problem without having to fight…”

Totaras looked confused as I kept talking.

– Wukii.


– Wukii! Wukiii!

They talked to each other with a small cry.

Totara, with whom I talked first, came in front of me, looked at me, and cried.

Wukii Wukiiiii! Wukiii Wukiii!

The group behind me flinched thinking I was about to get attacked, but I smiled, as I realized that there was no hostility.


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