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Qin Ze thought that Runge would continue coming to find trouble after getting beaten up.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they finished dinner, Lu Jingye said, “Runge has already left for the base.”

After hearing what Lu Jingye said, Qin Ze asked them, “Then when are we going there”

Zi Yi shot a glance at him and said, “Whats the hurry In any case, when we arrive we wont be able to enter the internal section right away.

Moreover, you cant eat whatever and whenever you like there.

So why should we go there so early”

Qin Ze: “…”

Zi Yi disregarded how speechless Qin Ze was and she pulled Lu Jingye outside.

“Ah Jing, Ill take you to find Little Bell.”

After both of them had walked around a hundred meters or so away, Qin Ze finally could not help but mutter out loud, “Why is this woman so unreliable”

Not to mention, another man who allowed her to act so unreliably had now come along.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye reached the vicinity of Sonnys house, Zi Yi called out to Bell.

Little Bell, who heard her voice, quickly ran out of the house.


Bells voice came to an abrupt stop when he saw Lu Jingye standing next to Zi Yi.

Sonnys smiling voice sounded just then.

“Bell, is it your Sister Yi who came”

Bell immediately ran inside when he heard Sonnys voice.

Subsequently, Sonny came out while holding Bell.

When she saw Lu Jingye standing next to Zi Yi, she was also stunned for a moment before she said with a smile, “I was wondering why Bell ran back inside.

So it turns out, Yi brought someone along with her.”

Zi Yi smiled at her and at the same time she introduced Lu Jingye to her.

“Auntie Sonny, this is my… boyfriend.

He specially came looking for me.”

As soon as Zi Yi finished explaining, she sensed Lu Jingye staring intently at her.

Zi Yi tilted her head and raised her eyebrows before she spoke in Chinese.

“They are under the impression that Im 15 and I didnt explain myself at the time.”

Only then did Lu Jingye turn around and greet Sonny.


Thank you for taking care of my girlfriend for the past two days.”

Lu Jingye was extremely polite and also gave off the aura of a warm-mannered person.

Sonny immediately put down her vigilance and welcomed them inside enthusiastically.

“Come on in and have a seat.

Ill go prepare a cup of coffee for you two.”

“Auntie Sonny, no need to go through so much trouble.

Im just here to visit Bell and bid farewell to you two at the same time.”

“Are you leaving so soon”

As soon as Sonny asked that question, Bells reluctant voice sounded.


Zi Yi walked over to Bells side and took out a circular ball to give to him.

“This is a toy for you.

This toy can change into many different shapes and it can also protect you.

You should take good care of it.

When you grow older, you will definitely fall in love with this.”

The circular ball Zi Yi gifted Bel looked rather ordinary and Sonny did not pay much heed to it as she said, “Bell, hurry and thank Sister.”

On the other hand, Bell took the circular ball from Zi Yi as if it was a precious treasure before he nodded his head.

Zi Yi stroked his head and asked, “Little Bell, do you want to go out and play with me for a short while”

Bell nodded his head again.

Sonny invited them inside again and Zi Yi said, “Well just take a seat outside.”

Having said that, she pulled Little Bells hand and they made their way to the grass patch.

Following that, she quickly used the grass to create something for him.

“Ill make a toy for you.

What do you like”



Looking at Zi Yi squatting down in the grass and Bell smiling adorably, Sonny lamented.

“Yi seems like shes such a good and adorable girl.

Just how did she become depressed”

“Depressed” Traces of confusion flashed past Lu Jingyes eyes.

When did his wife get depressed

However, he immediately understood in the next second.

It must be a reason they came up with randomly when they came.

Moreover, Qin Ze must have been behind this.

Sonny continued to speak, “For people with this type of illness, they would look fine to others on the outside.

But once their illness flares up, the consequences can be very serious.”

Speaking of this, she turned around and looked at Lu Jingye as she said in a serious tone, “You guys have to pay more attention to her and dont let her experience anything that makes her unhappy.”

Lu Jingye was silent for a few seconds before he nodded his head.

“Thanks for your concern.

After we get back from this vacation… she will recover from being depressed.”

Sonny was at ease with Lu Jingyes assurance.

However, she still said with a sigh, “How can such a beautiful girl like Yi become depressed”

Just as Lu Jingye was about to reply, Sonny said, “The education in China is too strict.

Theres not a single child in our country that would suffer from depression because of poor grades.”

Lu Jingye: “…”

Zi Yi made several airplanes for Bell before she left with Lu Jingye

When they were about to part ways, Bell started to cry again, which made Zi Yi feel reluctant to part with him.

Lu Jingye held her hand as they walked back to their house.

At the sight of Zi Yis sullen look, Qin Ze deliberately teased her.

“Zi Yi, dont tell me you went pick fruit again and someone else chopped down the tree”

Zi Yi did not even bother to give him a look and said fiercely, “If you say another word, do you believe that I wont get Ah Jing to beat you up”

Qin Ze: “…Childish.”

“So what if Im childish”

Lu Jingye glanced at Qin Ze and he subconsciously shut his mouth.

Lu Jingye then said to Zi Yi, “When we come back, we can come and visit Bell again.

But right now, we have to pack up and leave.”

“Are we leaving right now” Qin Ze thought that they would leave tomorrow.

“Well make a trip to the ranch first.” Lu Jingye said, “I have already made arrangements.”

Qin Ze nodded his head and felt that as expected, Lu Jingye was more reliable.

He then turned around and went to pack his belongings.

Lu Jingye got Zi Yi to sit down and wait while he went to pack.

After Qin Ze finished packing and came out of the room, he asked Zi Yi, “What should we do with the things you brought from the supermarket”

Zi Yi was currently playing with her phone.

She did not even raise her head as she said, “Well bring them with us.”

“How are you planning to do so”

“Shadow II,” Zi Yi called out and Shadow II immediately appeared.


“Go to the kitchen and bring everything inside with you.”

Qin Ze followed Shadow II into the kitchen.

Soon, he came out and asked, “Zi Yi, youre getting your robot to take along the rice, flour, and oil too”

“I said everything.

He would definitely take these along too.”

“Whereabouts will we cook there Also, there are so many things.

Can a single robot bring everything”

“Of course… Also, dont ask anything further.

Just assume that its knowledge that has always existed but that youve never learned about yet.”

After Zi Yi said that, she continued playing with her phone and looked as though she did not wish to talk anymore.

Qin Ze opened his mouth but ended up closing it.

This woman is extremelynot cute!

The three of them changed into another disguise before they went to the ranch.

After arriving at the ranch, someone arranged tasks related to the delivery.

The person who led them in said, “We usually send the meat to the base every morning.

You can tag along tomorrow.”

Therefore, the three of them waited until the next morning at five a.m.

The sun had yet to rise and the workers had already finished loading the slaughtered pork and beef into the truck and headed for the base.

slaughtering the pork and beef

The place where the guards stopped them was heavily guarded.

When the truck drove by, several guards came over to stop the truck for inspection.

One of the guards came over and saw Zi Yi, Lu Jingye, and Qin Ze.

He asked sternly, “Why isnt it the usual people that are delivering today”

The driver hastily said, “The usual person who does delivery was sent to the slaughterhouse, as theres a shortage of staff there.

These are part of the clerical staff of our ranch, so the boss arranged for them to help deliver the meat.”

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