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262 Visitors From the Extraterrestrial Races

Now that the Elder King had returned, how could they remain calm

The entire Taiyi Holy Land was full of vigor!

Not long after, various Holy Lands and great imperial dynasties sent gifts over.

The human race would naturally become stronger with the addition of an extreme emperor weapon, allowing them to fight against the ten thousand ancient races.

Furthermore, the extreme emperor weapon that Qin Chen obtained, the innate sword embryo, was a weapon left behind by the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor!

This boosted the morale of the human race even more!

After the news spread, Lord Dragon, Lu Xuan, and many other people in charge of the Taiyi Holy Land rushed over to see the Elder King.

To them, the return of the Elder King was a big deal.

Qin Chen nodded and took a step forward.

In an instant, he had brought everyone back to the main hall.

His terrifying divine aura suppressed everyone.

Now, his spiritual power was probably comparable to that of a God-realm expert.

The big scorpion showed his might as well.

Although his spiritual power was not as powerful as Qin Chens, it could still suppress all the high-ranking officials of the Taiyi Holy Land, which made him quite proud.

Everyone was envious of the big scorpion.

It seemed that this demonic Sage that followed Qin Chen had also gained a lot of benefits from the Emperor Burial Abyss.

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“After I entered the Emperor Burial Abyss, did anything happen during this period” Qin Chen asked indifferently.

Lu Xuan nodded and walked up to Qin Chen.

He told the latter about the appearance of the old lunatic and the fact that he had once visited some of the ten thousand ancient races.


The crazy old man was the only God-realm expert of the human race, but to think he had visited a few of the ten thousand ancient races.

Could it be that the old man wanted to exterminate a few more of them

Qin Chen sighed.

If the old lunatic was still in the human race, the ten thousand ancient races would not have dared to target the human race.

He couldnt help but look into the distance.

In the past, Qin Chen and the big scorpion had explored the depths of the Phoenixs Nest for a while, trying to find traces of the old lunatic.

However, they found nothing in the end.

The old lunatic had clearly left a long time ago.

Now, according to Lu Xuan, the old lunatic had appeared again.

Could it be related to the awakening of the terrifying existences under the Emperor Burial Abyss

One must know that this time, Qin Chen and the others had witnessed how terrifying the existences under the Emperor Burial Abyss were.

According to their words, they seemed to have had some interactions with the great emperors.

However, there was still a huge gap between them and great emperors.

Since the three great emperors, including the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor, could not exterminate these terrifying existences below the Emperor Burial Abyss, Qin Chen believed that the latter would not attack the human race unless they had no other choice.

Qin Chen heaved a sigh.

The Demon Emperor Tomb had been completely shut down after the incident.

If it did not appear itself, no one would be able to find it.

After that, there had been eight of the nine forbidden grounds left.

Prince Zhan had once invited Qin Chen to explore the forbidden grounds with him, but now, the Emperor Burial Abyss had also become a life-forbidden zone.

Of the nine great forbidden grounds, only seven remained.

Qin Chen did not know if the remaining seven forbidden grounds would also become life-forbidden zones if terrifying existences similar to those under the Emperor Burial Abyss appeared.

They could no longer enter the Emperor Burial Abyss now.

Any cultivator who had survived knew that even if they had an extreme weapon, they might not be able to walk out alive from the Emperor Burial Abyss.

The reason was that the terrifying existences under the Emperor Burial Abyss had already awakened.

This would probably be quite a threat to the ten thousand ancient races.

Even they wouldnt dare to easily provoke those existences.

After all, the primordial emperor of the ten thousand ancient races had long followed the footsteps of the ancient great emperors and headed to a certain place to conquer.

The remaining sons of the ten thousand ancient races primordial emperors were nothing to the terrifying existences below the Emperor Burial Abyss.

They could kill as they pleased.

If it wasnt for Qin Chens innate sword embryo, the two ancient princes of the primordial sage race and Prince Zhan would have already been killed by those terrifying existences.

Not long after, there was news.

Some experts from the extraterrestrial races had come from the vast star fields to look for opponents.

At that time, Qin Che was cultivating in seclusion.

He wanted to make the best use of his time to improve his realm.

After all, he was only at level 3 of the Supreme Sage realm now.

Without an extreme emperor weapon, any God-realm expert could kill him.

No matter how powerful the Chaotic Holy Body was, it couldnt enhance him to the point where he could cross a major realm.

A Holy Lands Holy Lord was injured and on his last breath.

Many of the other dynasties were also challenged.

The Great Qin Dynasty had already requested help from the Elder King.

The experts from the extraterrestrial race were extremely powerful.

It was said that they had chosen to appear in this era to compete with the other geniuses.

And now, Heaven and Earth, as well as the emperors path had been restored.

In this era, countless existences wanted to fight for the right to become an emperor.

There were not many cultivators who could survive on the emperors path.

The ten lands thus became the ancient lands where many geniuses fought.

“Imperial Lord, please let the Minister come over and suppress the arrogance of these experts from the extraterrestrial races!”

The Imperial Lord stood in the palace and immediately shook his head, “The Minister has already sacrificed so much for the Great Qin Dynasty.

This matter is not something that can not be handled, so why would we need to trouble him I dont believe that the Great Qin Dynasty has no one who is a match for those extraterrestrial races.

Stop talking, theres no need to trouble the Minister.”

Now that Qin Chen had obtained an extreme weapon, the innate sword embryo, he, as his elder brother, had yet to congratulate his 17th brother.

To think they were asking him to ask his 17th brother to come and fight again.

“Your Majesty…”

The Imperial Lord Qin Feng shook his head and said, “Theres no need to persuade me on this matter!”

“Its too late!”

A figure tore through the space and arrived.

It was Qin Chen.

“Your Majesty, Im late,” Qin Chen said.

“Seven… Minister! What are you doing here”

Qin Chen smiled faintly, “If it werent for the spies I left in the Great Qin Dynasty, I wouldnt have known that the dynasty has been forced into such a state and would still be in the dark in the Taiyi Holy Land.”

The 9th Prince grabbed Qin Chens hand and wanted to say something.

Qin Chen simply said, “As the Minister of the Great Qin Dynasty, this matter… How can I just sit back and do nothing”

Then, he nodded his head, “Your Majesty, leave this matter to me.”

Thousands of words were stuck in his throat.

Emperor Qin Feng wanted to tell Qin Chen, “17th brother, the human race is so lucky to have you! Great Qin is so lucky to have you!”

“Could it be that the Great Qin Dynasty doesnt even have a single person who can fight”

“I thought that the immortal heritage that Emperor Shi left for the Great Qin Dynasty would be extremely powerful.

I didnt expect that all of these cultivators are sissies and wimps!”

There were countless corpses of the Great Qin Dynastys geniuses on the ground and the ground was dyed red with blood.

Countless citizens of the Great Qin Dynasty were enraged.

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