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Shin headed downstairs. He was welcomed by a mouthwatering aroma. The breakfast was almost ready. But this time Reina wasn't preparing alone. Alice helped her.

Seeing them work together Shin felt his heart warming. He was a little worried at first if Alice might be uncomfortable living with them. But it seems she is fine now.



Seeing Shin, Alice felt butterflies in her stomach. She blushed and continued doing her work.

Reina giggled at Alice's reaction and teased her. Alice felt embarrassed.

Shin freshened up and sat at the dining table.

As he couldn't watch television. Shin just sat there while circulating the new energy 'Mana' inside his body. He had a refreshing feeling and it was very addicting.

Shin didn't know what effects it might have. But he had a feeling. It will be very beneficial for him later on.

And Shin was right. The circulation and flow of Mana throughout the body were beneficial for improving the body as well as the quality of mana inside. It will be proved later on.

A few minutes later Alfred also came down and sat beside Shin waiting for breakfast to be served.

They had breakfast without much talk. They only had some small talk but none of the important matters were brought up.

After breakfast, Shin turned to his father and mother waiting for answers. Both of them nodded. All of them sat in the living room.

Alfred yawned a little and Reina wasn't any better. It was clear they didn't have proper sleep.

,m 'Even if they are strong it is out of habit for them to stay awake. They might feel a little uncomfortable.' Shin thought as he waited for them to speak.

Reina was the first to break the silence.

"Ok, Shin. We know that you want answers but promise me you won't do anything reckless."

Shin looked at her suspiciously then replied.

"Ok, I promise. I won't do anything reckless. But I'll get stronger and do everything that I can with my power."

'Yes, I know that my power is not normal and I have to get stronger now that I have a chance. There's no way I will waste that opportunity. I don't want any more regrets.' Shin thought as he remembered how helpless he was yesterday.

Reina nodded and looked at Alfred to continue.

"Ahem, So I'll explain what I know."

"Yesterday afternoon was the time those monsters were seen. There are many different kinds of monsters out there. They attacked all the cities I was able to contact. So we can assume this is happening all around the world."

Shin and Alice had shocked expressions on their faces.

"The only clue found about their sudden appearance was the red portals. So-"

"Portals" Alfred was cut mid-sentence by Shin's question.

Alfred nodded and said with a grim expression.

"Portals, dimensional rifts whatever you may call it. That's the place those monsters are coming from. They are being called rifts by some people."

"So where are these portals now" Shin questioned and Alice nodded. She also wanted to know about it.

"They closed soon after some monsters came out of it. It appeared out of nowhere and vanished in mid-air. They were emitting red-colored energy from within. This was the only information we could find from the survivors."

Shin fell into some deep thought and Alfred continued.

"Next is about the phenomena we know as Awakened." Shin and Alice's eyes sparkled at the word Awakened. Both of them wanted to know what was happening to them. But there were no answers. Maybe Shin's parents know about it.

"What is it" Shin stood up as he slammed his palm on the table.

"Calm down. We only know what we managed to find out. We are still clueless about how this happened." Alfred said calmly understanding Shin's thought.

He knew Shin and Alice had awakened but their reaction just now confirmed it. He didn't know if this was a good thing or not. But for now, he could only hope for the best.

Shin sighed and sat down.

"I'm sorry for reacting like that."

"It's fine." Alfred chuckled. If this was old Shin he would have never apologized. This change was good. His kid is becoming mature.

"From what I found out. There are many people out there who suddenly got superpowers and are calling themselves awakened. Everyone got many different kinds of powers. Some are good at fighting so some are good at defending."

"There are many whose skills aren't battle-related too."

"But the problem is that people awakened randomly. Which is a problem."

"Ahh, governments or big powerhouses are losing their control over people now," Alice muttered.

"Yes, that's right. Many criminals got dangerous skills. It feels like giving a weapon to a kid now. There is no regulation after the monster attack. It will be very problematic later on."

"People are focusing on killing monsters so that they can get strong. For some reason after getting their abilities their sense of fear is diminishing. So some are even getting crazy." Alfred sighed.

"What do you mean by that Dad" Shin asked.

Alfred smiled wryly.

"You will soon understand."

"For now everyone is focusing on clearing monsters from everywhere or at least pushing them toward the forest. But unfortunately, some towns are gone. They weren't able to survive the monster attacks."

Alfred said with a sad expression and continued.

"There are many different types of monsters. Some are weak, some are strong. But people with special abilities were able to find a way to counter them."

"But many cities have a monster which is much stronger than a normal monster. Many cities are troubled by them. Some are calling them a boss monster." Alfred said with a tint of worry on his face.

Hearing boss monster, Alice and Shin remembered their fight with the Undead tormentor and remembered how difficult it was. They nodded simultaneously as they agreed it was very powerful.

"Our and the other families have sent their people everywhere trying to help them. We are assisting the government for now."

Alice looked confused but she didn't say anything.

Alfred noticed it and turned to Reina.

"Maybe we should tell her about us."


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