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You do as you see fit.

I have no objection. 

The princess left Dongting and took the Shu road to Kuizhou to marry into the Xie family.

Xie Jialang left her  on the wedding night in a hurry, it was not necessary to mention the matter as it was unavoidable. But over the past six months with Xie mu’s carelessness and the princess’ desire for perfection, which of the servants of the Mu family that came with the marriage could not see the situation and feel pain in their hearts

Unexpectedly, when the princess woke up early in the morning, she seemed to be a different person and said that she would go back to Dongting, it really was a joy from heaven.

Some of the maids went into the house to pack their things and some immediately ran out and asked the steward to summon to quickly arrange the carriages and horses to prepare for the road, all of them were very busy.

Although Mu mama also feels deeply aggrieved for the princess and a little dissatisfied with the Xie family, unlike the cheerful maids she felt the decision of the princess was too sudden and seemed a bit abnormal.

She remembered that when the princess had just opened the door and showed her face, the eyes that could not hide her tears and her heart felt more and more uneasy.

She entered the room, and upon seeing the princess herself folding several pieces of intimate clothing, hesitated, then walked to her side and asked softly, “Did mistress cry this morning Can you momo why you suddenly want to return to Dongting

Fulan turned her face to meet Mu mama’s eyes which were full of concern as she gazed at her, and a burst of sourness welled up in her heart.

It was a mix of infinite regret and infinite gratitude.

Her parents were very affectionate with one another. Although her father was Changsha wang, he only had one queen in his life. After her mother died of illness when she was ten years old, the old wounds left by her father’s early battles also relapsed and his health deteriorated day by day. When she was thirteen years old, shortly after the marriage was arranged for her, he followed her mother and passed away.

Although her parents are no longer here in this life, she also suffered the painful loss in that dream.

But she really felt in her heart that everything should be real in a previous life – the kind of heart-wrenching sorrow, so that she woke up this morning, crying uncontrollably.

But she was still lucky.

She was her sixteen-year-old self again.

In this new life, she and her former life and love will be separated from one another and there will be no chance of meeting.

Now she has the opportunity to save her brother, her virtuous sister-in-law and Mu mama who was has treated her so well, she will protect her family with her life.

She tried her best to force back the heat in her eyes, and said, “I’m fine, I just had a nightmare last night.

Mama, don’t worry.”

After a pause, she added, “Mu mama, I want to go back to Dongting.

I’ve made up my mind.” 

The princess has always been gentle and obedient since she was a child.

It was the first time that Mu mama saw her decide on a matter in such a tone of voice. There was absolutely no room discussion.

Although she was still confused, she stopped asking questions and said softly, “Okay.

If mistress wants to go back to Dongting, let’s go back.”

Mu Fulan went to the table and picked up the letter she had written this morning that had been sealed with wax and handed it over.

“Mu mama, send a competent person to deliver this letter to my sister-in-law as quickly as possible! I have something important that I need to let my sister-in-law know as soon as possible.

There are many of us, and even if the road is fast, I am afraid there will be a delay.”

“This letter is extremely important.


She emphasised it again in a serious tone.

Mama Mu became more and more puzzled, but seeing her solemn expression, she nodded, took the letter, turned around and hurried out.

Fulan watched Mu mama’s back leave and slowly exhaled.

“Mistress, when we return, the weather must be cold, should we bring this fox fur, or that cloak Or shall we bring both”

Dan Zhu pointed to several pieces of winter clothing and asked her preference.

Fulan turned around and said, “Pack up all the books I brought when I came, including the medical books, and the pair of Zhou Kui patterned bottles on the shelf.

The clothes are optional, just enough to change on the way back.”

Dan Zhu was stunned.

When the princess married here, in addition to her generous dowry, she also brought many of her books, including medical books.

The pair of Zhou Kui patterned bottles were the beloved possessions of the late old Changsha wang. Changsha wang loves his sister and added it to her dowry as a keepsake.

Dan Zhu thought that the princess was just going back for a visit. I wonder why, discarding clothes to pack these  heavy objects that are inconvenient to carry

She was a little confused.


“Just pack as I instructed.” Fulan gave her a faint smile.

The maid had no choice but to nod, and directed people to continue packing.

A voice suddenly came from the door.

“Old lady, slow down! Be careful of the steps!”

Fulan turned around.

Xie mu hurried over from the direction of the main room and without Qiu Ju’s help, she herself crossed the steps and stopped at the door of the east wing.

She did not enter but stood beyond the threshold, swept her eyes across the several open trousseau on the floor and her face sank.

“Mu shi, what do you mean Qiu Ju just told me, I still don’t believe it! Are you really going to go back to your mother’s house”

Dan Zhu and the others stopped what they were doing when they saw Xie mu coming and looked at Fulan.

