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“Oh, that’s not a bad idea either.”

My mother nodded vaguely.

Mom, I think you were just trying to want me to be with Gerald, right

Oh, my God.

Why can’t you give up We’re really just friends now.

Of course, there are still some weird and strange feelings, but I think it will get better if Gerald and I had a separate lover.

Gerald will find someone else to love passionately.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Then I’ll send a letter to Veronica.”

“Well, what are you going to do tomorrow”

“I think I’m going to meet Flora and Gerald.

I’m supposed to attend the Tree of Life Reading gathering this time.

The title of the book is the history of politics and the world as a whole for a thousand years.

It’s really amazing.”

“So Gerald decided to help you”


Gerald graduated from the top of the class for a reason.

I heard that he has already read that book so he decided to help Flora and me.”


The book is the Tree of Life”


“Well, okay.

Have a safe trip,” my mother said with a strange expression.

What’s with the Tree of Life reading gathering

She already left me and appeared to be busy before I could ask my mom anything.

Well, I’ll find out when I go to the meeting anyway.

If it was dangerous or strange, my mom would have said something, right

* * *

Gerald kept his word.

He came to the mansion the next day for me and Flora.

Flora also arrived on time.

Flora glared at Gerald coyly.

Her eyes were very different from before.

In the past, when Flora liked Gerald, it was sort of a hunter’s eye.

She wanted to hunt Gerald.

But now, her eyes looked like she was about to fight him.

It seemed like Flora was hiding something and was holding a knife-like gaze.

“What’s wrong”

“You’re asking me what’s the matter I sent a letter to you! And I obviously mentioned Billiers——”

“I ignored your letter,” Gerald said with a smile.

“And about that, Lulu knew about it and agreed with me.”

“What, you did”

Flora turned her head and then looked at me.

I was stepping back from Flora, laughing a little awkwardly.

“Well, of course, I agreed.

It’s just that there are a lot of things that Flora doesn’t know.

I know too many of Billiers’ weak points.”

“Weak points Billiers has those” Flora said incredulously.

“Do you even know a person that exists in the world who has no weak points”

“Billiers! It’s because he is a perfect man! It’s his one and only weak point!”

It appeared that Flora’s ears were more tightly closed than I thought they were.

She shook her head.

Seeing Billiers concentrating on research without washing up for about two days, I wondered what her reaction would be if she found that out.

“Yeah, well…” I awkwardly smiled.

“If that’s what you think, so be it.

Anyway, we can’t let it break our relationship.

We don’t know what kind of attitude Billiers might have.”

“But it’s better than leaving my hands empty.

As a saying goes, you have to persevere and move the mountains if you have to succeed.”

“Billiers could be the mountain, you know.”

“Then, I would just have to conquer that mountain, whether it’s a mountain or Billiers.

I just have to do it.”


There’s nothing you can’t do with that tenacity.

Gerald put down the cup and said in a soft voice.

“Well, you can go to Billiers’s lab.

It’s not closed.”

“Can I go there”

“Why not There’s a lot you can do.

You mention me, you can mention Lulu’s name and how we are acquainted.” Gerald kindly tipped.

“Up to you.”

Flora smiled brightly.

“”Can I do that”

“If you want.”

By Gerald’s kindness, Flora was in the mood to dance.

“Lulu, can I really do that” she asked.


I think it’s fine.” I answered.

“Flora, are you really going to do it

“Of course, love belongs to the person who wins!” Flora said bravely.

“I will win no matter what!”

She’ll do well on her own, right

“If I do well with Billiers, I owe it to you two.”

“What if it doesn’t go well”

“Of course, it’s my fault.

It means I didn’t succeed in making Billiers like me.

You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Flora, way to go.”

“Thank you, Lulu.”

I was a little envious of that.

To love, expect, and be excited about someone is already love itself.

I glanced at Gerald.

Our gazes met.

I don’t know why he was looking at me now.

Are you thinking of the same thing as me

It’s making me feel flustered and tangled.

Is it not

I wish I could find a partner soon.

“Please explain the book, Gerald.”

“Right! Billiers has already read a lot of books, right”

“Billiers has no book he hasn’t read.

He’s the first person that will buy a book when it comes out.”

“I see! Then I just have to do well in many ways! I have to join the book club.” Flora took my hand and nodded.

You wanted to say let’s work hard, right

Okay, I’ll accept that!

It is fine.


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