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Chapter 1242: Purposeful Trouble

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“The leader of the imperial army told me that you suppressed the metal humans, though the imperial army met many casualties as well.

You asked for the payment just now, but for this achievement, I will award you well too,” the King said calmly.

Gu Chaoyan wrote the prescription and offered him the medical cream.

He could tell by how Gu Chaoyan treated him that he was doing well.

Because of that, the King felt very relieved.

When he was physically well, he was going to deal with what happened in the court.

He would not be able to tell the civilians what happened here.


The King was playing with his ring as he frowned slightly, as if he were thinking about something.

Gu Chaoyan did not talk, but started to put away her own needle bag, waiting for the Kings arrangement.

“When you moved out of the Gu Mansion, you were living in the shabby mansion you bought.

That is not very proper, because you are marrying my Eighth Son in the future.

The Ministry of Architecture is building some mansions, so I will tell them to build an extra one for you.”

Having said this, the King looked up to see how Gu Chaoyan would react to that.

Looking at her, the King felt assured and added.

“But you should never tell anyone else about what happened in the court, including the metal humans you have suppressed.”


“Just remember that it is the Crown Prince Consort who has done this, got it” The King threatened.

Gu Chaoyan showed no expression on her face, but sneered inwardly.

The King was trying to make sure that the Phoenix Girls reputation was raised to the sky through the chaos in the court.

No wonder the King had been thinking about how to make the Phoenix Girl more loved, rather than how to arrange the affairs in the court well.

Gu Chaoyan nodded indifferently, smiling.

“I got it.”

The King nodded with assurance.

Gu Chaoyan would definitely say yes to the mansion, because she knew that the mansion was worth a lot of money.

Business people loved to balance losses and gains.


She had gained a lot through this incident, so she knew pretty well what she should and should not get.

Seeing that things were well-arranged, the King felt much more relaxed as he looked at Gu Chaoyan.

“You can leave now.”

“De Fu, please see her off and pay the money she asks for.” The King ordered.

De Fu nodded and said indifferently, “Please come with me, Elder Miss.”

Gu Chaoyan got up and followed him.

Fifty thousand liang might not be a large amount, but it did take De Fu some time to carry it all there.

Gu Chaoyan waited patiently with Sword One, and after one hour, De Fu came with the money.

He did not have the notes, but cash, which filled a few boxes.


He was apparently trying to give Gu Chaoyan some problems.

Gu Chaoyan had only one Sword One with her when she came into the court, and De Fu saw that these two girls were the only ones in the court, but the money made up to at least six small boxes.

It would be a very big problem for Gu Chaoyan and her maid to carry them home.

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