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Chapter 4115: The Other Side 84Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Yun Shishi noticed this, too, and tried not to laugh.

She had never seen the boy jealous before either, and for a moment, she found it novel! It wasnt as if the boy had never been jealous, but it had only been where she was concerned.

She had never seen him jealous where anyone else, apart from her, was concerned.

Yun Shishi studied Natalia seriously.

Anyone who saw the girl for the first time would be deeply attracted to her mesmerizing purple eyes!

She was taken aback.

Throughout the worlds population, a person with a pair of purple eyes was extremely rare.

There were many people with unusual colored eyes, but pure purple eyes were extremely rare.

In the era of black-and-white photographs, there was a British-American actress named Elizabeth Taylor who had purple eyes.

Those eyes had been a rare treasure of that century.

However, there was an existing controversy about her purple eyes.

Some people said that she did not have pure purple eyes.

It was just that under certain lighting conditions, they appeared purple.

Now that the beauty had passed away and the remaining photos were all in black and white.

There was no way to find out.


However, reality was that the girl before them now had real purple eyes! They were really pretty! Yun Shishi could not help but marvel at her sons exquisite taste! Her purple eyes aside, this girls facial features were also very delicate and cute.

She picked up Youyou and soothed him, saying, “Shall we wait outside Natalia needs to get changed.”

“Uh huh!” The boy gave a gentlemanly nod.

Carrying the boy, she started to walk out of the room.

Gong Jie got onto his feet and told Hua Jin, “Help her get changed.

Ill wait outside.”

With that, he walked out of the room, ignoring Hua Jins pleading expression for him to stay.

The actor and Natalia were thus left in the room, staring at each other.

They had packed quite a few of Natalias clothes on this trip, many of them new ones that Gong Jie had bought for her.

Natalia couldnt help looking disappointed as she watched her daddy walk away.

Hua Jin noticed this and rubbed her head gently.

He smiled and said to the girl, “Shall I help you get dressed”

“No!” Natalia pouted.

“I can dress myself!”

“Eh Can you dress yourself”

“Uh huh!” Natalia went to the closet and grabbed a dress.

She seemed to like dresses.

However, it was normal for girls to like wearing dresses.

Hua Jin sat quietly by the side, but deliberately looked away.

Although Natalia was still a little girl and had not yet begun to grow and develop, the actor deliberately avoided looking at her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the girl unbuttoning her negligee.

Seeing that she was dressing herself methodically, he was relieved.

He stood up and retreated, telling the girl, “Ill… wait for you outside!”

Natalia was somewhat surprised, and nodded dumbly.

Despite her youth, she understood the differences between men and women.

Even as young as she was, the actor respected her as a woman, and Natalia found his gentlemanly attitude heartwarming.

The truth was, she had long understood the difference between men and women.

Shed also learned that there were some aspects that were taboo.

But in the hospital, Professor Romanka didnt seem to be the least bit mindful, which disgusted her.

But seeing how principled Hua Jin was, the girl warmed towards him! She felt respected by the actor in that way!

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