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Chapter 865: The surname is Xie!

Orthopedic outpatient clinic.

It was quiet along the corridor.

Dong Xuebings phone suddenly rang.

It was Xie Huilan.

“Hello, Huilan.”

“Where are you I am done with the checks.”

“So fast How is it”


I am healthy, and everything is normal.”

“Come over to the Western Building.

I am with our Commission for Discipline Inspection Leader here.”

“Western Building Ok.

Wait for me.”

Dong Xuebing kept his phone and looked at Professor Ci.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.

What were we talking about Oh, can you bring forward Rourous surgery It would be best if it could be tomorrow.

Yes, I know its New Years Day tomorrow and a holiday, but her injuries have been delayed for too long.

The chances of recovery will drop if it is delayed for too long.

Two days later might be too late.”


Zhan looked at Professor Ci.

“Doctor Ci….”

Zhan Guiping also wants Zhan Rourou to recover earlier.

Professor Ci thought for a while and exchanged looks with the doctor beside him before looking toward Dong Xuebing.

Afterward, he took out a small notebook from his pocket to check his schedule.


Lets set it for tomorrow at 7 am.

All the checks must be completed today, or the results might not be out before the surgery.” He turned to the doctor beside him.

“Tell that side to push that third district surgery before noon.”

That doctor nodded.



Zhan and Zhan Guiping quickly thanked Professor Ci.

“Thank you.”

Professor Ci waved his hand.

“Dont mention it.

Go and do the checks.

I will arrange a ward for you all later.”

Professor Ci had insisted his earliest available slot for the surgery was two days later in the evening.

Now, he switched it to tomorrow morning.

Everyone can tell he was shocked by Dong Xuebings network.

Dong Xuebing was someone who could chat with Senior Wu, Deputy Minister Zhang, and Secretary Chen and wanted to have an arranged marriage with his unborn child.

Professor Ci is not stupid and knows he cannot afford to offend the young man in front of him.

He knew how to prioritize his patients surgeries.

This was his experience from working in the Western Building.

Not many patients were in the Western Building, and a doctor accompanied Zhan Rourou to all the checks.

Zhan Rourou entered the CT scan room.


Zhan turned to Dong Xuebing.

“Xiao Dong, I was too anxious earlier and was rude to you.

Please dont take it to heart.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replies.

“Dont say that.

Its alright, and it was my fault for not protecting Rourou.”

Zhan Guiping added.

“You had done your best during the earthquake.

You had done nothing wrong.”


Zhan continued.

“Thats right.

You risked your life to save Rourou, and we are grateful to you.

Also, I want to thank you for your help today.”

“Ah, dont mention it.”

Xie Huilan arrived as Zhan Rourou was pushed out of the CT scan room.

Xie Huilan was someone who could attract everyones stare wherever she went.

All the nurses and doctors stopped and looked at her as she walked along the corridor.

Dong Xuebing waved in the air.

“Over here, Huilan.”

Xie Huilan was holding to her checkup result when she walked over with a smile.

“These are….”

Dong Xuebing quickly introduced them.

“This is our Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhan, and this is his wife.

This is their daughter, Zhan Rourou.” He turned to Zhan Guiping.

“This is my wife, Xie Huilan.”

Zhan Guiping extended his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mayor Xie.”

Zhan Guipings rank was lower than Xie Huilans, and he could not speak as casually as Dong Xuebing.

Xie Huilan shook his hand.

“Secretary Zhan, is your daughter not feeling well”

Zhan Guiping sighed.

“She injured her waist and legs during the earthquake and is paralyzed from her waist.”

“Oh….” Xie Huilan looked at Zhan Rourou, who was in a wheelchair.

“Has her ward been arranged Do you need me to make the arrangements”


Zhan said gratefully.

“Xuebing had arranged everything, including her surgery, for Rourou.

Thank you for your help.”

Dong Xuebing whispered to Xie Huilan.

“I called Aunt Liu.”

Xie Huilan smiled and nodded.

“Thats great.

This is the best hospital in the country, and they have the best surgeons.”


Zhan pushed her daughter lightly.

“Hurry up and thank your Brother Dong and Sister Xie.”

Zhan Rourou looked at them.

“Thank you, Brother Dong.

Thank you, Sister Xie.”  

Xie Huilan smiled and patted Zhan Rourous shoulder.

“Dont mention it.

Rest and get well soon.”

Zhan Rourou nodded and looked at her.

“Sister Xie, you are so beautiful.”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“Thank you.

You are also pretty.

Haha….” She turned to Zhan Guiping.

“After the surgery, you all might need to stay in Beijing to recuperate.

Maybe you all might have to spend the Lunar New Year here.

Just call Dong Xuebing if you need anything.”

Zhan Guiping waved his hand.

“How can I bother you all anymore”

Dong Xuebing smiled.

“Its alright, Secretary Zhan.

Whats most important is Rourous recovery.”

Zhan Guiping did not reject or thank Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan anymore.

He will not forget their help.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan still had to return home for lunch and left after chatting for a while.

Zhan Guiping and his wife silently looked at each other after Dong Xuebing, and Xie Huilan left.

Zhan Rourous mood got better after knowing she could recover.

She saw her parents deep in her thoughts and asked curiously.

“Mum, Dad, whats wrong”


Zhan stroked her daughters head gently.

“Silly girl.

Do you know who is staying in this building All the patients here are Provincial Ministerial Leaders and above.”

Zhan Rourou was shocked.


Those people who chatted with Director Dong earlier….”

Zhan Guiping lowered his voice.

“One of them is a Colonel-General, and two of them are Deputy Ministers.

The Deputy Hospital Director Liu is also a General.”

Zhan Rourou drew a deep breath.

“Ah….” She had not paid attention to the news and did not recognize the Government Leaders.

“Director Dong has such a strong background….”

Zhan Guiping sighed.

“I wonder who they are.”

“Eh….” Mrs.

Zhan suddenly asked her husband.

“Xiao Dongs wifes surname is Xie.

Beijing Citys Party Committees No.

1s surname is also Xie.” Zhan Guiping quickly stopped her.

“Stop making guesses.

Lets bring Rourou for her checks first.”


Zhan knew this was a taboo topic and immediately kept quiet.


Could it be the Xie Family

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