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Do Nothing but The Biggest Attack

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“So, I have a good idea, but”


When I was trying to figure out how to give Gohn Almond a “little” twist, Orthia said with a mischievous smile on her face.


“What’s on your mind, nee-san”

“No, wait, what’s with the nee-san thing”


Orthia’s mischievous smile was reliable and I wanted to ask her about the contents, but I was more interested in this.

I don’t want to abandon it; I feel that if I pass through it, it will develop in various ways and it will not be good.


“Eh Ah…… That’s because, all the girls that looked after us are juniors of nee-san.”

“No, it’s definitely different.

You just came up with an excuse.”

“That’s not true, you know”


Kyorus confessed, at the end of his phrase was――



“Stop whistling! Try to fake it more!”

“Isn’t that okay Aniki, Nee-san is somehow already our nee-san”

“The breakdown of that 『somehow already』 is unclear!”


I quipped, but my quip also became crude.

It became troublesome somehow.

I’m sure they won’t stop no matter what I say anyway.


I sighed, then resettled myself and turned to Orthia.


“So, what’s this good idea”


When I asked her again, I then could feel the reliableness in the appearance of Orthia who’s broadly grinning.



First of all, they are famous chivalrous bandits, right”


That’s why, I am trying to steal from Gohn Almond along with these guys.

I can do damage with both their fortune and reputation.”


The Dream troupe is famous for only stealing from unscrupulous merchants.

If the dream troupe targeted the other party, it’s like blowing the whistle that they are a corrupt merchant.

I’ve been involved with these guys and did a lot of research, but interestingly enough, they have that much credibility.


“And I don’t think you need to join them, Hermes-chan.”


“Hermes-chan will be the third role, that would cause mental damage to the other person”


With that said, Orthia whispered into my ear.

Her proposal was interesting.


“I see, you’re going to use the fact that they know various things about me to play hooky.”

“That’s what it is.”

“Hey, nee-san, what are we going to do Is it fine to do it without aniki”


But in return, you have to keep your promise to Hermes.”


“Yes, promise not to steal in Hermes-chan’s territory.”


Orthia chuckles again.

Oh man, I knew I could count on her.

(TN: Sounds like he’s lovestruck hereヾ(•ω•`)o)



The Dream troupe ran about on all the corners of the country

They raid the mansions and open stores of the mithril merchant Gohn Almond, steal his wealth, and distribute it to the local people.


The Dream troupe is famous for being righteous bandits.

There was a rumor going around the country that he must be a very bad guy, since they started targeting him quite intensively.


Among that, there was a windless area that could be called the eye of the typhoon.


It’s the Canoe family, my territory.

The Dream troupe did not steal or take anything from the territory of the Canoe family.


Some people suspected me of being involved in this, but what the Dream troupe was doing is rob the merchants and distribute the money to the people.

Moreover, it’s to the local people.


I haven’t gained anything at all, nor have the people of my territory.

Rather, in terms of the people, it is a relative loss.


There are few people who believe in the theory that the mastermind is someone who hasn’t gained anything.


Moreover, it’s too unnatural.

They’ve even come up with a conspiracy theory that the fact that they’re doing this all over the country and not doing it in my territory means they’re trying to pin the blame on me.


While such a thing was going on, Gohn Almond asked me to visit again.



Inside the drawing room, I faced Gohn Almond alone.


Unlike the last time, he looked as if he was chewing on a very bitter bug.

After saying something several times and swallowing his words repeatedly.


“Please stop this, I beg you.”

“You can believe all you want about that rumor, but I haven’t done anything.”


“Well, I might have leaked to those guys that some merchant took a prostitute as a hostage.”

“That’s i――ugh”


Gohn rotated his head fast.

For a moment, he almost said “That’s it”, but I guess he quickly realized that there was nothing he could do about me with that.


Even if it’s true that I told Kyorus――that is, the Dream Troupe, and even if I did spread the story.

No damage was done to me.


What the Dream troupe is doing is the same act of thief as before, and what I said is that there is a corrupt merchant who has taken a prostitute as a hostage.


I hate to say it, but prostitutes are looked at in many ways, and one of them is that they are “socially vulnerable”.

In this case, the context would automatically become a flow of “until you take the prostitute as a partner~”. (TN: That means that anyone who kidnaps a prostitute should marry them.

Different with the case of Hestia in which she bought herself out of being a prostitute)


It’s a story that it’s natural to be targeted by the dream troupe.


As expected of a lucrative merchant, his mind is quick and he seems to have figured it out in an instant.

If he was that smart――


“Rather, I would like you to do something for me”

“――Tuh! Please tell me anything!”


This would be the first push.

The phrase “I would like you to do something ” is usually used in this context to mean that he should give me something before I drop it.


Gohn, as a matter of course, expected it, and the light of salvation emerged on his face.


“If you have any property in Canoe territory, pull it up.

Then, I won’t bring anything more into this.”


“I’m pretty sure the Dream troupe is targeting you.

I don’t want you bringing trouble into my territory.”

“Wha……tha,that’s ――”

“If you just stay here, I’ll have to go and catch them, which is a problem.

Just trying to catch a bandit as big as the Dream troupe is enough to make the people look at you coldly.

It’s double the trouble.”


Dumbfounded, Gohn opened his mouth wide.


“I don’t want to deal with any of the hassle, so don’t bring it to my house.”


“That’s all, go back.”

“――tu! Hermes Canoeeeeee!”


Gohn got angry and tried to grab me.

I didn’t counterattack, I just dodged lightly.

He stumbles, then falls.

He laid flatly on the floor, then looked up at me and glared.


I didn’t pay attention to him, and left the drawing room.


“Hermes Canoeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


Even through the door, I could clearly hear his rage.


Nevertheless, I won’t do anything.

This time, I will do nothing.


This may be the first time I’ve ever felt this exhilarated without something backfiring on me.

I’ll have to thank Orthia for that.



About half a year later.

As a result of this, various bandits have been targeting them since the Dream troupe obtained information about their other wrongdoings and spread it around.


Gohn Almond was devoured by hyenas and left penniless. (TN: LOL)


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