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Kang Xinhous persecution of Su Yanqing was indeed a bit too much, but Su Yanqing himself was not innocent.

He had deliberately hung Kang Xinhou at that time.

There were times when Kang Xinhou finally made up his mind to leave him, then went to find a psychiatrist, and as a result, he came back to find Kang Xinhou…

If Su Yanqing was not reborn, then he will just be a little green tea that at most think of him as a spare tire, but Su Yanqing was reborn.

He probably knew about Kang Xinhous illness, so doing so was just plain sinister.

Therefore, when Yan Jingze wrote the statement, he only wrote that Su Yanqing did not reject Kang Xinhou, not that Su Yanqing did not agree to be with Kang Xinhou.

When netizens saw that Su Yanqing spent so much of Kang Xinhou money, they certainly wouldnt think that the two were not together.

In this case…Kang Xinhou committed suicide at that time was in fact to come out of the closet with Su Yanqing.

Those few months ago, Kang Xinhou begged, self-harmed, and committed suicide were all to be with Su Yanqing!

Although Kang Xinhou in the video looks a bit scary, and Kang Xinhous behavior is disturbing, but…with many cases of people cheating as soon as they have money, Kang Xinhou can be regarded as a breath of fresh air.

Many people inexplicably like Kang Xinhou.

“Looking at what Su Yanqing sent, Kang Xinhou didnt do anything to him, right Even if Su Yanqing cheated, he just committed suicide to keep him, then finally agreed to break off the engagement with him…”

“Although Dad Kang is acting like a silly love-brained little girl that gave me goosebumps, he really didnt do anything bad except be cruel to himself…”

“Su Yanqing is a bit too much.

He has spent so much of his money and when he agreed to break the engagement, he still posts those videos on the internet…Now that there is a problem with Kang Corporate stock price, President Kang has to resign!”

“Su Yanqing is doing more harm than good.

Could President Kang really have an affair with his younger brother Is he losing his mind”

“Upstairs, he cant provide any evidence! But on President Kangs side, there is a lot of evidence of him cheating.”

“What the **! Go take a look at President Kang! President Kang is too great, he hired a lawyer to sue Su Yanqing! Demanding that Su Yanqing return the 50 million gift that the Kang family gave to Su Yanqing!”

“What the **! President Kang also sued Su Yanqing on behalf of Su Moxiu for forcing Su Moxiu to take on debts that do not belong to Su Moxiu!”

“What a great show!”

“The circle is really messed up!”

Yan Jingze really did a big job.

He not only sued Su Yanqing himself and asked Su Yanqing to repay him 50 million, but also sued Su Yanqing on behalf of Su Moxiu, demanding that Su Yanqing return the illegitimate gains he had taken from Su Moxiu over the years.

Many of the people who asked Su Moxiu for debts were loan sharks and the like.

The one who borrowed money from those people was Su Moxius adoptive father.

Su Yanqing put these debts on Su Moxiu…He is blackmailing Su Moxiu!

In addition to hiring a lawyer, Yan Jingze, who was well prepared, also did some other things.

While he invited the navy to speak good words for himself, he also let people post all kinds of information he wanted people to know on the Internet.


“Im Su Yanqing high school classmate.

President Kang is really kind to Su Yanqing.

When Su Yanqing was in high school, he would pick him up when he was free, and he always spoke softly in front of Su Yanqing.”

“Although President Kang has some emotional problems, hes great in other respects.

At our university, he is also a senior who is admired by countless people.

Its just that everyone thought hes a domineering president.

I didnt expect him to actually be like a little girl who cried, made trouble, and hanged herself…”

“I know Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu has always been very poor.

When he was in college, he worked everywhere… He is so miserable.

Su Yanqing forced him to pay back the money he didnt borrow”

“I was surprised before.

Su Moxius monthly salary is tens of thousands, but he still lives in the basement without spending a cent.

It turned out that the money was given to Su Yanqing.”

“Su Moxiu is too miserable to have such an adoptive father and meet such a brother.”

Su Moxiu felt relieved when he saw Yan Jingzes statement at first.

He didnt expect that Yan Jingze would actually sue Su Yanqing and even help him.

When did Yan Jingze know this

There is also Su Yanqing.

To be honest, he doesnt hate Su Yanqing, and is even a little grateful – if it werent for Su Yanqing, he wouldnt be able to live so well now.

“Yan Jingze, I pay back the money voluntarily.” Su Moxiu didnt know what to say.

Yan Jingze was kind to help him, but he wanted to reject it.

Yan Jingze said: “AXiu, Su Yanqing is reborn.”

Reborn Su Moxiu was stunned for a moment.

Yan Jingzes transmigration had broken his materialistic worldview, and now Yan Jingze is telling him that Su Yanqing was reborn

Yan Jingze said: “I have evidence here.

