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Chapter 752: Contest, King of Water (1)

Demon Lord withdrew his hand, and the stench of blood spurted out.

Demon Lord seemed to have known which direction the blood would come from, and he avoided it early, so there was not a drop of blood on his body.

*Hiss* The big anaconda suffered a heavy blow, and twisted its body desperately in pain, trying to throw the Demon Lord off its back, but how could it be so easy to shake off Demon Lord

After giving the big anaconda a heavy blow, Demon Lords hand turned into claws again and grabbed the big anaconda fiercely, but this time he didnt withdraw his hand but let his fingers get stuck in the big anacondas body.

In this way, no matter how much the big anaconda swung itself, Demon Lord could not be swung down.

*Hiss* The body received two heavy blows in a row.

The big anaconda almost lost its mind in pain.

It twisted its body into a ball when it couldnt get rid of Demon Lord, interrupting Demon Lord to take its life.

However, it didnt expect Demon Lord to be guarded, at the moment the big anaconda twisted its body, Demon Lord let go and jumped forward, pressing his hands on the top of the big anacondas head, but his legs were against the bottom of the cave.

When the big anaconda was shot down, it was very angry.

This time the big anaconda succeeded!

In order not to let the big anaconda hit him, Demon Lord let go first, jumped off the back of the big anaconda, returned to the place where his dagger was inserted, and stood on the water with the help of the dagger.

*Hiss* After being shot several times in a row, the big anaconda was furious.

In this water area, it was the king.

It has never encountered a creature that it cannot clean up, nor has it encountered a creature that makes it disadvantageous.

Without giving Demon Lord time to breathe, the big anaconda pounced on it with its mouth open, and the snake letter stretched out so long that it seemed to swallow Demon Lord in one bite.

Demon Lords eyes narrowed slightly, but he didnt avoid it, but at the moment when the big anaconda lunged at him, he took out the dagger stuck in the crack of the stone, aimed at the big anacondas snake letter, swung the dagger, and quickly retracted it.

His speed was so fast that it was impossible to see at all.

*Splash* Half of the snake letter fell into the water, splashing a burst of water.

*Pa, pa,pa* The big anaconda twisted its snakes body desperately in pain, fluttering the small water channel with water everywhere.

Demon Lord snorted coldly, and at the moment of falling into the water, he kicked his feet on the snake and stepped back, completely preventing himself from entering the water.

This waterway was extremely narrow, and the big anaconda cannot stretch out in the water.

If he falls to the bottom of the water, he will only be blocked by the big anaconda.

So, no matter what, he couldnt let himself fall into the water and become the big anacondas meal.

Demon Lord has never been a kind person, nor was he someone who will give the enemy a chance to breathe.

Taking advantage of the big anacondas injury and pain, Demon Lord again launched a violent attack at the seven inches of the big anaconda.

The seven-inch position was very well protected by the big anaconda, but beasts were beasts.

When it has an advantage, it can protect its weakness, but once provoked, it only wants to kill the prey in front of him.

Without considering whether their weaknesses were exposed.

Demon Lord just seized this opportunity.

When the big anaconda rushed towards him, he grabbed the snakes body with both hands and then jumped onto the snakes back again.

*Hiss* Once again, when it fell to Demon Lords hand, the big anaconda sensed the danger and twisted its body desperately, trying to throw Demon Lord down.

But no matter how it moved, Demon Lord sat steadily.

On its back, it was not affected by the movements of the big anaconda at all, nor take its smooth skin seriously.

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