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Chapter 2348: How To Cover Up

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Qin Xius chest was a little heavy.

He lowered his eyes slightly and quickly concealed the emotions in his eyes.

Then, he smiled faintly and said, “Okay.”

He wanted to ask who the man hugging Ye Jian was, but he couldnt say it.

He had to admit that he was a little timid.

He was afraid that he would get the answer he didnt want to hear the most.

J5 didnt want to talk about it either.

He held the umbrella and looked natural as if what he saw just now was normal.

Fortunately, the two of them knew their limits.

They only hugged for a moment before separating.

If the ambassador really asked, he could still explain that they were comrades in the team.

If not, it would be hard to explain!


He needed to remind the two of them later.

They needed to restrain themselves.

They were secretly dating.

Even a simple hug would be filled with a different kind of sweetness.

It was better not to hug or others might figure out something!

Suddenly, J5 felt worried.

Previously, because Ye Jian was still underaged, he was worried that Xia Jinyuan would break the rules and fall in love with an underage girl.

Now that Ye Jian was an adult, he was still worried!

Ye Jian was a cadet.

How could she date

In that case, he would have to continue worrying until Ye Jian graduated.

In the meantime, he might have to keep covering up for the two of them!


What an exhausting life! He was leading a tiring life.

He even had to worry about his comrades dating.

J5 heaved a sigh of relief when he reached the second floor of the border defense unit.

Along the way, the diplomatic ambassador, who was the negotiator in a war of words, remained cold and quiet.

He didnt say anything and just walked slowly.

Every step was extremely stable.

It looked like he was strolling in the rain and enjoying himself, but in fact… that wasnt the case at all.

Walking beside him, he could clearly feel that the ambassadors aura had become fierce.

His elegant aura was gone.

His aura was even more powerful than during yesterdays negotiation!

Previously, he thought that he was thinking too much.

Now, he didnt think so.

This outstanding diplomat really cared about Ye Jian!

That was right.

Ye Jian… was indeed attractive.

Even an outstanding man like Q King liked her.

Now that there was an outstanding diplomat who had stepped into the picture, J5 wasnt surprised.

Qin Xiu kept his umbrella and shook the water droplets off it.

He smiled at J5 and said, “Thank you for your hard work these few days.

Have a good rest.

See you later.”

“Youre welcome, Ambassador.” J5 kept his umbrella and replied calmly, “See you later.”

He had already gotten the room key.

Qin Xiu was on the second floor while J5 and the rest were on the first floor.

J5 stood at the same spot and politely watched Qin Xiu go upstairs with his umbrella.

He watched as the elegant Mr.

Ambassador climbed the stairs step by step.

J5 couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief…

However, before he could relax completely, the ambassador suddenly turned around… J5s nerves tensed up.

He saw that the ambassadors handsome face was still exceptionally elegant even though it was wet from the rain.

He asked him with a faint smile, “Which room is Ye Jian in”

Didnt he say that he wouldnt ask Why did he ask in the end

J5 smiled.

“She came back earlier than us.

Im not sure which room shes staying in.

Why are you looking for her”

“I want to ask her if she wants to go back to the capital city or her school.

If she needs an explanation for her leave from school, I can accompany her back.”

J5s heart tightened when he saw Qin Xiu smiling like that.

It seemed like the ambassador was suspicious.

“Rest assured, Ambassador.

Ye Jians missions are all arranged by the military.

The military has already communicated with the military school.

Theres no need to trouble you,” J5 replied calmly.

His tone was neither fast nor slow.

There was nothing unusual about it.

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