I chatted with him before and it was all recorded!”

He originally wanted to talk to Su Moxiu about it that night, but didnt they go to take a look at his birthmarks later He forgot about it.

After that, it didnt cross his mind.

Isnt it sweeter to hug his wife when he have time Why should he be thinking about Su Yanqing all the time, right

Su Moxiu was a little confused when he listened to the recording.

Yan Jingze added: “This matter, the law will give us justice.

As for the rest, dont worry, I am a good citizen who abides by the law.”

Su Moxiu listened to the conversation again, and suddenly said: “After I owed the debts, he took the initiative to come to me.

Before that, I was very worried about him, so I kept looking for him, but I just couldnt find him…did he deliberately avoid me”

A lot of things are really unbearable.

Su Yanqing…Hes afraid that he had never treated him as a family member at all.

Su Moxiu was a little puzzled: “Did I do something wrong to him in my last life”

“What can you do to wronged him” Yan Jingze said, “From what I know about you, you have a kind heart and will never harm anyone.”

Su Moxiu: “…” He doesnt like to hear Yan Jingze talk about his past self.

“Okay, you have to listen to me anyway! If you dont listen to me, hehe!” Yan Jingze looked at Su Moxiu threateningly.

Su Moxiu: “…” If he doesnt listen, will this person cry

“If you dont listen to me, Ill tickle you for an hour!”

Hes scared, hes scared…he should just listen to him, right

Su Moxiu felt that he had the potential to be a fatuous ruler.

Yan Jingze is the demon imperial concubine who confuses the emperor.

Because Yan Jingze took too much time to clarify on the Internet, it was noon when the two went to the company.

As soon as they arrived at the company, they went to Chief Zhao.

Chief Zhao was very anxious when he called Yan Jingze in the morning, but now he is smiling: “Xiao Kang, Assistant Su, you are here!”

Chief Zhao looked very happy, Su Moxiu felt a little strange, but Yan Jingze was not surprised at all.

Su Yanqing did this to cause problems for Kang Corporations stock, but they clarified it too quickly!

Although Kang Corporations stock is still fluctuating, in the long run…Kang Corporations popularity has greatly increased, and Kang Xinhou has been promoted to a newInternet celebrity!

Kangs products are quite popular among the older generation, but their popularity among young people is far less than that of some big foreign brands.

Now…basically all young people have learned about Kang Corporation after checking in baidu!

They will find some people to advertise next.

Kang Coporations appliances will definitely increase in sales.

Yan Jingze felt that if he went to advertise for Kang Corporation now, the effect would be very very good.

Chief Zhao looked at Yan Jingze with a very kind gaze: “Xiao Kang, your position can be reserved for you.

You can rest for a while then come back when you recover.”

However, Yan Jingze refused.

He proposed to let Su Moxiu do his work.

As for himself, he could be a consultant or something.

Cough, it is easier to come to the company then.

In fact, when Su Moxiu was asked to do his work, he was mostly considering deepening their love.

The most important point, of course, is that he does this, which can make Su Moxiu believe him faster.

Second, he didnt want to do the job.

In addition to this, there is another reason — he is worried that Kang Xinhous previous matter will be exposed.

At that time, when he saw Kang Xinhous memory, he already knew that Su Yanqing was unreliable.

He also felt that it would be difficult for Su Yanqing and Ying Jialang to reach the end.

An irrational person like Su Yanqing…Seeing him and Su Moxiu together, he might make trouble.

That being the case, he had better leave Kang Coporation, so as not to affect Kang Corporation — at that time, he felt that Kang Xinhou had wronged Su Yanqing, so he didnt want to meet Su Yanqing.

If hes going to leave…Its better to give Kang Corporation rights to Su Moxiu rather than to others.

At the first meeting, Su Moxiu might feel a little inferior, but with power, he will become more and more confident.

What Yan Jingze means is that he will only be responsible for taking dividends in the future, as for the rest, whether it is the management of the company or the rights he has as a shareholder, will be handed over to Su Moxiu, making Su Moxiu his agent.

Chief Zhao hesitated for a moment, then said to Yan Jingze, “Lets talk about it alone”

His eldest nephew is a love brain, right Before, he could die for Su Yanqing, and now he gave all the rights to Su Moxiu.

Su Moxiu has so much power, its really too easy to cheat on his eldest nephew!

Chief Zhao waited for Su Moxiu to leave, then looked at Yan Jingze with hatred.

He planned to tear it apart and tell Yan Jingze what was at stake.

Yan Jingze laughed: “Uncle Zhao, I understand everything you said.”

He talked with Chief Zhao about his career plan, then Chief Zhao finally agreed.

