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“I… dont remember.”

“Do you really not remember, or are you pretending not to remember” He arched his brow.

“Im your husband.

What do you have to hide from me”

“I … Im scared …”

“Of what” The man objected, “Im here.

What are you afraid of”

Could it be, she was worried that he would hate Youyou and Gong Fan after knowing the truth

She bowed her head and let out a weak sigh.

“Im afraid… its true… I dont want to believe it.

Its true… Ive been lying to myself that it wasnt real, that it was only a figment of my imagination…”

“Shishi…” Mu Yazhe felt his chest tightening as he took her into his arms.

“Whats done is done.

Whats there to fool yourself about”

Yun Shishi thought back to what had happened before she passed out.

She took a deep breath, but she could not stop her tears from falling! Her own flesh and blood.

Having been stabbed by her own child, even now, she found it hard to believe the hideous expression that she saw on that innocent and lovely face.

The pain was unbearable!

“That didnt really happen…” She choked on a sob.

“I dont believe that was Gong Fan, or Youyou… thats not true…”

“Yes, thats not true.

Something must have gone wrong.” He stroked her silky hair gently and consoled her.

“Dont worry too much either, okay Everythings going to be fine.”

“That cant be Gong Fan.

He wouldnt do that.

And even less so Youyou!”

“Yes, I believe that.”

The woman heaved a sigh of relief at his words, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders!

‘Well, now can you tell me exactly what happened then

She calmed down a little and spoke unhurriedly.

She only recalled that at the time, she was sitting by the bed and paring an apple for Gong Fan.

At that point, Gong Fan was only half-conscious.

The nurse said that he would probably wake up soon.

She thought that when he woke up, the apple would be ready for him.

After she pared the apple, Gong Fan woke up.

She was overjoyed because the doctor had told her that if Gong Fan woke up, it would mean that he was fine.

However, her joy did not last.

She felt that Gong Fans expression was very obviously unusual.

Although Gong Fan was usually very cold to others, he would always look at her with much gentle affection.

But, at this moment, it was different from before.

He seemed cold, indifferent, expressionless, and even a little icy and sharp in his expression.

She asked him if he wanted some fruit.

Gong Fan looked in the direction of her hand and his gaze fell on the fruit knife next to the fruit plate.

His eyes gradually turned bloodshot.

He suddenly reached out and gripped the fruit knife tightly.

Yun Shishi was shocked.

She didnt know what his motive was, or why he had reached for the knife, but seeing how tightly he was holding it, she instinctively sensed that something was wrong with this boy before her now.

She started to retreat, and just as she took half a step back, Gong Fan raised the knife and brought it down at her fiercely.

When the tip of the knife ruthlessly pierced her abdomen, she only felt a wave of excruciating pain.

Her entire body froze, and she could no longer move .

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