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Gu Qingchen smiled.

A glint flashed across her eyes, and the corners of her eyes narrowed slightly.

Her eyes were filled with shrewdness, and it was completely different from before.

“Since Mr.

Liu calls meDoctor Gu, it must be that someone in the family wants me to treat them.”

Liu Lianzongs eyes flashed, and he laughed out loud, but his smile was still very shallow, “Young Master Rongs eyes are indeed ruthless.

Thats right, I do have a patient that I want you to treat.

I wonder if doctor Gu has the time, would you be willing to help”

Gu Qingchen already knew what Liu Lianzong was thinking.

In fact, when they first met at the banquet, Gu Qingchen could tell that Liu Lianzong already had such thoughts.

He could actually wait until today to look for her.

This Liu Lianzong was really able to keep his cool.

“Since Mr.

Liu personally invited me, how can I refuse Its just that… whether it can be cured, Im not sure.

I have to see the patient before I can be sure.”

Gu Qingchen was actually not that picky when it came to treating patients and saving people.

It was just that she would not be compassionate enough to save anyone.

If that was the case, wouldnt she be exhausted to death

The reason why she agreed to Liu Lianzongs invitation today was that Liu Lianzong had done her a favor.

She still had to return the favor.


I will pay a visit to Dr.

Gu later.”

Gu Qingchen nodded.

Liu Lianzong took a deep look at Gu Qingchen.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked again, “Dr.

Gu, are you interested in business”

Gu Qingchen narrowed her eyes and curled her lips.

“What can I do for you, Mr.


Liu Lianzong shook his head.

“Nothing much.

I just thought that doctor Gu had some insight on the direction of the business world at the banquet last time.

Thats why I took the liberty to ask.”

Gu Qingchens business was not hidden from the outside world.

Liu Lianzong also knew about Paradise.

As for why he knew, it was because Liu Lianzong had been watching Gu Qingchens movements for a long time.

Of course, he did not mean to send people to monitor Gu Qingchen.

He just wanted to know more about Gu Qingchen.

Therefore, Liu Lianzong only knew that Paradise was opened by Gu Qingchen.

He did not know that the YUANXI development zone had been bought by Gu Qingchen.

As for the Gu Corporation, because the GU corporation was relatively low-key, Liu Lianzong had not noticed it yet.

However, he believed that Liu Lianzong would soon notice this seemingly unremarkable gu corporation.

“I am indeed interested in business.


Liu is an expert in this field.

If you have any good advice, please do not hesitate to give it to me.”

Gu Qingchen still respected these people from the older generation.

As she had said before, she only knew the direction of many things because of her rebirth.

When it came to business experience, she indeed had many shortcomings.

Previously, she had always sought advice from Rong Yu.

She would not be proud and conceited just because she could see through peoples hearts just because she had been reborn.

She felt that she was invincible.

Liu Lianzong seemed to be a little happy, but also a little excited.

This was what Gu Qingchen had seen.

“Thats great! She is indeed the best candidate.

Its just that in terms of character and morality, I still have to look at it again and think about it.”

Gu Qingchen lowered her eyes slightly.

She already knew what Liu Lianzong was thinking.

She just felt that she was extremely lucky to be looked up to by Liu Lianzong among so many people.

“If doctor Gu wants to put it into practice, I can provide a practical environment for Doctor Gu.”.

“My Liu Group is a good place to go.”.

“Of course, I know that the Rong Group is more powerful, but the Rong family has internal problems.

If you want to go to the Rong Group to practice, why not go to My Liu Group first”

Liu Lianzong actually invited Gu Qingchen to go to the LIU Group to practice.

Haha, Gu Qingchen was really flattered.

She knew that Liu Lianzong wanted to teach her some business experience.


If it was in the past, she might have considered it.

However, the situation was different now.

She already had her own company.

It would not be appropriate for her to go to the LIU Corporation to practice.

After all, there were many things that had to be avoided in the business world.

Liu Lianzong looked at Gu Qingchen with a very eager gaze, as if he was waiting for Gu Qingchen to nod in agreement.

However, Gu Qingchen did not nod her head.

Instead, she said, “Im sorry, Mr.


Im afraid I cant practice in your Liu Group anymore.”

Liu Lianzong frowned slightly, but he was not angry at Gu Qingchens refusal.

He was just a little confused, “May I know why”

Could it be that this Gu Qingchen wanted to join the Rong Group

He did not know why, but he felt that Gu Qingchen did not seem like those people from the Rong family who wanted to fight for the Rong Group.

Gu Qingchen smiled and did not hide it from Liu Lianzong, “Because… I already have my own company.”

The big shots in the industry would know about the GU group sooner or later, so she had nothing to hide.

Moreover, she believed that even if she told Liu Lianzong, Liu Lianzong would not tell anyone that the Gu Corporation belonged to her, Gu Qingchen.

Liu Lianzong hesitated for a moment and said, “Are you talking about your jewelry store, Paradise” Although Paradise had not been established for long and had successfully entered the upper-class society, Paradise was only a jewelry store after all.

If you keep focusing on Paradise, Im afraid that your talent will be buried.”

What he said was very true.

Liu Lianzong had indeed seen the potential in Gu Qingchen.

He did not want Gu Qingchen to waste her potential.

Gu Qingchen smiled and replied to Liu Lianzongs puzzled gaze, “Its not Paradise.

Actually, not long ago, I just set up my company, the Gu Corporation.”

The Gu Corporation

Liu Lianzong was stunned.

He had indeed never heard of the Gu Corporation.

He was even more confused.

Gu Qingchens Paradise was very high-profile on the day of its opening.

Not only did they invite people like Tang Feng and elder Yuan, even the local boss of city y, master Deng, personally came to support them.

Young Master Rong, who was a germaphobe, even appeared there.

It was obvious how sensational it was that day.

As usual, Gu Qingchen set up such a big company.

wasnt it because it was more high-profile

After all, making a name for herself was still very important.

Gu Qingchen saw through Liu Lianzongs doubts and said, “The GU corporation is not really low-profile.

I believe that soon, everyone in city y will know the name of the Gu Corporation.”

Liu Lianzong took a deep breath.

This girls appetite was really big!

At such a young age, she had already become his own company.

It was not a jewelry shop like Paradise, but a real company.

The difference between them was not just a little bit.

“Good! Good, good, good.

I really did not misjudge the person.

Girl, you really are the person who eats this rice bowl! Since you already have your own company, I wont force you.

But if you encounter any problems, feel free to look for me.”

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