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Chapter 1733: What forTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Uncle Fu, that is not very proper, is it” Qin Feng panicked when he heard that Fus Enterprise was withdrawing all the projects with the Qin Family.

“In this way, both the Qin Family and the Fu Family would suffer huge losses…”

Also, there were hundreds of projects between the Qin Family and the Fu Family, and if all of them were stopped at once, where would they find such a large amount of funding from

“I dont care about the loss,” Fu Shengying said with a low voice.

They had dared to do something to his grandson, and if their plan had not been exposed, they would have done something to Fus Enterprise.

If he had not been so stupid as to think that the Fu Family were too rich, how different would the situation be

Qin Feng got anxious.

“But Qins Enterprise will…”

“I missed the part where thats my problem if the Qin Family lives or dies You two did not care about our relationship,” Fu Shengying said coldly.

They should have known that this would happen when they colluded with the Gu Family and tried to hurt Youyou.

The canceling of their collaboration was just a minor issue.

When Hanzheng found Youyou and made some noise, he would think about how to deal with the Gu Family and what his plan was.

Seeing that Fu Shengying was not convinced, Qin Feng turned to Qin Jiao for help.

“Xiao Man, say something…”

“Uncle Fu, since they have started to look for the place, can we give the antidote to Lv” Qin Jianjia asked.

The medicine they had given to him could only keep him pain free for three hours, but two hours had passed and the effects of the poison were coming again.

“He has made my grandson suffer, and our whole family is suffering too.

Why should we let him escape from suffering” Fu Shengying said and left angrily.

If Qin Lv had not been involved, no one would have been able to bring Youyou out of the Qin Family.

And now they still wanted them to let him go, did they really think that they were that easy to deal with

Seeing Fu Shengying leaving, Qin Feng stomped angrily in the living room.

“If Fus Enterprise suspends all the projects, we will suffer a great loss.”

After all, they were not as rich as the Fu Family.

He had planned to use the Gu Family to bring down the Fu Family and steal the resources of the Fu Family so that the Qin Family could replace the Fu Family as the richest family in Hua Land.

But unexpectedly, before the plan even started, he was already spied upon by the Fu Family.

They failed to bring down the Fu Family, but they themselves had started to fall.

When hundreds of projects were stopped, they would not be able to get so much money to support them.

If they could not find the money, the Qin Family would have to increase the investment themselves.

But they did not have so many savings to do that!

“Why did you do it if you knew about the risk” Qin Man said.

If she had noticed their intention, she would have tried her best to stop them.

But by the time she realized it, it was already too late.

It had been the Fu Family who had spoiled their grandson, and no matter how good-tempered Fu Shengying was, he would still turn hostile.

If it had not been because of being in the older generation, the Old Master would have known about it already.

“What should we do now If we cant get the antidote, Fus Enterprise will stop the collaboration…” Qin Feng got so anxious that he almost exploded.

He truly regretted his decision, but it was too late.

Qin Man sat down on the sofa tiredly and said, “I have asked an expert of neurotoxins to come here, but I am afraid that the antidote will not be available any time soon.”

So all they could do now was to find someone to alleviate Qin Lvs pain and wait until Fu Hanzheng found the child.

Hopefully, they would be able to find the child through this clue.

Otherwise, apart from Fu Shengying, Fu Hanzheng and his brothers would do harm beyond their imagination to the Qin Family.

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