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Chapter 1126: TricksTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

As Xie Yan was speaking… Sword Two nodded without hesitation.

Since Elder Miss chose this passage to be the route to take for Xie Yan, then he could definitely reveal this passage, anyway there was no way to deny it.

Actually, it was Shadow Doors work.

Shadow Door had started to dig such passages two years earlier, but according to the plan, there was just one passage that led to the court from Lord Huais Mansion.

However, after Elder Miss learned about this, she gave them a very concrete and specific map, from which they could dig underground passages.

The plan Elder Miss made for digging the passage turned the whole capital into an underground court!

Also… Although all the passages were accessible underground, not everyone was able to get out of it.

That was why Elder Miss was not worried about letting Xie Yan use the passage.

He could lead Xie Yan out of the capital, but Xie Yan could not find his own way.

It was amazing!

There were two ways for the passages, and both of them were crossed.

Few people knew about how to follow the right route, even those at Shadow Door.

Even he only knew how to get out of the capital.

So he nodded proudly when Mr.

Xie asked whether it was Elder Miss idea.

Also, what Mr.

What Xie had seen was just a tip of the iceberg.

If he saw the real, dramatic passage, he would be more than shocked.

Sword Two walked forward, smiling.

During the process, Sword Two made a few more twists and turns and twists before Xie Yan was led out of the capital.

When they came out of the end, they saw a small hill outside the capital.

It was a very isolated place, with no one else, not even a wild rooster could be seen.

Sword Two looked around and found that it was very safe.

Then he asked Xie Yan.


Xie, where do you plan to go I can take you to your destination before I leave.”

That confused Xie Yan, actually.

He had never thought about where he was going.

He had always thought that Gu Chaoyan was playing tricks with him and wanted to make him stay.

He had always been thinking about this, even when he was in the passage a while ago.

She had exposed the truth of the underground passages to him, so she had to be regarding him as her own.

After he walked out of the passage, he had expected Sword Two to speak for her.

However, he started to ask him where he was going.

He had no parents, and he had learnt to be a strategist since he was young, but his teacher would not accept him, once he left the school.

He always used to work as a strategist in someone elses mansion, so he was always fed and lived well, but later, he lived by himself with only a shabby room, and now the room was gone since he spent so much time with the Crown Prince.

Where would he go Where could he go

Xie Yan was confused.

Gu Chaoyan must be thinking about letting him suffer first before returning to her

Xie Yan snorted.

He would very much like to see what that girl was up to.

He decided to return first.

When he reached the destination, he would like to see if she was going to ask him about it.

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