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Lu Qingxin was choking on her rage when she watched the press conference.

Gu Yancheng, why do you have to be so heartless

Gu Yancheng, Ye Tianxin destroyed my family!

Lu Qingxin was fuming in anger.

In her rage, she swept away everything on the table.

The glasses shattered on the floor and loud cracking noises were heard.

Lu Qingxin looked at the glass fragments and her lips curled into a smile.

Gu Yancheng, do you not remember the promises you once gave me Have you forgotten what you said to me

You said that youd always treat me well in this life.

You arranged for a press conference to clarify things for Ye Tianxin.

You did not even stop to think about what I have become after the press conference.

What will happen to me

There is no justice at all.

How could anyone be so unjust

Why are you treating me like this Who are you to do this to me

Gu Yancheng, youre a liar.

Lu Qingxin knelt on the floor and gingerly picked up the glass fragments.

Her hand was cut by a piece of glass fragment.

Blood flowed down her fingers.

Lu Qingxin smiled blankly.

From now on, she would be a downtrodden and despised destitute, abused and scolded by strangers in the streets.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Lu Qingxin walked toward the door.

She stood cautiously behind the door and took a peek outside to find a young woman standing outside.

Lu Qingxin let out a huge sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was not an irate netizen looking for trouble.

She was now worried that there would be outraged fans lying in wait to beat her up the minute she came out of her house.

“Hello, is this Ms.

Lu Qingxins home Im Ying Yimei.”

Lu Qingxin opened the door and looked at Ying Yimei, who was standing at the doorway.

Although Ying Yimei was wearing branded clothes, it was not the newest ones from the latest season.

After being chased out by the Li family, Ying Yimei had nothing to her name.

Naturally, she couldnt buy luxurious items anymore.

Lu Qingxin looked at Ying Yimei with a puzzled expression.

Ying Yimei took a business card from her card folder and handed it to Lu Qingxin.

Lu Qingxin took the business card.

Ying Yimei was the general manager of a media company.

“This is my business card.

Is now a good time to talk”

Upon seeing the business card, Lu Qingxin looked at Ying Yimei intently.

She recalled her earlier tantrum when she had smashed everything into pieces on the floor.

It seemed wrong to have any guests in her home with her house in such a state of disarray.

“No, not right now.

Can you wait for a while We can talk outside.

“All right.

I saw a cafe downstairs on my way up.

Ill wait for you there.”

Ying Yimei sauntered to the elevator after she finished speaking.

Lu Qingxin turned around and looked into the mirror.

The person staring at her did not look attractive at all.

Lu Qingxin applied a face mask and changed into a new outfit.

Satisfied with her new look, she walked downstairs to the cafe.

When Ying Yimei saw a cleaned-up Lu QIngxin appear, she beamed.

“I dont know what Ms.

Lu likes, so I ordered a cappucino for you as I did for myself.

I hope you like it.”

“Thank you, I like it very much.”

Lu Qingxin casually put her bag on the side table.

“I just woke up from a nap and looked a little tired.

Can I ask what Ms.

Ying wants from me”

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