After agreeing, Chief Zhao said: “By the way, Xiao Kang, you see that you are very popular now, would you like to help promote our companys new products Our companys dishwashers are not worse than those foreign big brands! However, everyone loves to buy from abroad instead! Our sweeping robot is also very good…”

Yan Jingze said: “I can help promote the goods, but you have to pay me!”

“Were all family members, talking about money hurts feelings.”

“No money, no motivation.”

“Then give our company a little discount…”


Yan Jingze went out from Chief Zhao and saw Su Moxiu: “What did Chief Zhao tell you Actually, its really not good for you to let me take over your position…”

“I took a job to advertise and bring goods to the Kang Corporation from Uncle Zhao.” Yan Jingze interrupted Su Moxiu, “Dear, I have a job to support you, are you happy ”

Su Moxiu: As long as he sees Yan Jingze, he is already very happy.

Yan Jingze said again: “By the way, if I want to promote goods, my current popularity is still not enough.

Do you think I should edit some of my own ghost animal videos1Some kind of entertaining funny video and send them out to increase my popularity”

Some things, if they are hidden and tucked away all the time, will rot, but if one accepts them without any resentment…Actually, it is not a big deal.

Truly, strong people dont care what other people think.

Yan Jingze thought about it: “Take some clips from the video of me committing suicide, add some rhythmic music, then some suitable dubbing, um, I can repeatedly sayif you dont buy Kang Corporates, Ill die for you to see, die for you to see…Fuck, its guaranteed to become a divine brainwashing comedy video!”

Su Moxiu was stunned — the scene suddenly appeared!

However, is it really okay for him to play with himself like this

“I can also repeatPlease buy Kang Corportates, must be Kang Corporates, orI love you the most my Kang Corporate, I cant live without you my Kang Corporate…” Yan Jingze said again, “Sigh, Im not very good at music.

Lets look for it right away.

See if theres any suitable music that makes people want to jump up and down, see if we can buy the copyright.”

Su Moxiu, who followed behind Yan Jingze, was amazed.

Sand sculptures are really terrifying.

He can already foresee that the whole network will be Kang Xinhou in the future.

Those ghost animal areas of ​​some video sites will definitely be occupied by Kang Xinhou.

There will be countless people rubbing against Kang Xinhous popularity and digging deep into Kang Xinhous life trajectory or something.

Its estimated that even Kang Corporate will be turned over 180 times.

Some short video websites will not let go of such traffic.

After many people make those videos, there will surely be a video of Kang Xinhous ghost animal asking for likes, comments, and coins: “If you dont like me, Ill die for you to see! Die for you to see!”

Or Kang Xinhous begging video: “Please give me a comment, give me a comment!”

At that time, the entire network will know about Kang Corporate.

And then…the netizens were amazed.

After doing this, most people will not hate Kang Xinhou, but will like Kang Xinhou, and even sympathize with Kang Xinhou.

It is estimated that there will be many more people calling Dad Kang.

Yan Jingze doesnt need to talk about martial arts, he is already so terrifying.

Is it really appropriate for a good company to solve a crisis like this

When Su Moxiu and Yan Jingze went back together, he couldnt keep his indifferent expressions.

When Yan Jingzes assistants and secretaries saw that Su Moxius face was not right, they looked at them cautiously, and then they heard Yan Jingze ask, “Who of you can make videos”

These secretaries and assistants are all very talented, they know a lot of things.

Among them, there are three who can make videos.

Yan Jingze remembered that the three had never targeted Su Moxiu, so he brought them into the office and assigned them tasks.

The two men and one woman: “…” My Boss Kang is amazing!

President Kang is worthy of being the president.

Although he was confused for love before, he has sobered up so quickly without saying anything.

He now doesnt mind using his previous experience to make fun of himself to advertise for the company…

Successful people are just not like them!

Rich people really think differently!

Ordinary people will collapse when they encounter such a thing, but President Kang has come up with a way to make money!

In fact, they used to think that President Kang was a little hard to talk to in private, but now they think…President Kang is just too powerful!

They even felt sorry for President Kang before, that is really unnecessary!

Now they even suspect that the videos were shot deliberately by President Kang just to promote Kang Corporation and make Kang Corporation, which has been stagnant recently, take a big step forward.

Regardless of what was in their hearts, the three acted quickly and quickly came up with a finished product.

The originally depressing video, accompanied by lively music, adjusted the rhythm…

In the video, Kang Xinhou pointed at himself with a knife, stomping around for people to buy Kang Corporates, but…the more they watch it, the more they like it.

Truly brainwashing! Makes them want to hear it over and over again!

Well, theyll definitely watch it again and again.

After all, compared with other ghost animal subjects, Kang Xinhou is really handsome!

As soon as it was done, the three of them couldnt help but want to share the video.

They could already foresee that everyone who saw it would share it as soon as possible.

1Some kind of entertaining funny video


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