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Salvatore was a firm supporter of Emily.

Young, cute, innocent and beautiful girls with good figures like Emily were his favorite.

Jordan said, “Ive already divined what kind of woman you like.

Ill show you a photo soon.

She is your favorite type.

If Im right, you dont have to bow to me.

Just pour a cup of wine for Ms.

Clarke respectfully.”

Salvatore slapped his thigh.

“Alright! I dont believe you can even divine my type!”

All men loved beautiful women, but there were different types of beautiful women.

Mature and nurturing, sweet and demure, domineering and bossy.

Salvatore favored pure and innocent women like Emily.

He was not interested in other types.

Therefore, it was rather difficult to guess correctly at random.

This was because there were different types of pure and innocent.

For example, just by looking at the photos, Hailey also looked like the pure type.

Moreover, she had a good figure and was even more beautiful than Emily.

However, Hailey was not Salvatores type.

She was too perfect and too unattainable for him.

He preferred girls who appeared more down-to-earth and who gave off a more homely feeling.

Jordan waved at Victoria, gesturing for her to come over.

“Find a photo of your sister.

No need to show her face.

Just one of those full-body selfies from neck down.”

“My sister”

Victoria was momentarily taken aback.

She didnt expect “Daddy” to choose to take out Emilys photo.

Was he so sure that Salvatore liked girls like Emily

Victoria was very obedient.

She took out her phone and opened Emilys social media page.

She found a selfie that Emily had just taken two days ago.

This was a photo taken during work, so Emily was wearing a flight attendant uniform.

The flight attendant uniform showed off Emilys sexy figure.

Any man who saw Emilys photo would feel a certain urge.

As she was taking a selfie with her phone, only half of Emilys face was revealed.

This was also a form of protection for Emily, in case Salvatore remembered her face and used improper methods to get her.

Victoria showed Emilys photo to Salvatore.


Salvatore, look at this girl.

Is she your type”

Salvatore glanced casually.

But he was immediately dumbstruck.

Soon, he was drooling.

“Oh my god… these long legs, that pure and fair face.

I love it, I love it! I love this type of beautiful air stewardess!”

Salvatore was convinced this time.

Previously, Jordan had guessed right about Pablo.

But it was possible that he had heard of Salvatore and Pablos relationship.

But it was truly amazing that he could divine what kind of girl Salvatore liked.

Only his two trusted subordinates knew.

Even Pablo did not know what kind of girl Salvatore liked!

Salvatore wanted to see a few more photos of Emily.

He wanted to know who the girl was.

But Victoria rejected him.

Salvatore wasnt angry.

His expression completely changed as he smiled at Victoria and Jordan.


Clarke, Master, please sit down.

Ill pour you some wine!”

Salvatore personally picked up the bottle of wine and poured a glass each for Victoria and Jordan.

Bending over, Salvatore respectfully poured wine for them.

“Its my honor to meet big shots like Ms.

Clarke and Master today! Dale, go to my room.

Take out my treasure chest.

I want to give Ms.

Clarke and Master a gift!”

However, Dale did not move at all.

Dale stared at Salvatore with a sinister expression.

“Salvatore, as our boss, you actually poured wine for two uninvited guests and are even behaving like a servant! A useless person like you isnt worthy to be our boss!”

Salvatore was furious.

“How dare you! Dale, whats with your attitude! How dare you speak to your boss like that! You dont want to stay in Orlando anymore!”

Dale snorted.

“Thats right.

I dont want to stay here anymore!”

After Dale finished speaking, the people behind him stood up and said to Salvatore,

“We also dont want to work for you anymore!”

Salvatore turned pale with fright.

“Dont… dont forget, before Pablo left, he instructed that if anyone wants to leave, they have to leave a finger behind!”

Dale gave a wicked smile.

“Brothers, Salvatore wants to cut off our fingers.

What do you say”

A blonde man shouted, “Lets cut some fingers then!”

With that, seven to eight men picked up a knife each.

However, they had no intention of cutting off their fingers.

Instead, they charged toward Salvatore!


Jordan knew that something was wrong.

Dale and the rest were trying to rebel!

He had never expected to encounter Salvatores subordinates turning against him today, and all because of Victorias mistake in driving here.

Salvatore also knew it was a rebellion.

He shouted, “Dale, Danny, what are you doing! Are you trying to rebel! Fabian! Alvin! Come in and deal with these traitors!”

Holding a knife, Dale smiled fearlessly.

“Salvatore, stop shouting.

Fabian and Alvin went to the KTV to enjoy themselves.

Do you think I would dare to attack you if they were here Hehe, we need to leave our fingers behind to leave this place, but we all cherish our fingers too much.

Youve been our boss for so long.

Its not too much to ask you to share our burden, right”

Salvatore took a step back in fear.

“What… what do you want!”

He could tell that Dale wanted to cut off his finger! Not only that, Dale might also take this opportunity to kill Salvatore and replace him as the new underground boss of Orlando!

A civil war in the criminal underworld was about to happen.

Victoria was smart and knew that if she stayed here and saw Dale kill Salvatore.

Dale would never let Victoria go.

He would definitely kill her and the old man after killing Salvatore!

Therefore, Victoria hurriedly pulled Jordan to his feet.

“We have overstayed our welcome.

Well take our leave first.”

Victoria was about to leave when Dale stopped her.

“Dont go, beautiful CEO.

The women I play with are all cheap goods that cost less than $100.

Ive never enjoyed a CEO with such a high status like you.

Let us have a good time today before you go, okay”

Danny also laughed.

“Hahaha, Victoria, its your fault for being so unlucky.

You strayed into our territory on the very day we decided to rebel.

Its impossible for you to get out alive.

Today, we will rape you first before killing you!”


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