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“I know nothing, except for the fact that the magic of turning back time is a lost and forbidden magic.

It’s a magic that’s secretly being studied within the academy, but no one can use it.”

“It can’t be used by anyone Because it’s forbidden

“Only those who are allowed to use the magic of time are allowed to do so.”

“Who gives you that permission”

“I don’t know.” Billiers shrugged his shoulders.

“If anyone could turn back time, wouldn’t the whole world, anyone involved, get confused”

That is also true.

I don’t know how I got back to the past.

“No one would like to believe that story anyway, Louella.”

He was right.

I never even told my mom, brother, or dad.

Because I knew that they would think a child like me only had a simple dream.

Or maybe that I was just yapping nonsense.

“You’re right.

It’s amazing that you believe me.”

Billiers shrugged his shoulders again.

“When I’m at the academy, I go through all sorts of things.

There are at least one or two freaks.”

That’s understandable.

Billiers was also one of them.

“How long has it been since you came out of the academy””

“A month”

Look at this.

He spoke now.

Flora, is this really supposed to be him Are you sure that you like him that much Why don’t you give it some thought

“Drink tea and go, Billiers.”

“But I’ve come all the way here!”

“Was there something else you needed”

“…Not, really,” he sighed.

“You’ve really grown up, Louisa.”

“Oh.” I lifted the hem of my dress as I curtsied.

“I should have brought you a present.”

“The medicine is enough.”

Billiers smiled.

I kept my promise with Flora.

I allowed Flora and Billiers to drink tea alone telling them that I had a sudden emergency.

Flora followed Billiers and greeted me roughly, and then went back.


Yes, Flora.

Do well… I don’t know if it’ll work out… Rooting for you, Flora.

* * *

It was finally the day of the book club.

The day had come where my hard work would shine.

I chose the most calm-looking color among the pretty clothes I had.

It was a light lavender dress.

The maid praised me for having such a ninety-degree collarbone and put my hair up.

“Do you think my cheeks look chubbier””

“Not even a little bit! You look really good in it, Lady Louella.”



It had been a long time since I’d done this.

It was awkward.

I used to tie my hair up before I went back.

I poked my cheek.

Oh, no.

It’s nice to be young.

My skin bounced with elasticity.

After getting ready, I headed to the meeting place, recalling what Gerald explained.


“Why are you here”

I didn’t think of you.

Gerald was at the meeting place.

Gerald, who was getting off the carriage, looked surprised at me and smiled.

“My mother is the chairman of this group.”

She is…

“I’m here because she asked me to attend instead.”

Oh, my God.

This time again, God made me face Gerald again.

Why are you doing this to me Huh I said I wanted to fall in love! Is my situation not going to be better

I sighed deeply and trudged along.

“Then, will you continue to attend this book club”

“That is a possibility.”

I can’t even leave any faith left in God, since it seemed I was on a shortcut to a deteriorating image of what once was.

“I’ll hold your book, Lulu.”

“You don’t have to.”


I finally gave my book to Gerald, who pestered me by calling my name.

He hasn’t changed a bit, from childhood to now.

The only difference was that Gerald had grown taller than me.

That’s all there was to it.

Seeing Gerald follow me around like this, I almost knew what the ladies would think.

Is my plan a failure

Flora, who had arrived first, waved at me, but stopped when she saw Gerald.

I can see Flora shaking her head.

You think I’m screwed, don’t you, Flora So do I.

* * *

The meeting was a success.

“Young lady, you have such a deep knowledge of difficult books.

I’m glad I invited you.”

“No, madam.

I think you’re being too kind with your compliment.”

“Oh, did you already know this book”

“Yes, ma’am, so it was a relief.”

“Ho ho ho!”

I laughed pretentiously.

I already knew what to do in such a place.


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