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All of a sudden, Li Qingcangs breath enveloped her.

Ye Tianxin felt her heart skip a beat.

She was not imagining things after all.

At that moment, all her pain and grief melted away.

Tears coursed down her cheeks.

The handsome face that she had been yearning for was now so close to her.

She touched his face with her outstretched hand.

His hot, burning breath was caressing her heart.

His voice was hoarse and low.

He had heard every word of the conversation between her and SHangguan Ling.

There was a raging fire in his heart and he did not know how to quench the thirst in his heart.

Ye sniffed as she glared at Li Qingcang.

Her eyes started to twinkle like stars in the sky.

“Thats right.

Im a crybaby.

If you dont want me, its all right.

There are plenty of men who like me.”

Li Qingcang used his body to block Ye Tianxin at the door, his body looming over her.

“Are you going to look for Shangguan Ling Youve just rejected him and now you want to go to him.

Tsk tsk, that doesnt seem like a good idea.”

“I shall do as I please.

Get out of the way.”

Ye Tianxin tried to use her hand to push Li Qingcangs chest away but his body did not move even an inch.

No matter how hard she tried, Li Qingcang did not budge at all, his feet rooted on the ground like a rock.

Li Qingcang lowered his head and placed it on Ye Tianxins forehead.

The tips of their noses touched.

Looking right into her eyes, Li Qingcang could see the tears on Ye Tianxins eyelashes.

He suddenly used the tip of his tongue to lick her eyelashes.

The salty taste of her tears lingered on his lips and tongue.

“What are you trying to do”

Ye Tianxin felt surrounded by his urgent and heavy breathing.

She suddenly felt very uncomfortable by the proximity between the both of them.

She had the urge to escape.

But she realized that she could not move as her legs seemed to have frozen on the ground.

She did want to move at all.

She stared at Li QIngcang, her lips looking inviting with a rosy hue.

“Your lips look like a rosebud after the rain.

So soft and delicate.”

Li QIngcangs words sounded so smooth.

Ye Tianxin was astonished.

In the past, Li Qingcang was oblivious to his feelings for her and he was incapable of being sweet-tongued.

Now it seemed like he had changed into another person.

“Where did you learn this phrase from

Li Qingcang was intoxicated by Ye Tianxins voice.

It sounded like music to him.

He traced her lips with his fingers.

Ye Tianxin felt a tingling sensation in her heart and it pounded faster.

She found herself leaning into him in anticipation.

“Uh.” She whispered almost inaudibly

Li Qingcang did not give Ye Tianxin any time to react.

He held Ye Tianxins face firmly and kissed her lips.

He was totally out of control in her presence.

His kiss was consuming, hungry yet sweet, teasing her with a hint of promise and driving her body to new heights of awareness.

He struggled hard to suppress the strange sense of desire bubbling uncontrolled within him.

His kiss was demanding and intense.

Ye Tianxins heart was racing and she felt light-headed.

She was not drunk yet her senses were intoxicated by his scent and touch.

She felt weak all over.

She just wanted to fall into his arms.

Her desires overcame her senses.

She wrapped her hands around his neck.

She responded passionately, returning to his hungry kiss.

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