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"Here is an intermediate dungeon It doesn't seem much different from beginner ones, no"

"Ah, the gates that lead to intermediate dungeons are divided into three locations for each rank.

The ten gates here are the only go-between to the intermediate-lower dungeon.

Also known as "

I replied to Lana who had question marks floating all over her head when she glanced at the building completely identical to a beginner dungeon.

In brief, the players will get confused if you make too much of a difference since it was a game, that's why go-between buildings look similar.

The only difference is the shade of the building and the size difference in their door plate.

The doorplate here has written in it.

By the way, beginner dungeon is properly adorned with the nameplate written .

After the meeting was over and splitting at the beginner gate, we came to the gate to the Int-low dungeon.

There's no problem with everyone's equipment and items either.

Specially so for items as we have surplus of them thanks to Hannah who was in high spirit and made a lot of them.

"I can't wait to explore! Let's get in quick!"

Lana, bouncing in delight, went ahead and the rest of us followed after her.

"Hmm, first year Could it be, guild "

"And who are you"

Lana seemed to be called and stopped by a man in work clothes as we entered after her.

Albeit, Lana's reply was a curt one, as his action was nothing less than pouring cold water over her excitement.


I'm Zezelthon, you can think of me as someone who explains the know-how of here"

He seems to be one of the staff members in charge of .

Now that I think about it, he was also in the game.

Each dungeon gate has a capable person like him who teaches you the information about each dungeon.

If you listen to them, they give you hints like what jobs are suitable and what are the traits of each dungeon.

One such individual must have deployed in the beginner gate but I guess our timing wasn't in line with the person there as we didn't get to meet them even once.

But oh well, it's not like there's anything we ought to hear even if we meet.

I'm enough for all.

"It's a surprise to see first years already stepping here.

You must be the hope of this generation.

Feel free to ask me anything about the Intermediate-lower dungeon if you have any questions.

I will try to answer with best of my abilities"

"Oh We're going to the dinosaur hill dungeon.

What kind of dungeon is it"

Hey, Lana, that's supposed to be my role though

" huh.

You're quite well informed if you have chosen this as your beginning dungeon to start your journey towards Intermediate dungeons.

The students that enter there are very well but as it's almost trap free, it's the recommended dungeon as long as you have confidence in your strength.

For example,  are best suitable for this"

Thank you, but we're fine without muscle heads.

You may have already guessed it but  is the short form of Jurassic park, the alias of Dinosaur's hill dungeon.

Passing through here will lead you to .


It's pretty much what Zephyr had told.

Thank you, err, Zerson was it"


It's hard to spell Zezelthon.

Just call me with what you find easy"

It's good that the explainer here is broad-minded.

He easily brushed off Lana's rude words without showing even an infinitesimal amount of dissatisfaction.

How maturish.

After asking him about the monsters that appear there, we were finally ready to enter.

"Good luck, first years! I'm rooting for you!"

"Save those words for others, I'm not the one to lose ever!"

Lana replied in high spirit receiving encouragement from Zezelthon.

I spoke to Sierra while watching over them.

"It's good that he's a kind person.

You can ask him about the dungeon when you don't want to hear from me"


But I prefer listening to you about dungeon related things"

"I see"

"That's why stop making such a long face"



I was encouraged.

It kind of made my heart skip a beat.

Was I showing a discouraged face Maybe I was.

I now feel slightly better receiving Sierra's encouragement.

"Though, this is quite a strange place, I have to say.

The air here is slightly tense, contrary to how it's built the same as a beginner gate.

Not to say the attention we're gathering"

Ahead of Sierra's gaze, where she pointed to, were quite a lot of upperclassmen.

Almost all of them seem to be sophomores.

If they're here, that means all of them are in the E-rank guild.

Are they probably scared inside seeing how first years have caught up with them I tried eavesdropping on them.

"Hiiii! F-First years! First years has climbed up to us!"

"Calm down.

It's not yet set that we will be overtaken.

Think logically at least"


Am I going to be overtaken by the first year students who have enrolled just a month ago......


"Nooo! I don't want to be overtaken by themmm!"

"A, At the very least, wait for one more year.

I will be D-rank by then!"

"Well, they are guilds .

I think even D-rank will be overtaken by them"

"Hiiii! Why, why wasn't I born just a year later! Then, I should have been able to get a high ranking job at least!"


It seems the situation is quite chaotic there.

Almost like a pandemonium.

Due to the information I leaked this year, the first years have 30% more students with high ranking jobs.

If you look at the numbers, there are around 2000 students with high ranking jobs.

I assume the sophomores would have been trembling from fear of being overtaken by the crowd of first years.

I can't blame either given how the power structure might completely reverse and sophomore would be treated as inferior.

A senior who was once counted in the ranks of competent person will be inferior to a grade lower freshmen a year later.

This has a tremendous influence when job hunting!

Frankly speaking, most of the sophomores currently are in a situation as if they have been put on a frying pan.

No, maybe it's the students who were slacking off that will be in pinch.

The first years have advantage but sophomores who have continued to work hard might be fine.

The sophomores who are currently in E-rank guild probably fall short of necessary effort.

It's not related to me, however I can't help but pray for them.

Please don't hold the grudge to me.

I stopped listening to them and passed through our goal, the dungeon gate, together with high-spirited Lana and other members.

T/N : ~~The struggle of a general populace.



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