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Chapter 127

Translator: Yonnee


Popular A lot of men around her

Aushuvel glanced down at Ferre, who still had an earnest, bright smile on his lips.

After all, Ferre was still just a little boy, so he probably couldn’t see what’s going on between his older brother and Sera.

However, even as he didn’t know what kind of impact his words had, his statement just now brought about quite the serious repercussions.

“Prince Aushuvel…”

His gaze hardening, Helios looked pointedly at Aushuvel.

It was a wordless reproach asking why he had left her all along.

“I’m sure you know that it’s Miss Popo’s first time attending a banquet…”

Antsy now, a hint of worry could be heard from his voice.

“Um… As you know, um, Your Majesty.

When it comes to taking care of a partner during a banquet, I’m not… very used to it.”

Aushuvel smiled awkwardly and blurted out the first thing that popped into his mind, and it’s true that doing something like that wasn’t his usual thing.

He cautiously gauged Helios’ reaction, but the look in his eyes just grew darker and darker.

What Aushuvel said just now didn’t help at all.

Seeing this kind of reaction, Helios did not look like the kind and infinitely benevolent Imperial Majesty, the gentle Emperor, who they all knew.

He was clearly very jealous right now.

No matter how much Aushuvel tried to scan his own mind, he couldn’t think of a time he’d ever seen such a cold look on Helios’ face.

‘Ah, what should I do’

Aushuvel wracked his mind for any kind of excuse he could say.

But then, Rosé broke the tense silence and spoke first.

“Heli Oppa.”

As though she knew absolutely nothing, Rosé called her older brother and pasted on a smile on her lips that was as bright and earnest as Ferre’s.

Helios’ eyes naturally turned to Rosé.

His eyes softened for a moment, very different now compared to how he looked at Aushuvel just a moment ago.

“Isn’t Sera sooo pretty today”

Rosé’s statement came completely out of nowhere.


Helios smiled somewhat awkwardly as though he was taken aback by his younger sister’s words.

“Ah… No.

I mean.”

Then, Rosé gave a sidelong glance at Saruvia for a moment.

Again, as though she’d gotten spooked, Rosé shook her head a little, then she returned her gaze towards Helios again.

Somehow, it’s obvious what Rosé was trying to say, but Aushuvel watched Rosé and said nothing.

“W…When we saw her, it’s kinda like everyone wants to dance with Sera.

There weren’t even any girls all around Sera, just boys.

R…Right, Ferre”

See, it’s that.

What she’s saying was obvious.

Nudge, nudge. Rosé elbowed Ferre.

“Uh… Yeah! Heli Hyung.

Sera is seriously really really popular.”

Fortunately, Ferre got the hint and responded to Rosé accordingly.

The quick-witted Rosé was very obviously expecting jealousy.

Right Aushuvel glanced at Helios wordlessly, wondering how his cousin would react.


At that moment, when his and Helios’ eyes met.

Aushuvel gritted his teeth so hard.

He’s desperately trying not to burst out in unbridled laughter.

Helios’ expression had distorted in that moment’s instance, and there was now a dangerous glint in his shaking pupils.

“Prince Aushuvel.

Duke Cross.”

It took a long while before Helios opened his heavy lips.

What’s he going to say

Everyone waited for his next words.

Saruvia also stared at him with a meaningful look.

“I will have to excuse myself for a moment.

Prince Aushuvel, please watch Rosé and Ferre for a moment.”

He uttered these words so firmly that it sounded like he was giving a compulsory order instead of just asking for a favor.

Aushuvel nodded with a vague smile on his lips before he could even pull himself out from the shock of hearing those words.

“Oh, yes.

Of course, Your Majesty.”

Then, it happened almost instantaneously.

The moment Aushuvel gave his answer, Helios left and crossed the banquet hall with wide strides.

His retreating figure was the very picture of urgency, and at this, Aushuvel once again let out a light chuckle with a soft, “Ha.”

Obviously enough, he was going to see that person he likes.

‘Just this much is making him jealous That guy, Heli’

Standing there dumbfounded, Aushuvel breathed out a long sigh.

The twins seemed to have stumbled into a very big discovery.

Ah, no.

Aushuvel was taking those words back.

Ferre was the only one who stumbled into it.

Just look at that wide, satisfied grin on Rosé’s lips.

‘This is too much.


Aushuvel let out a silent chuckle as he patted the heads of the twins as they were still clinging to his legs.

Ferre didn’t seem to have any idea of what just happened, but that wasn’t the case for Rosé.

The little girl looked very much like she was proud of the work she’s done here.

But then, Aushuvel soon realized that there was one big problem.

Saruvia was still there, smiling.

Certainly enough, she must have feelings for Helios.

After fumbling in front of Helios, Aushuvel had to think of another excuse again this time.

He pasted on the best smile that he could muster.

“Um… Duke Cross”

Despite the corners of her lips curled up, the expression she had was extremely cold as he faced Aushuvel.

Even after seeing her again now, she was truly beautiful and as beguiling as a poisonous mushroom.

Her unpleasant emotions were hidden well beneath her façade.

At the stifling tension in the air, Aushuvel scooped up the twins and carried them in his arms.

“Hyung, why!”

“Shu Oppa!”

Surprised by Aushuvel’s actions, both Rosé and Ferre wrapped their arms around his neck.

“Their Highnesses, um… They told me that they wanted to eat some ice cream earlier, so.

Then, we shall have to excuse ourselves first.”

With a truly apologetic look as though it couldn’t be helped, Aushuvel apologized towards the duke.

In response, her red eyes only curved up as she smiled.

She knew that he was lying.

“Hyung, ice cream”

As if to say that he’s never said such a thing, Ferre muttered to Aushuvel.


But Rosé quickly noticed and covered Ferre’s mouth with both hands.

“Yeah, um… Shu Oppa! I really really wanna eat ice cream! Hurry, hurry!”

Rosé went for the assist!


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