Fulan looked Xie mu, greeted her at the door and said respectfully, “Mother-in-law, come in and sit.

Because the schedule is a bit rushed, and there are a lot of things to pack, so I didn’t go over to talk to you myself, don’t blame me.”

Xie mu’s eyebrows furrowed together and she said angrily, ”Although my son left on the night of the wedding, it was the Emperor’s order and that could not be disobeyed, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to stay! You married into my family so you are considered my family.

It’s not that I won’t let you go back to your parents’ home, but it has not been long since you entered and you’re going to go back” 

Fulan was silent and did not answer.

Xie Mu paused.

“I’m a widow, not having a daughter-in-law to serve me is one thing, but my son is coming back soon.

When he comes back and you’re not here, where is the decency”

Fulan said, “It’s my fault, Mother-in-law, don’t be angry.”

That was all she said, and nothing more.

The attitude is still respectful, but the meaning was very clear.

That is, this trip to her mother’s house is a must.

Mu shi has been a member of the family for more than half a year and in front of herself, she was extremely obedient.

This was Xie mu’s first time getting rejected and she was even more annoyed. But after all, she was still a little afraid of her identity and she didn’t dare to be too violent.

She managed to suppress her anger and snorted.

“Mu shi, I know that you are a princess but do not look down on my Xie family.

I’m an old country woman and I don’t deserve to be your mother-in-law.

You must go back to your mother’s house, and I dare not let you go.

It’s just that before you leave, I have to let you know about something, lest you come back and complain.”

How could Mu Fulan not guess what she wanted to say

“Mother-in-law wants to bring the Qi family’s daughter into the house”

Her tone was calm.

Xie mu was taken aback, glanced at Mu Fulan, coughed and eased her tone.

“You’ve been in my Xie family for some time so there are some things that you must know.

When my son was young, my Xie family’s fortune was not easy.

The master of the Qi family appreciated my son and did not mind my Xie family, and promised my son his eldest daughter.  Later, Qi family’s daughter unfortunately passed away.

Although the marriage contract is gone, but these years while my son has been wandering outside, there have been many difficulties.

Thanks to the care of the Qi family, I’m still here today.

Although you are married now, my son and Feng’er have always been close with each other.

Feng’er is aware of her identity and is willing to be a concubine.

When my son returns home, I will handle this matter…”

Fulan looked at Xie mu’s mouth while speaking and looked at her eyes, listening to her voice that seemed to be cautious, but was actually righteous and gradually became fascinated.

Yes, how could she not know

Not long after she got married, she had pieced together many things about her Xie family’s Langjun in the blank years before marrying her, from the seemingly unintentional daily nagging of Xie mu.

Xie mu’s husband was a Yicheng (minor government role) at that time. That year, he was severely beaten for offending a passing official, came home vomiting blood and died. Her son, a 14-year-old boy, caught up with the official who had left and after killing dozens of people in his party, he entrusted his mother to the Qi family, left Xie County on his own to become a bandit.

The memories of her past life, which she never wanted to look back on, suddenly came back to her at this moment.

She remembers clearly that it was during this period, half a year after she married into the Xie family, that her husband returned home.

After their consummation, mentioned to her, who had not yet had time to recover from the shyness and joy of a young girl becoming a woman, the matter of Qi’s daughter.

Even before the marriage, she had secretly hoped more than once that she and the Xie Jialang that she was going to marry would be like her parents in the future, a good couple, living together and dying together.

But the moment he spoke, she still suppressed her heart full of disappointment, forced a smile and agreed.

How naive she was at that time.

It is surprising to think that a hundred feet of steel can turn soft, and that a wife and concubine can share a husband.

Later, she finally learned.

The only thing in Xie Changgeng’s eyes is his imperial plans and hegemony.

The princess of the Changsha is just a stepping stone for him. If it’s gone, it’s gone.

This Qi family’s Lingfeng may be his good match.

Stupid, originally if only I die, I will die.

It is not a pity to die.

However, when the handsome boy in the dream, dressed in white and blood, in the dark palace room, in front of the spirit of his deceased mother who he had been guarding for many years, kills himself with the sword of the father who gave him the other half of his bone and blood said, “Mom, is it right for my son to do this” When the question rang in her ears again, it was as if there was a dull knife cutting her again and again under her chest and above her heart, her skin splitting and blood dripping.

The corners of her eyes were faintly red, and her nails, deeply embedded in the palm of her hand.

“You see to it.

I have no objection.”

Her expression was colder than snow and ice, and she said it indifferently.

Xie Mu also expected that she would not dare to object. Now that she got a good answer, she is also satisfied. Glancing at a few boxes in the house, she suppressed her dissatisfaction and said, “Go early and return early! My son will surely return home soon after winning the battle.”

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