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Chapter 2375: It Hurts

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Ye Jian smiled brightly and pointed at the room.

She said silently by mouthing her lips,Go back to your room obediently, Captain Xia.

It had indeed been enjoyable listening to the stories tonight, but at the same time, she didnt forget the hickey on her neck.

It was so awkward!

Xia Jinyuan knew that his act of offering himself up tonight would have many twists and turns.

He closed the door and walked over elegantly.

He glanced at the dark and rainy night in front of him.

“Why is he in such a hurry to leave To return to the capital city”

“He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called and asked him to return to the capital city.

It should be an urgent matter.” After Ye Jian answered, she looked at the man standing beside her vigilantly.

“Why did you come out Im going back to my room to sleep.

Rest early.”

After she finished speaking, she yawned.


Her comrades had already discovered her.

She was… utterly embarrassed!

Xia Jinyuan smiled slightly.

“You said you slept too much during the day and when you woke up, it was already dark, so you dont feel sleepy anymore.

I heard you saying that to him just now.

Why Do you suddenly want to sleep now that youre in front of me, hmm”

The wordhmm was seductive and had a deeper meaning.

He slowly bent his back and looked at Ye Jian with his dark eyes.

He smiled slightly and said slowly, “Do you want to sleep with me”

Ye Jian glanced at him with a smile.

“Ive already slept.

I can just rest tonight.”

When chatting with Captain Xia, she was always reminded that she had to be thick-skinned.

Otherwise, he would tease her again.

After interacting with him for a few years, Ye Jian had her own know-how.

Xia Jinyuan loved her mouth.

Under the dim light, his tall and big body leaned toward Ye Jian.

When Ye Jian leaned back, he continued moving closer.

He smiled faintly and said, “Youve slept with me.

Dont you have to be responsible Why did you turn against me after sleeping with me”

“If you sleep with me, Ill sleep with you too.

Thats fair, right”

Who would talk about fairness with him…

Ye Jian knew that her skills were not good enough, so she gave a small smile.

Then, she turned around quickly and ran upstairs.

Xia Jinyuan laughed when he saw this.

How could she be so cute He really wanted to hug her close to him.

Well, she would still have to wait if she wanted to rest.

He had something important to say.

In the end, Xia Jinyuan still entered Ye Jians room and successfully lay on her bed.

He hugged her shoulder with one arm and talked about her mission with J5.

“Your combat style is quite fierce, and so is your momentum.

While your comrades feel at ease, theyre also worried.

Theyre worried that youll suddenly carry out your next plan in advance, and theyre also worried that they wont be able to keep up with your pace.

“I discussed with J5 for a while and agreed that its not your fault.

The main reason is still us.

Also, you havent undergone daily cooperative training with the team.

Although you have experience in combat, you still lack a certain level of understanding with us.”

Ye Jian listened attentively.

At the same time, she was reflecting on herself for being too… impatient.

Sometimes, she really wanted to complete the next step of the battle plan as soon as possible.

However, every time she had this thought, she would remember what he said.

‘Group combat is teamwork, not individual action.

Remember not to make individual mistakes that affect the entire war situation. As long as she remembered what he said in the past, she would bear with it.

She didnt expect J5 to be able to tell.

She pursed her lips and said seriously, “Ill change these bad habits.”

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